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Hiring PAID lead builder for Achaea

Iron Realms is hiring a paid lead builder for Achaea, our flagship MUD. In this position, you'd report to Achaea's producers (Nicola and Makarios), and would be responsible for working with them to build out the already huge world of Achaea. You'd also be managing other builders, though the majority of your time would be spent fingers to keyboard, doing the actual work of building.

It's a part-time position, so think ~25 hours/week, with the possibility of moving up to full-time in the future. You'd be working remotely from your home, with most meetings taking place in-game, in Slack or, very occasionally, Skype. As a result, we don't care where you live.

Compensation would start at $1500/month, with subsequent raises.

Job requirements:

* An excellent command of the English language.

* At least a solid year of experience building in MUDs - IRE's or otherwise. This is important - we aren't going to hire someone without substantial formal experience building in a MUD.

* Ability to script. You'll be using our scripting language to create quests and NPC behavior. You don't need to already know it - if you're a competent scripter in any environment, you'll pick it up without a problem. It's simple enough for people who have never scripted to learn, but powerful enough to, with some work, do quite a lot with.

* Be a people person. You'll be leading other builders and have to be someone other people want to work with.

* Be reliable. When you say you'll do something, do it. This is one of the most important parts of this position (of any position).

To apply, send an email to with the word Building Lead in the subject line that includes:

* A CV/resume that includes your MUD building history, even if unpaid (99% of builders, and that's fine).

* Tell us why you think you're perfect for this position.

* Tell us what experience you have, if any, playing Achaea.

* Include a few good sample descriptions you've written for a MUD.
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