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Just curious. In one review it was said that thieves and assassins are looked down upon.  I thought the world was extremely harsh?

Edited because I forgot how to spell.
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It is quite harsh. Thievery and assassinations are not uncommon, but absolutely no mercy is shown to those who engage in those unsavory practices when they are caught. They are dealt with swiftly and permanently.
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The Doctor
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Hello All,
     I noticed that this was a recent topic and after reading the thread in full I felt, compelled, to add a few words.

     Lets put this clear for the more simply minded such as myself.  Npc's get killed for reasons.  Either they are annoying, are an ingredient in a some strange brew, or look mighy scrumptious to a hungry Orc. ( mmm  elf flesh.)  Just like in the real world.  If anyone has a problem with the NPC's death they are at will to act as they please, with what ever consenquence. As is in the real world ( I kill rl nPc's all the time) .  Some NPC's are usefull and killing them will make some people really ****ed off.  The Creators are OOC therefore do not get involved with it.  If they do have a problem with an NPC being killed they code in a solution. AKA Very ****ed off Poker Players.  Yes, Some NPCs do carry on a very interesting bit of conversation, as you can see (and I cannot) in some of the posts on Raven's Discussion Board.  Some even possess very valuable information (or did) in there automatonic minds.  Killing an NPC is of no good to fighter, it is actually a detriment, and if you are caught killing certain NPC's usefull to the training of skills, you may find yourself dead more quickly than you might think.

moving on...   (just wanted to put it in my words for a variety of wordings, no need to rekindle a rather mis-understood topic... oops.)

     In regard to Dartmud Staff and the Recent Changes and associated bannings.

     I was among the banned, actually, I was one of the first.       Not something to be proud of.  But I am proud of The Dartmud Staff, Fair, and well balanced.  Though I, as many others, could say this and that did not go as it should, in general they have taken a very very very very difficult situation and are turning it into a positive thing for the MUd.  I finally got a peak at the new map, and my heart sank.  Many of the places, npcs, and areas I grew to love are now gone.  Forever.  I feel a loss, even though I cant play right now, I know that I will never see those things again.  Things I saw almost 3 years ago that stuck in my mind for over a year until I started to play.   People and Places that I spent every moment of spare thought planning and plotting against, or pondering the unknown politics.  Though I bide these changes with a great pain, they bring me hope.  The Hope of a new Age (not the calender kind of Age), new Power, and more twisted plots.  What once was is no longer, but hope remains, for some still live that remember,  Eristan.

:bows to /Raven/. (and everyone else on the Code Staff)
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