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Inferno is a custom-built world, high-fantasy based with a medieval flair. The basic theme is fantasy religion and politics - worshippers of the Twins Cedron and Coraz against those who follow Kasira, with the "Falians" in the middle. PvP is allowed, but it's restricted and doesn't happen very often. Scripting is also allowed, as long as you recognize that the staff members expect you to be paying attention at all times. No "stock" stuff, since it's built on a custom code so there was no "stock" to build with. The game is skill based rather than class based, but there are levels and advancement. It is a hard-core roleplaying game, meaning there are no OOC channels, no "tells," and you are expected to "become" your character as soon as you step into the game area. There's also an OOC area where you log in, for people to read the message boards, send mail, talk with staff members, or just hang out and chat. Characters don't exist "upstairs" though, you log on with a User ID and that's the name you use in the OOC area.

The staff provides an extraordinary, rich atmosphere and over 50 different skills, some of which have sub-skills (such as armed weapon combat, unarmed (martial arts) combat, and magic). You can be a crafter and make leather armor with various qualities of protection (depending on skill and the hides you get from other players who skin them for you), a bowyer, a jeweler/carver (artisan), a weaver - and while there are "standard" things you can make, you can also learn to make custom items (a ruby-red silk ballgown laced with delicate spidersilk on the bodice.. or maybe a dirt-splattered gorgon-hide cuirass adorned with dried grublin entrails).

The room descriptions really promote the idea of just walking around for hours adventuring and exploring new places, and each room has "things" or "objects" within them, each with their own descriptions, that you can interact with.

The manual is on the website, so if a player needs to refer to something they can just tab back and forth without the information getting lost in the screen scroll. There are weekly events in all three alignments, presented by staff but basically run by the players. In the various plotlines, even the newbie can be the hero!

You have to apply for an account before logging in, so I won't post an IP/port. But go to Inferno  to see the manual, and the signup page is in there. Inferno is pay-for-play, but when you sign up, you're signing up for a 30 day trial account. You don't have to submit any payment info, you only do that if the 30 days goes by and you decide you want to stay

Check out Alignments, Races, Skills, Expectations, the Newbie Guide (since it's for people who are new to Inferno, not just new to MUDding), and history if you decide to sign up. The manual can be very intimidating because it's so extensive. But if you read just those parts, you'll have a good starting point with which to create your first character.
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