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Lazerous is on a distinguished road
Background to the realm of Draenor

The Realm of Draenor was found by chance and chance alone by
Lazerous. He was fleeing the colapse of another realm through
a flaming portal, when by chance alone he was the first through to
this realm. Being the first creature to this realm Lazerous was
instantly elevated into The Supreme God of this realm. Soon after
some of Lazerous's minions came following through the portal
from the other realm before it closed forever.

Lazerous was so overwhelmed with power he forgot about the
followers and began to explore his new powers and alter all he saw
that displeased his eyes. The realm was shattered and torn apart as
this power drunk god shaped it to his disires.

After a time Lazerous returned from his reshaping of the realms and
wandered the realms to see what had happened to those he had forgotten
about for so long.

Centuries had passed for these mortals of the new realm.

The dwarves had settled into the base of the high mountains of the
north of the main human settlement of New Darkhaven. There they
prospered and grew great in numbers and wealth.

The drow had settled of to the south east of the humans, within the
Forest of Isden. This dark forest provided ample resources and cover
for the drow. As the years went on, their numbers decreased and their
endless war with the demons of Hades wore on, they had no choice
but to seek help from the ones they sought to avoid for so long.

The drow sent messengers to both the humans and the dwarves,
but it was the humans who in the end came to the aid of the drow
and helped to force the war to a bloody unstable truce.

The dwarves had their own troubles to deal with in the north.
The Elder Dragon Lords caverns had been discovered by the dwarven
miners by accident and they had disturbed their ancient sleep.
Their own constant assaults by the dragon lords and their
minions left the dwarves unable to assist the drow.

With the help of the humans clerics, paladins, the powerful drow
vampire and necromancers, the demonic hordes and their lord were
finally halted in their advance within the realms and eventually
vanquished once and for all.

Lazerous himself appeared before Balor, the Lord of Hades
as he lay on the battle field bleeding out from many death blows.
There he forced Balor into confinement within his realm and
his minions for ever more. No longer could they come and
go as they pleased within the realms. Only after Balor swore
in blood an oath to Lazerous, did he heal and send back
the demonic lord to his realm of flame and terror.

Now 15 years later, the dragon's have claimed a large group
of caverns in the far north. They have ceased their attacks and
assaults on the dwarves and for a time there is peace within
the realms, how long can this last?

The Realm of Draenor
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