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LFM: Manual Combat + RP

Hello -

I've asked around before and found a new muds that had some things I liked and some things I didn't. It's been a while since I did so, and thus, I'm back to poke at the knowledgeable minds here on the TMS forum!

Things I need:

  • Manual combat
- both for pk and bashing. Diku-style combat is pointless.

  • RPE or RPI environment
- I need at least a very firm line between IC and OOC in my muds. I play muds, not MUSHes. I don't want a chatroom with a textual avatar.

  • Free to play
- not a pay-for-perks model, either. Having spent much of my mud-time in IRE muds, I'm a little tired of the obvious gap between those who have and those who do not have.

Things I want:
  • Immerse environments
- well-written descriptions and in-game surroundings with an eye towards continuity are highly appealing to me.
  • Classless system
- I enjoy the notion of mixing and matching my character traits. A warrior who moonlights as a cat burglar is neat, but many class based systems don't allow for such drastically different archetypes to mingle. In short, I want to be able to choose what skills my character has by exerting the effort to learn them, not by simply selecting a base archetype and being shoved into a mold.
  • Guilds
- organizations of like-minded people with goals and ideals, not entirely tied to their archetype. I could greatly enjoy joining a merchant guild, but playing an economically retarded meathead that just worked as protection for caravans of valuables.
  • RPK
- I enjoy a good player vs player battle sometimes, but I like there to be a motivation behind it. Slaughter muds or muds that exist just to feed senseless pk fetishes are not for me.
  • Decently active playerbase
- I don't mud to play by myself. I've got a super nintendo for that.

As I mentioned, I've played Iron Realms games for a number of years, and have gotten used to the way they do things there - I am fully capable of embracing a different environment, and in fact, such a desire is why I'm here, trying to find a new mud. That said, I'm not really interested in a half-coded beta-mud missing key features and with a myriad of promises of 'soon'. I'll be much more able to enjoy a mud that has a solid infrastructure in place than one that's extremely fluid and prone to drastic alterations.
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Re: LFM: Manual Combat + RP

Unwritten doesn't fulfill all of your desires, but it might be worth looking into anyway.


Manual combat:
Very manual. Every attack is done manually. You can target limbs for various tactics, and strategically using your abilities is fairly important.

RPE/RPI: The exact designation is debatable, but roleplay is heavily enforced, and the main focus of the game.

Free to Play: The game is completely free. You can choose to donate money for a few things that are easy to get without paying, and don't effect gameplay in any significant way. (I mostly use it for description alterations)


Immersive environments: We most definitely have those. The room (and everything else) descriptions are long and everything mentioned in them are actual objects in the room that can be interacted with to varying degrees.

Classless system: Well, we have classes. However each character can choose to innate any skill, making it at least decent.

There are some player run organizations that are sort of like guilds. From the Imperial Guard (I'm sure you can guess what they do) to the Recklar Insane Asylum and Mechanist Society.

RPK: There is very little pk, and it's generally severely punished by the Guard if someone chooses to raise a complaint. We do have an arena where you can have a friendly bout with no exp loss.

Decently active playerbase: I would call our player base decent. Around 15-20 players at peak times.

A few things that are nice, and aren't on your list:

The Exp Buffer let's you fill up on exp, then RP while it absorbs.

The clothes. Holy crap. The owner of the game is a fashion buff, and the available clothing comes from all over the world and from a wide variety of time periods up to the current approximate Renaissance era.

You can wear as much clothing as you want, and up to 3 items per slot remain visible.

There's a layer command to hide things you don't want visible. (Like underwear, or extraneous containers.)

The lore. Take a look at the website, and you'll see how much background has been written for the game. Even more is available through ingame bookstores and libraries, and word of mouth.

There's a very simple application to be whitelisted, which usually takes a day or three to process. (Staff are all volunteers!)

If you'd like to check us out, we're at Unwritten Legends
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Re: LFM: Manual Combat + RP

Okay, here's a breakdown of our classic fantasy MUD (based on D&D rules) and what it offers with regard to your response as it seems like you are largely window shopping. You can find us at:

Carrion Fields MUD
Port: 4449

Things you need:

*We have a relatively advanced PK environment, though it is very challenging and has an element of competitive risk. Most skills are manual. Some skills give automatic abilities.

*RP is enforced. There are no "chat room" elements in our game aside from a channel for newbie help and advice. You can choose to turn that on, or off as required. Rewards for outstanding player RP are common also.

*We are 100% free to play. We survive based on player donations and those donations do not translate whatsoever into in-game benefits.

Things you want:

*Though PK and the combat system is a large part of the game experience, we have an enormous world with very detailed areas for PvE including some challenging areas. Some parts of our world have never been explored. Some quests have never been found.

*Unfortunately we have classes. We don't offer the ability to "remort" as new classes. We do offer class customization options (sub-class as well as player picked traits) which you can opt to choose. Roleplay related non-standard race/class combinations are also possible.

*We have "Cabals" that are essentially guilds which are linked to PvP. There is one non-violent cabal which is largely centered around PvE and RP. All cabal entry is based upon roleplay. Unique or unusual role concepts within the cabal are applauded, if roleplayed well.

*Our MUD does have an element of killer types, though typically they are chaotic evil/chaotic neutral. Good alignments are heavily restricted in who they kill, or how they can act. Neutrals are somewhat restricted. There are negative character repercussions for consistently stepping outside RP bounds without a (really) good reason.

*Our playerbase peaks out at 45-50 in the US evenings and drops as low as 10-20 in the off-peak.

*We also are pretty active as an immortal team (comprised of volunteers from the playerbase). We have:
- Two new areas going in very soon with a third in the not too distant future, and many more in the works.
- Five new (last 6 months) Immortal run religions, with a sixth on the way.
- Immortal run quests and unanticipated DM type interactions for the players.
- New classes and races that our coders are busy with.
- Large global events and quests throughout the year.

In summary we are a fairly challenging, combat centric MUD that started as a "hack and slash" in 1994 and has since developed leaps and bounds in the areas of roleplay, exploration and questing. We are initially challenging but are extremely gratifying and offer great immersion once you get over the starting newbie hurdle. The vast majority of our community is highly encouraging to new players. I believe we hit most of your criteria and from one RP-centric player (me) to another I would recommend giving us a shot. If you get this far, thanks for your consideration.

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