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Star trek legacy, for the most part doesnít fashion a theme, instead we try to stick to a certain concept and timeline. The concept that this MUSH is built around is one that is hinted by its name: Legacy. It seems in this day and age that most Star Trek MUSHes offer some kind of twist, whether it be an apocalyptic view or otherwise. The admin of STL, are seeking to provide an environment that is true to Gene Rodenburyís vision. As it currently stands, the MUSH is fighting the Dominion war, all empires trying to stay afloat amongst the devastating attacks of the dominion.

If you are seeking a free flowing environment to live out your Star Trek dreams, look no further than STL. Here at STL we believe in letting the universe go how you the player make it. There are plenty of items that make the RPing experience just that much better. There is an exclusive economy system that you can take part in without ever joining Starfleet or any of the other major powers. There currently are over 10 races, languages, and 3 empires you can join including the Federation, Romulan Star Empire, and Klingon Empire. There is also an independent league where you can become a businessman, trader, pirate, or just about anything you want. All of the players are willing to help a new player if they need it and are very friendly.

I personally started MUSHing on this place 11 months ago. It was my first MUSH and I joined an, at that time, idle empire. Despite this I stayed and stuck it out, and it has been a very rewarding game and community. Now, I am the highest ranking person in my empire, one of the Admin staff, and a well-known annoying person of the community. The players and staff both here are amazing. Something Iíve never seen matched anywhere else. The second a guest joins there are usually between 2 and 5 greetings sent to them via the guest channel, and people are fighting over answer any questions. It truly is a very friendly and helpful player base. IC people are very serious and rarely will you see an unfair RP going on. When things do get out of hand, the admin are helpful and fair to sort things out. Overall this MUSH is one of the best MUSHes Iíve been on and Iíve stayed here longer than anywhere else even through periods of inactivity.

Activity wise, we have anywhere between 15 and 40 people on at any given time, with a record of 53. At most times you will be able to find a person to RP with.

Web site:
Port: 4342
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Neat. I like ST muds and Mushes, but I'm curious...

Will there be copyright issues, due to the game's name? I know that Trek and the people who run it are very, very solid and lenient about fan-fic and free Trek games, but given the fact that the MUSH share's a name with a recently released console/PC game... As generous as they are, I doubt they would look too fondly on any case of mistaken identity, here...

Just a thought.
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