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I'm kinda interested in working with MUDs. Like coding or building or whatever. This might sound like a dump question, but I'm like a total newbie when it comes to this side of MUDding. All I do I log on and play. So I have a few questions about the terms used:

I figure a coder works with the hard code or programming of a MUD? Am I right?

So, what exactly does a builder do?

What's the difference between the codebases? I never really took the time to see which type of codebase my favorite MUDs run on, so I can't really tell the difference between them.

Okay, that's basically it for now. Feel free to throw in any other info you might think is useful.

Thanks in advance
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Well, the coder does write/edit code for bug fixes and creating new code for new skills and such.
A builder creates the areas by writing room descriptions, writing mob descriptions and setting mob specs like difficulty and mprogs, and creates items like weapons and eq and food, etc.
Building is a lot easier than coding because it is more basic, and it would probably be easier for you to get a building job before you would become a coder for a MU*.
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In an attempt to answer your questions. It can be very confusing especially if you have only been playing a short time.

Yes, you are correct that coders work with the actual code that run the mud (much along the lines of programming). There is a variety of codebases, many of which are derivatives of other more commonly known ones. I would ask an immortal on the mud you play what codebase they are using. As I am not a coder, I won't even begin to explain the differences between codebases as that is not my area of knowledge.

Builders are the people who create the zones or areas that your player goes into to explore. They create the objects,the non player characters and the actual world that you see as your character. Builders are the artists so to speak of the mud world, they paint the picture for the players to see and explore.
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Another major difference between builders and coders is, is that a good builder works with a very healthy imagination. A good coder works with a good sense of math.
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I'm going to have to disagree with the statement that building is easier than coding. Certainly it doesn't require you to learn programming syntax, and you can write a bunch of garbage for room descriptions and call it a zone. However, to write a solid, creative zone can be every bit as challenging as coding.

Like the others said, coders work with the mechanics of the game, while builders usually create what you see and interact with. An example would be simple room movement. The coder would create the code that removes you from and inserts you into a new room whenever you move, the builder writes the room descriptions, exit and entering messages, etc.

As for differences in codebases, the only ones that come to mind are that in some codebases there are no experience levels to gain, but instead are skill-based. Where you improve your skills and such to advance. Some include stock areas to give your world a starting point, where some are fairly bare-bones if you want to create an entirely original world. ETC! You get the idea  

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Hrm... do I smell the age old battle between coders and builders rearing it's ugly head? Let's face it, each task has it's difficulties and levels of expertise required to carry them out properly. The truth be known, coding and building are as important as each other, neither can survive without the other.
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There is more to the differences between builders and coders than is readily obvious.  My example is:  what do you take away (in terms of skills, knowledge and experience) after you leave the MUD.

Builders:  You will obviously advance your spelling and grammar skills once you master the art of area building.  If you are a really good builder, you will have inserted a kernel of inspiration in your mind that will feed your creativity and imagination for years to come.  The key here is to be a good builder, and not just the average newbie builder who routinely makes spelling and grammar goofs and could care less.

Coders:  You will learn (if you have not already) all of the dynamics of altering huge chunks of code and the adverse effects that can result from even the most minor adjustment.  Your analytical mind as well as your technical abilities will increase.  You will most likely spend more time as a troubleshooter and bug hunter than as a creator and as a result learn what not to do and how to make troubleshooting easier (ie. documentation).  It is possible you will learn and experience all of this and never have a paying job that is coding related but the experiences and knowledge will help keep your mind sharp.

In my opinion building has a much faster turnaround for rewards and enjoyment + all of the results are more visible.  A coder may work for months updating or modifying bits of networking code that most players may never notice or appreciate.  I appreciate coders and what they do.  Coding is very hard WORK (dirty, dirty word).  I build because I want to have FUN and I truly enjoy building.
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