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Well I decided to take the time in this boring class to post a little out there. I'm Muerte. I've been mudding for longer than i can remember (i blame it on the drugs). I started back in the BBS days, LORD!

I've play'd many pay-to-play muds because they actually 'developed' them before opening up and trying to get players. After playing for a while i noticed they didn't evolve, and it got stale.

So I went on a search for a great D&D mud, as that is my favorite RP system (and i've play'd like 70% of them from gurps to pladium(sp) to battletech). I wasn't able to find ANY good D&D muds, and 90+% had mana which was a major turn off.

So I decided to start my own, currently it has been in development for over 2 years, and I still don't see opening in the NEAR future. I believe in taking the time to make a good game, i plan to make it player ran (90% of items and stuff will be created by players), I plan to try to keep things improving and not get stale (but i'll be too busy playing it myself).

I'm currently working on the codebase that will be ran into a mud network, using ROM as the basecode (now it's about 60% changed, but i'll NEVER remove all the other credits (for all you twinks)). I'm goign with a strong mysql backend for all storage and stuff.

Well that's about it, that I can think of.
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