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Aval question 'Yo dustbuster, could we play a game?'
global> The dust in the wind bellows:  Dustbuster? Wind Dust FIRST of all, and what kinda of game do you think I want to let you play?
Aval answers 'Ok Wind Dust, like a quest sorta dealie'

[Moeve]: I think salja problem is somehow related to memory
[Moeve]: but that's very vague
[Salja]: its my medicine i swear
[Salja]: it makes me act like someone i am not

[Dionae]: hehe
[Jahron]: Ah, Salja, you are merely one against 2
[Salja]: walk softly and carry a big bitch
[Salja]: i'm the big bitch

[Cerridwen]: damn you woman much on the stairs next time you're hungry

Angston gossips 'Can I have a cloud..or two..maybe three?'
Dionae gossips 'No.'
Akana gossips 'ill trade ya'
Dionae gossips 'I don't want anything else, just clouds.'
Dionae gossips 'Cause.. um..'
Dionae gossips 'Clouds are full of.. cloudy goodness...'
Xaneros gossips 'I need those clouds for my castle, you will return them, or I will continue to complain! You have been warned!'
Akana gossips 'hey no keeping the cloudy goodness 4 your self i want some to'
Dionae gossips 'Mwhahaha.'
Akana gossips 'come on cloudy goodness'
Akana gossips 'no cloudy goodness 4 you gwahahahahahaha'
Angston gossips 'But..the clouds.. '

[Cerridwen]: hush you or i will unleash my fuzzy bunnies of hell on you jahr jahr
[Cerridwen]: aww that would be soo cute...little pink bunny slippers with little teeth made from razor sharp stainless steel

[Thomas]: you mean gay.
[Thomas]: oops did i say that aloud?
[Thomas]: because i meant to.

Xern gossips 'or terlochy '
Xern gossips 'ooo terlochy deary I know  your out thier!'
Someone gossips 'calling me terlochy doesn't really win any brownie points'

Xaneros quotes 'If I joined companies with everyone I slept with, Id be a multi-national conglomeration.'

Xaneros says, 'You guys need to buy a playstation.'
You say, 'i have a playstation'
You say, 'i never play it'
Xaneros says, 'Exactly.'
You say, 'it should be called the 'don'tplaystation''

Aerydais tells you 'Is Stephen dead? '
You tell Aerydais 'we can only hope'

[Salja]: i need new poofs and a new desc. feh.
[Jahron]: Leaves swirls up from the ground, seemly like a small twister, then to scatter, leaving the form of... Salja.
[Salja]: hmmm maybe something similiar to that
[Salja]: the bug ate my desc and my poofs
[Stephen]: A massive mouth opens emitting a horrible sound...when the blood in your ears clots, Salja is standing there.
[Jahron]: Hahaha.
[Salja]: a horde of smelly goblins run in, slowly coming together to transform into Stephen.
[Stephen]: The sound of a million bitter women screeches through the air...before the army of women is Salja, the neverhappy.
[Jahron]: A boy shrieks as he charges a little girl, each one tearing the other's hair away, suddenly to grow into Stephen and Salja.
[Jahron]: -Grin-
[Salja]: quiet Jahron.
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[Salja]: raith just informed me that i do not have the bubonic plague
[Salja]: good to know

Laul says, 'i will quench my thirst with vodka soon.'

Sinn tells the group 'are we safe here'
Xaneros tells the group '[$]Bling|XANEROS|Bling[$] yeah'
Laul tells the group '[ LauL] should be'
Sinn tells the group 'cause I have to go afk for like 4 minutes'
Sinn tells the group 'we shouldn't get attacked?'
Laul tells the group '[ LauL] you will be safe'
Sinn tells the group 'okay brb'
Laul tells the group '[ LauL] we wont be attacked as long as that door stays shut'
Xaneros tells the group '[$]Bling|XANEROS|Bling[$] but what about velocioraptors? they can open doors.'

Bertolis gossips 'Ladies, Gentlemen, children of all ages, run screaming! I am now a hero. . .'
Laul gossips 'i wont be running anywhere.'
Mroz gossips 'I'm not running, i'm just moving in the opposite direction at a very fast speed'

[Vesper]: Whew, thank god. I signed on, and didn't see Laul around. I thought the MUD was about to crash. But all is well now.

[Salja]: i wonder if we'd get arrested for prostitution
[Cerridwen]: i can see it now...
[Cerridwen]: no way
[Dionae]: ..what?
[Cerridwen]: he'd just be giving us money
[Salja]: lol dionae just missed all that
[Cerridwen]: wouldnt "pay" for anything...
[Cerridwen]: heh
[Salja]: and i know jahron is sitting there like.... 'what?'
[Salja]: dionae could come too but she's too young
[Salja]: and she cant' drive so screw her
[Cerridwen]: meep
[Jahron]: What?
[Salja]: lol

[Cerridwen]: the fuzzy bunnies killed all of them...such a tragedy :(

[Cerridwen]: dear god im so bored im playing
[Vesper]: At least you aren't playing chess online on yahoo.
[Cerridwen]: but i am on yahoo...laugh
[Vesper]: oh, lol
[Cerridwen]: *snicker*
[Cerridwen]: and i cant make a word from my letters :(
[Vesper]: are you getting your ass kicked? I'm getting mine handed to me on a nice cyber platter.
[Cerridwen]: no im winning thank you :)
[Vesper]: Just make one up and call it an African Bug.
[Cerridwen]: how do you make a word from C C H M R R R???!!!
[Vesper]: Rhchm
[Dionae]: hehehe
[Vesper]: It's a scarab from Uganda.
[Vesper]: See how easy it is?

You ask, 'Lay hands me?'
Stephen lays his hands upon you and your wounds heal.
Stephen asks, 'Feeling frisky are we?'
You snicker softly.

Chade says, 'actually I'm just here to zerbert Dionae's belly whenever she logs on'
Chade nods sagely.

Walwainr tells you 'then i shall be the first superhero'
Walwainr tells you 'is that a bird is that a plane no it's superwalwainr'

-[ 2] Middahlpoole Weaponmonger has the longest title humanly possible, ever.

[Stephen]: Feel the vibe...just can't live without my heart...I know this is true...
[Lazerath]: stephan I know you want me... but come on.. Tirome.. Kisah.. it just won't work
[Stephen]: Lies. It will work.
[Stephen]: You and I prancing in the trees, cmon, its magical.
[Lazerath]: nope you don't have pointy ears
[Stephen]: Neither will you when I'm done.
[Lazerath]: and your horse doesn't like me
[Lazerath]: rofl
[Jahron]: Whoa, threats.
[Jahron]: Thought you weren't going for any beef before the housewipe, Stephen.
[Lazerath]: its not beef.. its looooove
[Jahron]: TOUGH love if you ask me.
[Stephen]: Exactly. Can't you feel the warmth?
[Jahron]: Oh yeah, I can feel the fire, the fires torching the Kisah's forest.
[Stephen]: I never harmed a tree in my life. Trees are beautiful. Its people I don't like.
[Jahron]: Yeah, sure.

Adeiven question 'Will it have wheels? It could be the new craze.. trojan nubiashes.'
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I was running a little contest to let players help my lazy butt with a description/poofs/title..

[ 369] Wenlin: ImmStuff
Date: Thu May 9 21:56:25 2002
To: Salja
================================================== =========================
Salja, lover of cute bunnies!
Salja, smiter of spiders!
Salja loves Wenlin!
Salja, that other imm-person...

Salja walks in because she can't afford car insurance.
Salja taps you on the shoulder.
Salja has been watching you for the past hour and thinks you're boring.
Watch out! Salja is trying to steal your wallet!
Salja comes in and offers you some refried beans.
Salja trudges in, leaning on her staff.
Salja gives you a <color> rune shard, and immediately steals it back!
Salja bounces in riding Calletanian.
Salja offers to play cards with you to pass the time.
Salja is gone! No flashing lights or pretty magic; just...gone!
(oops, that should be for poofout)
Salja appears! No flashing lights or pretty magic; just...appears!
A tall dark and handsome elf named Salja asks to marry you.
Salja taps her foot impatiently at you, looking at the sundial.
Salja wonders why there are extremely powerful mage SERFS in a
feudal system.
Salja rides in wildly on a mine cart!
Salja speeds into the ground, kicking up a mushroom of blue dust.
Salja carefully counts her dead immortal-head collection and turns to you!
Salja flies in on a broom, cackling madly!
Salja stumbles in, looking rather drunk.
You are forced to your knees in a bow as Salja sits on her throne.
You are unwittingly helping Salja plot to dethrone Terloch!

ooh, that's enough poofins...

Salja trudges away, leaning on her staff.
Salja takes all the gold and runs away!
Salja runs home yelling something about dinner
Salja runs home yelling something about car insurance.
Salja runs home yelling something about silly mages.
Salja runs home yelling something about [insert funny thing here]
(YES, LEAVE THAT AS IT IS,----------------------------------------------/^)
Salja's strangle leaves her with enough lag to run out of ideas and escape!
Salja runs away with her dearest honey, Wenlin.
Salja eats 10 cans of beans and floats away like a balloon.
The whole world revolves around Salja. She just flew into the sun.

Feel free to put this on TMS.

Wenlin - Can write in blue!!
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Torturing Grey is such fun...everyone go do it!

Oh, not for the stupidity impaired or children under 35!!

------------------YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED------------------

You give Grey a sweet sexy kiss.
You say: marry me!
Grey cringes.
Grey says: Um..I'm taken..I swear.

> Grey says: Ah jeez
You attempt to mate with Grey.
> Grey shouts: I'm being molested by a mortal! HELPPPPPA!!!!

> Grey says: The dragon is a large, hungry, and very aggressive level 180 mob.
You say: I want to feed him
> Grey says: He's asleep!
You say: wake him up!
> Grey says: He might bite me.
You say: I'll take that risk

You say: mate with me dragon!
You attempt to mate with Nagareth.
> Nagareth says: I don't mate with food.
Grey grins.
> Grey hugs Nagareth.
Nagareth hugs Grey.
You give Nagareth a cookie and pat it on the head.
You say: good dragon
You say: oh, you're sooo CUTE!
> Nagareth bites you.

> Nagareth says: I don't snuggle. I chew and spit.
> Nagareth says: I also breath putrid breath and cast spells.

Nagareth says: Well..I don't have any hair
You gently stroke Nagareth's hair.
You say: you do right there
> Grey looks at Nagareth.
Nagareth goes 'oh'.
> Nagareth says: I never noticed that before. Thanks..I think.

You attack Nagareth with your foot but you miss.
Nagareth's attack penetrates your defenses, inflicting extra damage! Ouch!
Nagareth slashes you with its bloodstained claws and destroys you with the
force of darkness!

Grey says: I stick to LP mainly.
You say: I like less pain too
You say: more pain doesn't fit me

Grey says: It's 3:30am here. How's the past doing?

> Grey says: Well if we caught you, we'd have to take action.
You say: cool, I want to see what happens when I'm caught
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Rhod gossips 'anyone know how the gauntlet run worked out?'
Wenlin gossips 'Gauntlets can't move, they're pieces of armor'

Zalah question 'how do you get off a hourse without jest falling off?'

Auric asks, 'wats fluffy death?'
You say, 'i dunno, but it's very sweet.'

You say oocly, 'to be a hero from digging up a rock'
Kazad gets a quartzite blade from a green silk sash.
Kazad closes a green silk sash.
You say oocly, 'or to be a hero from busting up some stone'
Kazad says oocly, 'Mining is less honorable, I will mine'

You answer 'I demand to know who has been plotting against Kazad'
Kazad answers 'I am sure Boon is here somewhere'

You tell Arigan 'oh i'm a lumberjack and i'm okay, i sleep all night and i work all day'
Arigan tells you 'Congratulations I am bum who lives on the streets of Stonegate.'

Kazad says oocly, 'I died several times because of lag :-)'
You shudder at the horror and repress tears.
Kazad nods.
Kazad says oocly, 'It sucks, but it is usually my fault not the lag :-)'
You say oocly, 'except the one time when you were downloading that 55mb porn video, right?'

Elelia tells the group 'you have no newbie love markeith. We are going to have to buy you some.;'

Vesper gossips 'Damn, I feel especially filthy rich today...'
Vesper gossips 'However, I am feeling a bit under the weather...good thing I have all these gold leaf parchments to blow my nose with...'
Vesper gossips 'Hmmm, it is a tad warm in Riverdale though...I think I'll go for a dip in my money bin.'
Elelia gossips '*looks at Vesper oddly*'
Vesper gossips 'Ahhh, it's so cool and relaxing, swimming around in the money bin...doing a few laps in gold crowns can put anybody at ease...what's this?? There's a seagull in the window! Lemmie hurl some rare gems at it!'

[Anchelsis]: Holy cow, someone paid me a compliment! Who is Kaehl?
[Moeve]: don't get carried away he was drunk at the time

Elelia says oocly, 'Faerie!'
Revelin says oocly, 'not in real life- human'
You say oocly, 'i'm a human too'
Elelia says oocly, 'i'm really a a deer :-)'
Revelin says oocly, 'you mean dear?'
Elelia says oocly, 'no deer.'

Revelin sacrifices something to the Ancients.
Adeiven sacrifices everything to the Ancients.

Dionae grins playfully.
Dionae says, 'We should play a game...'
Dionae says, '...called kick Riven'
Dionae nods twice in quick succession.

Knight of the Oak Sirus tells the house 'Bah, I still haven't covered my armpits with armor.'
You tell your house: '<hands Sirus a can of deodorant>'
You tell your house: 'if youre not gonna cover em, spray em'

Zalah question 'whats in the tomb?'
Laul answers 'dangerous mummies'
Vladimir answers 'death'
Malaak answers 'a nasty Mummy and some other nasty stuff'
You question 'Yes, but is the death sweet and fluffy?'
Thoras answers 'Id think a tomb would have dead stuff in it.'
Zalah question 'what lvl should you be to go down?'
Malaak answers 'Hero'
Vladimir answers 'no, it's mean with sharp pointy teeth'

In elven, you say 'How good is your elven?'
In elven, Walwainr says 'lets just tLK IN ENGLISH'

global> Wombats fall from the sky, and reality disappears.
Chupuc gossips 'hmm no wombat on ground it not fall.'
You hurl a wombat at Morbriner and hit him smack on the head. Boink!
You hurl a wombat at Chupuc and hit him smack on the head. Boink!
You hurl a wombat at Malaak and hit him smack on the head. Boink!
You hurl a wombat at Mikla and hit her smack on the head. Boink!
You hurl a wombat to Alaric but only graze him.
Salja hurls a wombat at you but only grazes you.
You hurl a wombat at Bedwyr and hit him smack on the head. Boink!
You gossip 'Are too wombats on the ground..'
Mikla gossips 'reality was always suspect'
Chupuc gossips 'delayed reaction'
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"You OOC 'Woohoo! I have seen the masturbating fox! I voted, that is.'"

Hee hee. You know what I mean. Who is that guy, anyway?
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Mercatox tells you 'HI!!!!'
You tell Mercatox 'hi, send money. $5 charge for saying 'hi' to me.'
Mercatox tells you '.......'
You tell Mercatox 'This has been brought to you by the 'Pay Salja's Rent' foundation.'

Bedwyr asks, 'Tell me, fair maiden, doost though have a man?'

[Dionae]: They want like a sheath command for weapons too
[Moeve]: yes they can shove their weapons ... nm

[Moeve]: then they say oi oi we can no longer charm
[Mandrake]: whats oi oi ?
[Salja]: the sound of two punks moshing

[Salja]: you just want to slap somebody dionae
[Salja]: come on lets play hackey sack some more
You get a hackey sack made to look like Riven's head from a small handbag.
[Dionae]: Yes, I had preferred kicking, but slapping will do
Dionae snickers softly.
[Salja]: you can kick the hackey sack too

Forster says, 'i am forster thornybottom named so after falling on a cacti.'

You say, 'killing sydneys'
You clap your hands together.
Sydney nods twice in quick succession.
You say, 'i mean.. aww..'

In elven, Pengolod says 'Canae look over there!'
Pengolod points excitedly!
Pengolod grabs you and ties you securely to a four poster bed.

You answer 'I think the tie social should be changed. When you use it, it should say, 'Tying <person> to the bed, you realize that you probably just used the wrong social.''

In elven, Pengolod says 'whats 123321 plus 1231321?'
In elven, Pengolod says 'I dont know either but...'
Pengolod brings you down in a playful tackle!

Chantia gossips 'Hi! '
You gossip 'Hi Chantia!'
Chantia gossips 'SALJA! My fave im! '
Walwainr gossips 'hey everyone in the game now is an elf of some kind'
You gossip 'Lol'
Chantia gossips 'Yep! Life is grand'
You gossip 'Yes.. Chantia belongs to me, Dionae can have Walwainr.... let's all play... pointy-eared pinball.. or... oh forget it.'
Chantia gossips 'Sweet, I belong to salja! '

Yaksha wibbles at Salja. Strange™.....

Chade places Salja's bra on his head.
Chade says, 'you without a bra and me without a camera...:P'

Bertolis yells 'Cowheads walk tall, stunties stand small, pointyheads are proud, biggies are loud, flutterheads fly fast, orcers are last, trolls are smelly, 'oomans are stupid like jelly. But one thing is right, Gobbo will also win fight! *singsongy* '

You yell 'I've known Gweth for at least fifty years, I demand an apology!'
Ezylie yells 'What about hawn?'
You yell 'Oh Hawn's a bastard, cook his entrails with some oomla stew.'

Archer Pengolod tells the house 'kick her in the chin Elelia!'
Archer Pengolod tells the house 'smack some typing skills into that girl'

Demytri says oocly, 'birch skin make me hit like terloch'

Rilnt says, 'cabt geak wgat u cabt seee'

Rilnt says, 'excuse me while i spam off again'

You say oocly, 'he goes through girls like i go through bras'

[ Half-Elf ] Serf Gonn Fishin'

[Salja]: ack
[Salja]: i was going to make cornbread but i just realized i dont have a cast iron skillet
[Moeve]: salja you are too traditional in a pinch you can you your helmet
[Salja]: i dont wanna pour cooking oil in my helmet and put it in to heat at 350 degrees
[Salja]: besides it is too deep and the middle of the cornbread would be uncooked and the outside burned and dry
[Moeve]: it's ok just let it cool before you put it back on
[Salja]: yes.. burned cornbread hair is in style this season i hear

[Moeve]: do people lick each other here?
[Dionae]: snicker
[Moeve]: I never knew what to make of that!
[Salja]: sometimes but usually only within the confines of a monogamous relationship
[Dionae]: Pengolod licks squirrels
[Salja]: cover your ears Moeve
[Salja]: nvm i wont even say it
You tell Dionae 'And Canae when she's lucky <g>'

Aethynn question 'anyone feel like hanging with a level 2 new to this mud, not new to mudding?'
Dionae answers 'I love hanging with everyone.'
Dionae answers 'Except.. that guy...

[Cerridwen]: no its mine...all mine...i own the male porn...and ill be selfish with it

Walwainr tells you 'how was your little shopping exp'
You tell Walwainr 'was good, i found some fabric '
Walwainr tells you 'Fabric!!'
You tell Walwainr 'yes i like to sew'
Walwainr tells you 'r u married'
You tell Walwainr 'nope'
Walwainr tells you 'too bad youll make someone a great wife oneday'

Poku quotes 'Bubble boy- 'What is that thing?' *WACK* *screaming in pain* (mother walks in) ***O MY GOD***'

You give the most ridiculously silly thing ever to Dionae.
Dionae says, 'Hey.. I already have the most ridiculous thing yet...'
You say, 'yeah but mine is more ridiculous'
Dionae says, 'Is not..'
You say, 'is too..'
Dionae gets the most ridiculous thing yet from a black leather bag of stuff.
You nod.
Dionae says, 'Well, they can't both be the most ridiculous..'
You say, 'nono'
You say, 'yours was yet'
Dionae pouts.
You say, 'mine supersedes yours because mine is ever'
You grin playfully.
Dionae asks, 'So mine has ceased to be the most ridiculous?'
You nod.
Dionae sits down and thinks deeply.
Dionae says, 'Then I shall have to make an even more ridiculous thing...'
You say, 'You should simply admit defeat.'
Dionae frowns.
You snicker softly.
You exclaim, 'Admit it! My silliness is far supreme to yours!'
Dionae exclaims, 'Never!'
Salja really just wanted something to add to the quote file.
Dionae snickers softly.

Cerridwen says, 'im not having a ball in a keep that is falling down'
Cerridwen says, 'accident insurance would be a bitch'
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Laul says, 'time to make a vain attempt at making money.'
Someone inquisitively raises an eyebrow at Laul.
Laul auctions 'one date with Laul, biddings starting at 100 silver.'
Laul says, 'i cant even afford a damn meat pie right now'
Laul says, 'i need to make some gold'
Laul chuckles politely.
Kia auctions '100 silver'
Jarek gives Laul some coins.
Laul auctions 'woo I hear 100 silver'
Jarek pats Laul on his head.
Jarek says, 'You are quite pathetic...heh'
Jarek says, 'im not trying to be mean are'
Jarek says, 'you turned yerself into a male prostitute'
Kazad has arrived.
A Haflinger horse has arrived.
A calico cat has arrived.
Kazad sits down and rests.
You snicker softly.
Laul says, 'Male whore get it right'
Laul grins playfully.
Laul auctions 'going once!'
Jarek says, 'i tried to put it nicely'
Kazad asks Laul, 'What are you actioning?'
Laul says, 'a date with me'
Kazad shakes his head.
Laul chuckles politely.
Jarek says, 'auction something that will get people to bid, not scare them away'
Kazad says, 'Somebody is crazy enough to for it'
Laul auctions 'Going twice!'
Malaak auctions 'SELLING what ?'
Laul auctions 'last chance, a date with laul, its at 100 silver right now.'
Malaak auctions '*ROFL*'
Jarek auctions 'ill pay you 100 silver to stop. your scaring everyone away'
Laul auctions 'sooooooold! '
%%% Disconnected from server.

Malaak auctions 'LAUL !! Thats the last time you auction yourself again *GEEZ* we crash because of it*'

[Jahron]: Damn.
[Jahron]: I think it crashed because Laul almost got a date.
[Dionae]: lol

[Salja]: who took my crab
[The giant hermit crab]: I just wanted to go for a walk

Cinian tells you 'I'll sell my soul for a restore.'

[Dionae]: Hey.. according to Ezylie's idea.. I should be dead...
[Thomas]: sounds like a good idea.
[Dionae]: No, that's a bad idea!
[Thomas]: noooooo..i think it's good
Thomas tickles you - ho ho ho.

[Chade]: sleep in Lorc's bed he's your follower

Mikla question 'tell us where you are and maybe someone can give you directions. I promise my directions won't lead you into a demonic dimension. Really. Honest.'

Silvan gossips 'The realms are certainly lacking in destruction lately...something must be done!'

[Moeve]: it actually not possible for me to make death blow land more often
[Moeve]: as it is coded it should land 100% of the times
[Chade]: umm, ok, make it 1% chance and maybe it will work...:P

[Moeve]: ok what do you say to someone to challenge him to a duel
[Dionae]: You take a glove and slap him in the face
[Dionae]: :)
[Salja]: blah blah challenge blah blah honorable duel
[Salja]: yeah what she said
[Salja]: you remove your gauntlet and thwap them with it
[Dionae]: "You have insulted my honor!"
[Moeve]: yes but remember you are sending an emissary on horse he cant slap you
[Dionae]: Sure he can, and say "This is from soandso" *slap*

[Dionae]: So what are glory points good for?
[Salja]: buying junk
[Chade]: buying house extras
[Someone]: increasing heal rates, new rooms, more guards, etc
[Moeve]: making housed people feel good about having to deal with stephen
[Dionae]: hehe
[Chade]: no its the other way, stephen will be good to people or not have glory
[Dionae]: So does Tirome get extra points for having to deal with Stephen? :)
[Salja]: masochism does not get glory points

Laul gossips 'How does a pig get in a tree. they cant climb!'
You gossip 'They fly.'
Panzer gossips 'wow'
Wenlin quotes 'You get a pig in a tree from a colorful parrot. - they ride parrots'
Panzer gossips 'pigs fly'
Laul gossips 'I have never seen a pink pig with wings!'
You gossip 'That is because they're blue.'

Daeleath gossips 'Only on a MUD could you get beat up by a rabbit. . . ;p'

[Jahron]: I have a question... Why is Karathos under Riverdale?
[Dionae]: Because you aren't rich
[Jahron]: ...
[Dionae]: They bribed us to put them first
[Dionae]: Money runs the realms, my friend
[Jahron]: ...
[Jahron]: Never will I be tainted by GREED. FOOLS
[Jahron]: -Grin-

[Salja]: i have a magic goblin
[Salja]: i made him out of clay
[Salja]: i have a magic goblin
[Salja]: with goblin i shall play

Salja answers ''
Salja answers 'do NOT make us go this far :)'
Leowyn answers 'alrighty I like everything there but urination and feminine Hygene'
Alaina answers 'im not asking for Realism! i hate it'
Salja answers 'but but but it's real!'
Alaina answers 'but i like the urinating part, i find it odd none of have to go drain the dragon'
You snicker softly.
Salja answers 'well i think there's a total of like... two toilets in the place'
Salja answers 'everyone else has to go squat in the woods and use leaves'
Salja is from the south, she can be vulgar like that
Leowyn answers 'actually for toliet paper I find that picture of Stephen Tirome work alot better.. or eagles :)'
Alaina answers 'Thats what the woods are for, you whip it out and go'
Alaina answers 'Find that nice tree, and water it.'
Ezylie answers 'I WANNA PMS!'
Leowyn answers 'rather see perhaps alignments added into the game first then PMS :wrinkles his nose:'

--> Remake: meat short A FLAMING BALL OF MEAT
You giggle.
Salja falls to the ground and rolls around laughing hysterically.
[Salja]: um
[Dionae]: Flaming ball of meat? :)
[Galdorf]: hell yeah!
[Dionae]: snicker
[Galdorf]: I was going to hurl it at Llywarch
[Galdorf]: Then decided not to
Salja snickers softly.
[Galdorf]: I guess I'll just eat it
[Dionae]: You should get a roasted something on a stick
[Salja]: might be wise
[Llywarch]: :P
[Galdorf]: Oh yeah, Llywarch can see this
[Galdorf]: Damn!
[Dionae]: lol
[Galdorf]: Wow, I must look like an ass.
[Salja]: well we knew that
[Dionae]: Galdorf is the new houseleader we make fun of :)
[Galdorf]: Oh yeah!
[Galdorf]: Gotta have something to do, heh
[Galdorf]: Hey, Llywarch
[Galdorf]: Check my desc
[Galdorf]: Tell me if you think it's gay
[Galdorf]: Salja thinks it's uber-stupid
[Galdorf]: I can do that, right?
[Galdorf]: It's just a meat pie
[Galdorf]: I handed him a flaming ball of meat
[Dionae]: Wouldn't that hurt?
[Galdorf]: lol
[Galdorf]: lol, he ate it
[Galdorf]: Thoras eats A FLAMING BALL OF MEAT.

[Salja]: night girlyman
[Galdorf]: Stop calling me girlyman.
[Galdorf]: Or else.
[Salja]: or else what?
[Salja]: i call jahron mr fluffles
[Salja]: and i call daehron buzzlebuns
[Salja]: the least you can do is be called girlyman
[Galdorf]: You may call me: "Supreme king of the almighty"
[Galdorf]: If you MUST have a nickname
[Salja]: I may call you girlyman
Salja snickers softly.
[Galdorf]: But, you won't
[Galdorf]: Because, I'm
[Salja]: oh, but i will
[Galdorf]: "Supreme king of the almighty"
[Salja]: and a girly one at that.

You say, 'And I can be the patron Ancient of kitty cats'
You snicker softly.
Salja rolls her eyes, disgusted.
Salja says, 'walwainr asked me how to worship me'
Salja giggles.
You snicker softly.
Salja asks, 'Why am I the one who gets all the worshippers?'
You ponder the question.
You ask, 'The power of the eggplant?'
Salja giggles.
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Renduin says 'heya'
Garm says 'sup'
Renduin makes loud wretching noises and pukes on the ground.
You seem to get a laugh from something saying, "heh heh heh".
Garm says 'heh'
You say 'go kill yourself'
Renduin says 'nothing really'
Garm nods solemnly.
Garm says 'is yer mental state screwed up?'
You say 'too full'
You giggle.
Renduin says 'just the lungs'
Garm says 'heh'
Renduin says 'and im full'
Renduin says 'ima bulemic dragon slayer'
Renduin says 'heh'
Renduin takes Idun's apple from thin air.
You say 'yay'
Renduin says 'thats great'
Renduin says 'wow'
Renduin says 'does puking have anything to do with it?'
You giggle.
You shake your head.
Renduin says 'ahh'
You say 'well with being a bulemic sure'
You peer at him quizzically.
Renduin says 'what does puking do then?'
You say 'its a social'
You shrug.
Renduin says 'heh'
Lestat says 'its just used to commicate with other players'
Lestat says 'does nothing to your char'
Renduin says 'u puke when u communicate... hmm ive been missing something all these years'
Renduin makes loud wretching noises and pukes on the ground.
Renduin says 'thats for u lestat'
Renduin says 'have a good day'
Lestat says 'heh'
Renduin says 'heh'
Lestat says 'I will now!'

Eomer says 'yeah i like you, because im a bohemian like you'
Eomer says 'ooohhohohoohohooh'

Octavian ordertalks 'hrm..'
You ordertalk 'attack yourself'
Vahn ordertalks 'attack yourself just like a mob'
Octavian ordertalks 'hrm, you can melee yourself '
Tygher ordertalks 'I tried, but it said suicide is a mortal sin'
Octavian ordertalks 'i thought it had to be a specific attack to work'
Octavian ordertalks 'yeah, its gotta be like grasp'
Octavian ordertalks 'but i dont think you have anything at that level'
Octavian ordertalks 'sooo, the only way you can get out is thru a challenge'
Granakka ordertalks 'u should be able to kick yourself'
You ordertalk 'rofl'
Octavian ordertalks 'who do you want to kill you '
Tygher ordertalks 'nope, all I do it swing my swords *grin*'

Grace ordertalks 'Okay I have been playing far too much, just asked my brother to send me my cup. rofl.'

Vahn says 'he should just die of a heart attack now'

Xylo says 'ready?'
You say 'jepp'
Bexar nods solemnly.
Xylo flies north.
You lick her.
You roll on the floor laughing hysterically.
Bexar scans north.
(Rjurik) (Translucent) Xylo Del'Morte... is here, fighting an Iron Golem.
Xystus says 'wrong window'
Xystus snickers softly.
You say 'that was comedy'
Xystus laughs.
You say '"ready?"'
You say '"here we go"'
You say '"xylo floats north"'
Xystus rolls on the floor laughing hysterically.
Xystus says 'i was donering why no one was commin'
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Whacky Seasons of Almadyn stuff..

[gossip]: Grey cracks open a fortune cookie.
[gossip] Zeta: Your death will be slow and painful.
[gossip]: Grey eats half.
[gossip] Zeta: (on the back) Your favorite color is blue.
[gossip]: Grey reads, "You should be able to make money and hold onto it."
[gossip]: Grey looks at Zeta and rolls on the floor laughing.
[gossip] Grey: Stupid cookie.

[gossip] Grey: i think it's time for a doughnut
[gossip]: Grey screams, "Dough - nuts!"
[gossip] Aballister: good thing not dog nuts
Xerlic shouts: DOG NUTS
Xerlic shouts: I LIKE DOG NUTS

[gossip]: Grey reads, "You have yearning for perfection."
[gossip] Grey: Right on cookie, right on.

[gossip] Aballister:
( ")--~
Bunneh With Weed!

[bard]: Aballister sings o/~ I know the pieces fit, I know the pieces fit,
I know the pieces fit and I know the pieces fit o/~.
[bard] Grey: You must know the pieces fit eh?
[bard]: Grey plays with the legos that make the pieces fit.
[bard] Aballister: lego rocks
[bard] Grey: That they do, im bringing some to university next year
[bard]: Aballister nods.
[bard] Grey: Hardcore, alchohol, and legos man
[bard] Grey: Ain't nothin' bettah
[bard] Aballister: hope you don't try to eat the lego
[bard] Grey: I'll keep the alcohol away from the legos

~Grey (wheeeee)
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Yeah..there's more..

[bs] Kaa: well, I just get this feeling that nobody likes me. it's like
I'm unwelcome everywhere I go, except as a meal
[bs] Aballister: hey thats how I feel too when I walk down the street
[bs] Kaa: is it wrong to kill people because they don't like you?
[bs] Aballister: no
[bs] Kaa: good thing, or I'd have a lot to atone for
[bs]: Aballister grins, 'Heh heh heh!'.
[bs] Kaa: best rule of the game - if you can get someone else to take the
first swing, it's perfectly legal to kill them
[bs] Aballister: sounds good
[bs] Kaa: okay, I'm off to go see if I can get any of my neighbors to take
a swing at me.
[bs]: Kaa wields the steel katana.
[bs]: Kaa tips his hat.
[ Kaa has left Seasons of Almadyn ]

~Grey (woot!
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Bedwyr tells you 'I am level 40 now'
You tell Bedwyr 'nice'
Bedwyr tells you 'arent you proud?>'
You tell Bedwyr 'i am '
Bedwyr tells you 'you helped me when I was level 8'
You tell Bedwyr 'yes i did '
Bedwyr tells you 'so you wanna let me court you yet?>'

Shados answers '*bitch bitch wine wine*'
Leowyn answers 'would you like some cheese with that shados?'
Shados answers 'Yes, Swiss please, can you throw in a cookie too? I prefer the chocolate chip, milk with it too'

Llywarch says, 'one should always be be prepared, m'lady'
You nod at Llywarch.
Llywarch says, 'it is the code of the boar scouts

Krumm tells you 'can i be an immortal?'
You tell Krumm 'um no'
Krumm tells you '*grumbles*'
You tell Krumm 'heh.. we have plenty of imms '
Krumm tells you 'well you need one with a little spirit <'
You tell Krumm 's nicker'
You tell Krumm 'helps to play the mud for more than 20 mins'
Krumm tells you 'so what do ya say?'
You tell Krumm 'no, heh'
Krumm tells you 'come on, i've been a god on a diffrent mud'
You tell Krumm 'good for you'
You tell Krumm 'but.. i play that 'other mud''
You tell Krumm 'and it takes a LONG time to even be CONSIDERED for staff here'
Krumm tells you 'nah, not that on'
Krumm tells you 'is this a rp enforced mud'
You tell Krumm 'but asking definitely isnt the way to be an ancient'
You tell Krumm 'not overly enforced, but its expected'
Krumm tells you 'well i'm the rp king '
You tell Krumm 'we'll see'
Krumm tells you 'i've been playing muds for a while and i just think i'd be a good aset to the ancients here '
Krumm tells you 'are you even going to consider it?'
You tell Krumm 'no.'
Krumm tells you 'worth a shot anyhow'

[Jahron]: Where are you, Llywarch?
[Salja]: warming up the bed for one of his many ladies
[Jahron]: He's right here, but thank you.
[Salja]: jahron, i never knew you were like that

Kazad auctions 'Looking for buy a Heretic'
Dorrin auctions 'Maybe go to a church'

Remake: tunic long Vesper's tunic lies here...looking so soft and sexy you just want to rub your hands all over it.

In elven, Adaemir says 'Boats are for novices.'

In elven, Adaemir says 'Nothing like a giant rat to ruin a romantic moment.'

SabreTooFCatEatR: these bridges have guide rails?
Melopene: nod
Melopene: i should hope so
Melopene: or we'd lose a lot of elves that way

Elelia tells you 'i'm not gonna steal his wombats'

MaxPower says, 'i got my name off a hair drier'

Elelia says oocly, 'If i didn't like you, i'd smack you'
"Tia mi aven Moridin Isainde vadin": if i didn't find it disturbing, i'd kiss you just cause your the best lol

Jaegar answers 'friends brothers country men, go vote please. '

Saigein says, 'I'd perfer to think of myself as an indiscriminate meat puppet'

Xaneros disappears in a meat pie cloud.

You gossip 'Goblins are a girl's best friend... oh, no, wait.. that's diamonds. Hrm.'

You say, 'what we making first, gobbos, nymphos, orcs, trolls..'
You say, 'scratch the nympho part, thats my subconscious talking'

You whap Mazmorthazar upside the head!
Mazmorthazar slaps you stingingly.
Mazmorthazar says, 'now that foreplay is over'
You say, 'I will have you know I only sleep with nobles'
You snicker softly.
You ask, 'Are you a duke?'
Mazmorthazar says, 'only in bed'
Mazmorthazar smirks.

Solorin says, 'Time for me to take some relaxation time...I'm sick'
Solorin grabs you and ties you securely to a four poster bed.

Drastor says, 'great he does the act and leave.. and I get the punishment'
Drastor says, 'well..'
Drastor winks suggestively at you.
Drastor exclaims, 'Put it on me baby!'

You say, 'it meant torment and despair in greek'
Drastor says, 'oh.. just like a woman'

[12981] Daphne: There's a squire here. He "bares himself with pride"... um, he gets naked? I think they meant "bears". Although I like the other image a lot.

Elelia says, 'i'm so smart i amaze myself'

Moeve gossips 'a new item will be added to the score it will b called the twink-o-meter'
Moeve gossips 'you normally want that score to be low'
Moeve gossips 'if it gets too high you die'
Cerridwen gossips '"Your twink-o-meter has reached its highest point. Your site has been permanently banned because of the occurance."'

Neia says, 'my name is Neia...i think...I like the upside of fish.'

Pengolod says, 'I have money in the bank'
You say, 'i have money in a fish'

Galdorf says, 'Well, that's a cup full of retarded.'

Galdorf says, 'The underground courtyard'
You snicker softly.
Xaneros says, 'Big open place'
You say, 'yes, with fluffy clouds'
Galdorf says, 'Fake, mind you'
You nod sagely.
Galdorf says, 'But, nonetheless clouds'

Xaneros says, 'And I died to an effeminate man who was castrating me.'

[Ariadne]: what adjective can I use for metal?
[Salja]: um
[Salja]: shiny!
[Ariadne]: but..
[Wylan]: Rusty!
[Salja]: "it smells... shiny"
[Wylan]: lol
[Ariadne]: Shiny doesn't make it smell different..
[Ariadne]: hehe
[Ariadne]: It smells shiny
[Ariadne]: nono
[Ariadne]: That won't do at all
[Wylan]: The fresh scent of shiney armor... "My, you're smelling shiney today!"

[Salja]: well guests shouldnt open doors!
[Ariadne]: But.. I wouldn't want the dungeon by the duke...
[Ariadne]: Yes!
[Salja]: bad guest!
[Ariadne]: The plaque should read "Do not open that door."
[Salja]: hehe
[Wylan]: slaps the guest's wrists.
[Ariadne]: Instead of whatever it says now
[Salja]: "If you open that door, you are stupid"
[Ariadne]: hehe
[Salja]: and have a trigger when you open the door for someone to run up and yell 'HEY STUPID, CANT YOU READ?!'
[Ariadne]: "Danger, evil monster in this room."
[Ariadne]: hehe
[Ariadne]: I have in the desc that there's a guard that kicks them out
[Wylan]: "Opening this door will cause eyesore, caution"

[Salja]: what should concolor's swarm mobs be?
[Ariadne]: um..
[Ariadne]: fat bald guys
[Wylan]: Ahhhhhh!
[Ariadne]: hehe
[Salja]: hahaha
[Salja]: lorc clones
[Ariadne]: snicker
[Wylan]: Ahhhhhhh!
[Salja]: "I shall call him... mini-lorc"
[Wylan]: I'm never attacking Concolor
[Wylan]: fat bald guys and clones are too much for me
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Topic hasn't been very lively recently, NOT good...
And once again, I have my usual 2 quips.

Xaneros trades you a Wenlin certified sword of justice.
You trade a Wenlin certified sword of justice to Xaneros.

You exclaim to Llywarch, 'Duke Llywarch! We're getting married!'
You hug her.(Ezylie)
Ezylie hugs you.
Llywarch asks you, 'Congratulations...?'

Ezylie quotes 'Newbie alert! Fuedel sighted.'
Xaneros quotes 'Ezylie quotes 'Newbie alert! Fuedel sighted.''
You quote 'Xaneros quotes 'Ezylie quotes 'Newbie alert! Fuedel sighted.'''
Aval quotes 'Someone quotes 'Xaneros quotes 'Ezylie quotes 'Newbie alert! Fuedel'
Someone quotes 'Someone says, 'Shutup already!''

Isyll gossips 'Okay, that does it, we need to get a major-sized party going.'
Someone gossips 'Where?'
Isyll gossips 'bottom of the ocean'

[Terloch's copyrighted yellow text] The atlas and stories pages have been updated on the website...
Someone answers '*Cheers for Terloch*'
[Terloch] answers 'don't cheer me, I didn't do it'
Aloet answers '*cheers for terloch anyway*'
Salja answers 'I feel so loved'
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Quan question 'Where are all these Nomiki's coming from? Is Laul asexual?'

Calvin gossips 'I lurve you! I don't care if you castrate me. *tackles you down and kisses you*'

[Salja]: my mom called me this morning and said 'shave all your body parts, we're going to the beach'
[Salja]: shudder
[Someone]: I so should quote that

Keloros answers 'Get me ham sandwhich!'
Indech answers 'you said it wrong, it's "get me ham sammich"'
[Salja]: hahahahaa ham sandwich
[Salja]: "make a sandwich" is like the biggest insult you could give a person. it's so demeaning.
[Salja]: i mean #### off, sure.. that's rude. but to tell someone to do such a menial task? tsk.

[Salja]: no flags on the flags

Calvin yells 'Today, I claim war on all of you...A war fought not with swords, not with words but with....'
Calvin yells 'MUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Neia yells 'IM DRUNK'
Neia yells 'THATS WEIRD'

Calvin gossips 'Recycle Racism! Do you part!'

'I am not using teleport ever again' - Mroz, after teleporting into the Iwizia.

Indech question 'can I get a tell from a lowly ancient who is feeling dejected?'

[Salja]: yeah give it a privy
[Salja]: oh oh oh oh
[Salja]: make a dead animal storage room
[Tilal]: a WHAT?
[Salja]: so you can catapult dead animals over the top of the tower when people try to break in

You tell your house: 'sirus.. you know what imma ask you'
Captain of the Oak Sirus tells the house 'No Salja, you may not come over today.'
Captain of the Oak Sirus tells the house 'oh, uhh'
Captain of the Oak Sirus tells the house 'yeah, I'm not done'
You tell your house: 'you arent supposed to tell anyone about our secret meetings!'

[Salja]: What should the immigrants give in return for quamba?
[Terloch]: non-hormonal wives?

Tilal says, 'actually I was thinking of turning you into a hampster, and granting you immortality.. and a plastic ball to roll around in'
Tilal flips through a small leather-bound spell book.
Tilal says, 'let's see... hampster... hampster...'
You ask, 'Tens of thousands of years, Tilal, and all you worry for is rodents?'
Tilal says, 'halibut.. harpy... darn no hampster....'

Conner says, 'In fact, I am beginning to believe that immortality leads less to power, and more to insanity.'

[Cerridwen]: great im gonna have to bribe her...
[Salja]: no lesbian sex
[Dionae]: ew..
[Cerridwen]: crap well there goes that idea
[Cerridwen]: now what the hell am i supposed to use??
[Salja]: protein-enriched pudding?

Rustim tells you 'every great evil thing in FR is T'
Rustim tells you 'Tirome'
Rustim tells you 'Tilmon'
Rustim tells you 'Terloch'

You tell your house: 'who's up for a rousing game of elfball?'

Conner gossips 'Can I trade my shard for a better connection?'

[Daehron]: 30k will go toward spies in re...ermm...rune shards...10k will go toward paying off a small debt, and the other 10 will be invested and will return about 30k plus it's own value.
[Jahron]: -Stare-
[Daehron]: ignore anything that starts with an s, ends just before an ellipse, and has something to do with espionage.

[Salja]: dude, last night one of the players told me they named their pet after me

[Moeve]: mandrake vanished
[Salja]: nobody put him in the microwave did they?

Zalah yells 'OHHHH NO A GOBBO!!! AHHHHH'
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Leiya question 'what does a warm fuzzy bearskin rug do?'
Vladimir answers 'nothing, i'm pretty sure it's dead'

Ezylie question 'Is it just me or every other day does wenlin have a different last name?'

[Cerridwen]: ok blah...blah blah blah
[Vesper]: blah, blah...blah?
[Cerridwen]: uh huh and blah blah blah a blah
[Vesper]: ooooh, blah...bla-blah!
[Cerridwen]: nodnod blah blah blah bla blah!
[Vesper]: BLAH-blah??  blahblah blahhhh blah
[Cerridwen]: heh and i am actually trying to understand the blah blahs
[Vesper]: I think I understand them more than I do english.
[Cerridwen]: makes perfect sense to me too Vesp

[Salja]: yes, its generally accepted that flagpoles go outside

[Vesper]: I am one bored Baron...I need jester's.
[Dionae]: Go swim in your money bin
[Vesper]: Well...I need someone to swim with me.  =)
[Dionae]: Ask Jahron :)
[Lazerath]: what no harem?
[Vesper]: Jahron doesn't look good in a thong and Lazerath is old.  Ancients would just charm me, as well...what I a good woman.
[Vesper]: A Baroness.
[Jahron]: ...
[Lazerath]: I might be old but I am one damn sexy elf
[Jahron]: I'm not that old.
[Lazerath]: and I look better for my age than you do
[Vesper]: I'm hot and loaded, you all got nothin' on me.
[Lazerath]: I have a killer garden  =)
[Vesper]: Don't make me put my gold wear my text-based mouth is.
[Jahron]: Yeah, an ass-whupping

Siban question 'What are these pictures for anyway?'
You answer 'For.. thingies..'
Siban answers 'Ahhhh! Doesn't that just explain it all!'

global> Wanna see an orc in a tutu?
Ezylie answers 'Sure'
[Daehron]: looks kinda like this girl I work with, except for the tutu
[Dionae]: hehe
[Daehron]: and the orc could use a few more chins.
Elelia answers 'that is disturbing Dionae!'
You answer 'hehe'
Ezylie answers '...........................'
Elelia answers 'i think i'm scarred for life now :('

Xaneros raises his scythe in formal salute to larsax.
Larsax looks at Xaneros.
Xaneros says, 'Yeah. I know. I dont have a scythe'
Larsax grins playfully.
Larsax says, 'okay, just wondering'

Larsax says, 'dont screw with my bear'
Timbo screws the bear
Timbo says, 'dont quote that'

[Daehron]: quest wench, are we having a quest, or not?
[Aequitas]: Can it a sec will ya?
[Dionae]: Hey, I'm not the quest wench, I am the quest mistress
[Aequitas]: She's really busy.
[Daehron]: I haven't seen you do much I figure a quest is due. *smirk*
[Daehron]: Ok.
[Daehron]: what's she doing?
[Dionae]: Dancing
[Daehron]: Oh, I wouldn't want to disrupt that.
[Daehron]: please proceed.
[Daehron]: continue...etc..

Quirren gossips 'Not working. The room isn't dark, there are no mobs, and my skeleton is being stubborn'
Vesper gossips 'Maybe if you ask him nicely? Have you given him a raise lately? Flowers and chocolates also work with skeletons, but not zombies...they just eat them.'
Zalah gossips 'how the hell do you give them a raise?'
Vesper gossips ''give raise skeleton' his workrate fly through the roof as he unleashes destruction against every bad guy you run into!'
Zalah gossips 'do you have to pay him?'
Vesper gossips 'In brains or cookies.'

Aethynn yells 'help help'
Aethynn yells 'i am being attacked'
Aethynn yells 'and repressed'

Sydney quotes 'One day, I will die, all the nobles better pray that day never comes, for the ugly truth behind the walls of the fortresses will then be released in my book, named "Sydney Book"'
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[Salja]: roast elf on a stick, whee

[Vesper]: Dionae's female. She's naturally better at everything than me.

Dargus drops a white can of spam.
Dargus drops a black can of spam.
Dargus says, 'Pick your torture.'
You say, 'oh dear..'
Dargus falls down laughing.
You exclaim, 'I... I don't know!'

Goblinking shouts 'shut up! im trying to lag!'

Jobe gossips 'Challenge her to a nude mud wrestling match Dionae!'

[Dionae]: You say, 'Lady in distress, lady in distress here...'
[Dionae]: You say, 'Beautiful Miza'har in dire need of assistance.'

Zheff exclaims, 'Me gunna lick me lips and give her a wet kiss... that'll

make her drop tha key!'

Wenlin exclaims, 'please Dionae! With Salja in control of the universe!

We'll all die!'

Dionae gossips 'Hm.. why didn't I keep a spare key to the universe?'
Dionae gossips 'Silly me.'
You gossip 'Because you are evil, and evil is dumb.'

Wenlin asks A black tiger, 'are you a belly tiger? Do you like your belly


Jobe gossips 'never fear universe! Jobe is here!'
Jobe yells 'here saljasalja'

Jobe quests 'Alaina has crabs!'
Alaina quests 'i do not !'
[Salja]: haha
Jobe quests 'Er.. nm, wrong kind.'
Wenlin quests 'I got an eggplant too, does Salja like eggplants?'
Zheff quests 'give her crabs! god that doesnt sound right'

You say, 'I desire none of these.'
Sirob asks, 'drugs?'

Jobe says, 'A secret of happiness, something that will keep you happy and warm in the coldest winter'
Jobe offers to trade comfortable wool socks with you.

[Dionae]: Unfortunately, they're all dumb as a rock

Sirob quests 'elves are yummy, half elves half as yummy.'

Aerius answers 'I am a robot designed by triggers, to kill my self, while i watch the simpsons'

[Daehron]: anything more than a 14 incher is too long.
[Salja]: i could really take that out of context, buzzlebuns
[Someone]: heh, I had a 14" the 16" makes the shot more accurate
[Salja]: ... thats not any better
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Alright, I've got a few more than usual; 3 instead of 2, starting off with my favorite desc in the whole wide world! Boon's "drake"(obvious misspelling of dragon)

A great pale blue drake stands here its face twisted into a hiddious
grin, its pristine white teeth feet long.  A top its head is a mane of
flowing white hair.  About its fore-claws ice gathers clinging like
rim-frost to its arm length talons.  Dark sapphire blue eyes glare out from
beneath its ancient brow.  Standing some forty feet tall in cows all that
come into its pressence.  A faint glacial mist flows from its terrifing
vissage leaving whore-frost where it touches the walls.  
A cold drake is in excellent condition.

Daehron question 'Why did the chicken cross scarlet street?'
Jobe answers 'to get away from Daehron '

Daehron question 'why isn't wenlin trading me his blue rune shard!?'
Someone answers 'Why is wenlin still alive'

Conner question 'Are players encouraged to produce their own quests?'
You answer 'no! It gets them kicked out of houses!'
Someone answers 'and then laughed at by their peers'

You question 'Where's the ooc channel?'
Someone answers 'in Terloch's briefcase.'

Bedwyr says, 'Then, and only then, will this wrong be righted, will this
 horrible offense to the populous of stonegate be fixed'

Bedwyr says, 'I personally have seen  many villagers murdered before my eyes
 and no one did anything about it'

(ok, those 2 aren't funny in themselves, but something was up with his macros and he kept saying them over and over again, and since its such an odd thing to say, and it was at a completely inappropriate time, I just had to keep them.)

[Wenlin]: Salja didn't give me something I could do
[Wenlin]: and now she's "not going to be back till Sunday"
[Someone]: she is at her neice's birthday
[Someone]: turning 1
[Wenlin]: dang, I didn't think Salja was that young
[Someone]: yeah.
[Someone]: she's good at that

You ask, 'dude, you're still here?'
Xaneros asks, 'Still where?'
You say, 'kitty storage'
Xaneros says, 'I think so.'
Xaneros asks, 'How can I tell?'
You say, 'by looking'
Xaneros asks, 'What is the command?'
You say, 'look'
Xaneros says, 'Oh.'
Xaneros says, 'I am.'
You say, 'I left you stranded in here for an hour'
Xaneros asks, 'Thank you?'

Timbo says, 'I got alot of beef.'
Timbo flexes his muscles...what a stud!!?!

Jobe says 'My name is Jobe, I am a actor hailing from Quessa'
Jobe says, 'I aspire to be a prostitute'

Aval says, 'My name is Aval, I am a mongoose hailing from Shatiras'
You ask, 'a mongoose?'
Aval nods.
You say, 'I thought you were a halfling'
Aval says, 'Obviously not'
Kesin says, 'My name is Kesin, Aval is a moron from Loserville'

Larsax says, 'my name is aval'
Larsax says, 'that is Larsax'
Larsax points excitedly at Kesin!
Aval says, 'No, I'm Larsax'
Kesin exclaims, 'Larsax?  My name is Aval!'
Aval exclaims, 'No, HE'S AVAL!'
Larsax says, 'Sorry, I forgot, I'm Wenlin'

An immigrant grins playfully.
You exclaim, 'whoa!'
Timbo tells the group 'an immigrant appears in a swilring mist'
You say, 'its the immigrant I charmed'
You exclaim, 'bad charmie!'
Timbo says, 'Lets get him.'
An immigrant says, 'stop killing all the mobs in stonegate.'
You exclaim, 'attack!'
(15 seconds later immigrant dies from "causes unknown")

---And now---
---The dangers of practice dummy fighting---

A manx asks, 'Why would I want PRACTICE combat?'
A manx exclaims, 'I want REAL combat!!!'
A manx tries to flee.
A manx has fled.

Manx slips and falls, hitting his head on the floor!
a manx is DEAD!!
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Kuzman says, "That's not a Pepsi. Pepsis don't crawl out of the box and look at you."

Kuzman says "Show me to your snowy mountains way down south, schvat me to your daddy's farm; let me slooshy your balalaikas ringing out, come and keep your comrade warm."

Jovan sasy: And I left that poor man to die without pants.

Luc says "I think I'll blow up some more Japanese shipping. Back in a while."

Luc says "College and players have made me evil."

Kuzman says "I'm a sucker for raven tentacles."

Luc says "Wow, it can hold 40 feet of eel and Xotl's ass? That's a big chair."

Xotl says "Wow, that's a lot of splintering emato."

[wiz] Xotl: I must pour water on myself, and let the staunch, yet pleasant odors run down the drain.

[wiz] Xotl: you weren't there so we signed you up for most things, we thought it would make you happy that we were thinking of you.

Crimson tells you, "A Dinner draws near! Command?"

Crimson says "Yes Luc, I'm a bolshy #######."

Crimson tells you, "Remains_of_guardian?? What did you do to Xotl?!?"

Jovan exclaims "I am the Toidy Fairy!"

Luc says "Once when I was really smashed I decided to see how well a real deer would stand up to me in a fight. Unfortunately, or maybe not, I couldn't catch one."

Eazine says "I've seen the sketch. The KFC bucket helps."

Eazine says "I mostly remember attacking strawberries."

Jovan says "It will be recorded in the annals (gods, that word sounds bad, especially in conjunction with 'posterity&#39 of history."

Eazine says "Ew, cross-species lovin'."

Luc says "If the answer is "all of the above" you must be one #### of a roleplayer, or a nymphomaniac."
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[Vesper]: Nobody minds if I sound like an idiot for a moment, do they?
[Salja]: not at all, it's nothing out of the ordinary.

Pengolod says oocly, 'Im not carrying christmas on me'

[Salja]: what else should i do for the website
[Someone]: age verification for porn I upload

Daehron question 'Why did the chicken cross scarlet street?'
Jobe answers 'to get away from Daehron '
Wenlin tells you 'the chicken goes in MY quotefile!'
You tell Wenlin 'got it in mine, hehe'
Wenlin tells you 'I saw it first, my ping is 1ms less than yours'

[Vesper]: In this the big mall...there is a place called "The Pottery Barn"...across from it is a place called "The People's Pottery"
[Jahron]: ...
[Salja]: different things
[Salja]: pottery barn is like interior decorating stuff, it rocks, but its expensive as hell
[Vesper]: isn't that the same as "The People's Pottery"
[Salja]: no, the peoples pottery is probably a ceramics shop
[Vesper]: I like the idea behind the names pottery place is like this big, repressive monarchy pottery. The other is pottery for the people! Viva la resistance!

Dargus says, 'I think I'll answer the Ancient question first.'
Dargus says, 'Unlike other gods and immortals who powertrip and are bastards, the Ancients are being who are wise beyond their years and care for the simple mortals.'

Bertolis yells 'A gobbo is alwise strong, can fight all day long! Stupidheads get smash, killed with hard bash! *singsongy, dedicated to Salja*'

You say, 'But... I don't want a giant hamster..'

Larsax question 'Why did my hemitite recurse itself?'
You question 'Were you mean to it?'

Xaneros quotes 'Last time I saw a nose like that it had an elephant attached to it.'


Dargus tips Salja over and watches her roll over.

Dargus asks, 'Where's the mass destruction?'
Dave exclaims, 'Behind you!'
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Some more FR quotes:

You say "You have a giant hamster under your bum!"

An agent of the Rothen Brothers gossips 'Market Alert: Rumor has it, the Magic Broker, Henron, has had his assets siezed due to impending bankruptcy.'

Arth tells the group 'my balls itch and im horny but im not complainin '

Someone quotes 'man with itchy buttock go to sleep wake up with stink finger'

Terrace says 'I wear dirty ogre socks on my hands.'
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