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Aaezure Odyssey doesn't need players.

Aaezure Odyssey needs PLAYERS. Players that can read and comprehend the
written word. After all, a MUD is a text adventure game - you have to read
to play it well and in fact to play it at all. We're looking for players with
problem-solving skills, that can decipher hints from room descriptions and
sometimes even solve riddles. Players that peruse the help files when they
are stuck (because the staff will usually just direct them to the help file
anyway), and players that can follow a map. Over the years our players have
trickled off one by one into other games, other countries, jobs, marriage and
child-rearing and such, and there is just a handful of dedicated players left.
It's sad to see such an awesome Mud dwindle down over the years from having
50 players on a night to 5.

About the MUD: Aaezure Odyssey started on a Circlemud codebase 20 years
ago back in 1994, making it one of the oldest Circlemuds still around. We
have 15 races, 10 classes (4 remort classes), 50 mortal levels, menu-driven
remort system, eqsets, a Battleground for PK, short character creation,
stat-rolling and literally hundreds of neat little tidbits and features. The
world is large, challenging, and well-structured with few-to-none typos. Maps
of the hometowns and a world map for general direction in a nutshell are
available, and help files are abundant and kept accurate. The rent system
has been changed to a "tax" system that, instead of paying rent when players
-aren't- playing, they pay "taxes" only for when they ARE playing. You will
not have to go to an Inn to log out, you will only need to be anywhere in
your hometown city limits to save and quit.

About the Staff: There is always staff on 24/7 even if you can't see
them. Every God on our staff is a mature adult with real life things such
as job and family that regularly interrupt our mudding time. Everyone has
to get up and go to the bathroom, or wash the dishes, fix dinner, vacuum
the house, mop the floors and do various real life things. Nobody can sit
in their computer chair staring at their monitor every minute of the day,so
certain demands of that sort are rather unreasonable. But we DO stay logged
on. Ask your question even if we're away from the keyboard and someone will
answer it as soon as they get back.

Aaezure Odyssey can be found at: 1111

Come join us and let the rest speak for itself.
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