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Slight Misunderstanding

I'd like to clear up a misunderstanding with the player who accused us
of "forcing multiplay" on the MUD.

It's not that we enforce, require or demand multiplay. It's that Deathwish
was built to be a progressive MUD. Areas are built for low, low-mid, mid,
mid-high and high level players. It was not designed for solo play from
start to finish. Players cannot solo the higher level areas without
EITHER multiplaying a cleric of their own, or having a friend bring their
cleric. The best thing to do if you like just playing a tank, is to bring a
friend you can level with and have them level a cleric with you.

I apologize to that player. I was not saying that you have to multiplay
a cleric - I was trying to make you understand why Deathwish cannot be
soloed by a tank without a healer. You, being a lone warrior, were already
in the low-mid level zones and would not have been able to get much
farther without a healer and definitely not into the high level zones
alone to get the really good loot.

Again, if you're going to give Deathwish a try, bring a friend or two
to level with you. Make sure your tank has a healer and you'll both/all
have a lot more fun and get a lot further. We encourage teamwork.
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