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I'm Kris, Network Chairman of the ICE-MAN InterMUD Network. ICE-MAN was founded a little over a year ago with a single, underlying premise: Free Speech. ICE-MAN doesn't just impose a set of "unwritten" rules arbitrarily and inconcistently. We at ICE-MAN have followed the example set by our American founding fathers. ICE-MAN is the ONLY network that has its own lengthy Bill of Rights (, making certain that everyone can speak freely and openly, without fear of reprisal. It also puts stringent limits on the administration (people like myself), to make sure we don't abuse our powers as tends to happen in other public networks.

What is ICE-MAN?
ICE-MAN is a free, public network that utilizes the IMC2 protocol, allowing MUDs to chat and communicate with each other. This is how it works: You download and install the IMC2 client snippet (, which only takes a few minutes, then start your MUD and you're connected to the network. That's it! You can then use the public channels to chat with people, send private tells, etc. And since we're a member of Unified InterMUD Networks (the accepted community of all mainstream InterMUD networks), you can feel safe knowing that your MUD will never again have to be isolated from the community!

Does my MUD have to open another port to use IMC2?

Are there other networks?
Yes. If you're looking for a private network (one that's secured from outsiders and requires more a more extensive signup process), we'd recommend you try one of our UIN friends, MudWorld ( So why ICE-MAN? We're a public network that believes that MUD admins should decide what their players and staff can and cannot say, not us. As long as you're not spamming or constantly harassing someone, you never have to worry with us. That's America. That's ICE-MAN.

Why should I join ICE-MAN?
That's something I think only you can decide for yourself. Unlike what the competition claims, you do not have to fill-out a signup form to connect to ICE-MAN. We have a public hub that anyone can connect to at any time, without having to join or even contact us. You can connect your MUD to it, then see for yourself what it's like. Membership does have its benefits (extra channels, a vote, etc), so if you like what you see, you're encouraged to then sign-up for full membership, but even then you don't have to. ICE-MAN is non-profit and completely free, just like all the other networks out there. Unlike other public networks, ICE-MAN does have a "rulebook", but that rulebook applies to our network administrators, not you. What you have is a Bill of Rights (they don't have that, either), which is a good thing (read it and you'll see what I mean).

Spectacular! How do I join?
Again, you don't have to join if you don't want to. I'd suggest you first try-it-out and see if you like it. So here's what you do:

If you don't yet have an IMC2 client installed on your MUD, go to our website ( and click on the "Downloads" link. Once there, download the top one, "IMC2 R-02 Blitzkrieg". That's the most current IMC2 client available. Once you have that, edit your imc2.config file and enter the following info to connect to the public hub:

HubPort: 14050

If you use a client older than Blitzkrieg, you may also need this info as well:

Hubname: Pubhub
NetworkName: ICE-Public

If you decide you'd like to sign-up and become a permanent member of the ICE-MAN family, simply goto the website ( and click on the "Sign-Up" link. You then fill-out that form, and the membership info, including a new hub to connect to, will be emailed to the address you provide instantly!

If you have any questions and/or concerns, there's a full FAQ section on our website, as well as a public forum like this one (it uses Gammon's forum script even). You can also email me at

Thank you very much for your time! I hope to see you there! =)


Network Chairman, The ICE-MAN InterMUD Network - Share Your World.
Event Manager, The Festival of MUD
President, Supreme Panther MUD Hosting Service
Owner/Founder of AethiaMUD
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