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Once again he stood with the dregs of society. White eyes scanning them as he stood there flanked by two abyssal hounds. smoke rising from there massive jowls as they growled and strained at the ropes connecting their necks to his belt. It was quite a show as the masses started to pause and watched the dark skinned drow stand there in silence.

Keen ears picking the words of a half crazed prophet yell out shrilly in common. "The end is near!"

Half smirk rising at the scarred corner of the drow's lips as he lifted one hand with its fingers clutching a blood stained book. Eyes that should be sightless followed its ascent and then snapped down to the amassing crowd. A violent dog on a rotted leash got no more room than any other. The guttural growls from the hell hounds overcame the low murmur of the crowd. Striding into the midste of the cutthroats, killers, dregs and derelicts and positioning himself until they surrounded him, his voice rose up.

"Our friend here is right. But only half so." His voice starting out quietly as the unholy tome was lowered back to his side. His voice gained strength and purpose as he started to turn looking out over them all. "It is always the end of a time. Time waits for no one demon or mortal alike. You stand here lurking in the shadows. Some of you have heard my call before. Some have come." A brief nod to the few he had seen within the walls of the church beckoning them forward to stand close to him and the hounds. "I have offered you a place to be safe. I have offered the hospitality of my home to those who would further our cause to spread destruction across the face of Tharel. Still you resist. Still you stand back and cower. Within the Dark Lord's embrace you have no need to fear the Light." A slow breath to calm himself as he watched them move nervously. "Death heeds his call. The grave will not be for you at your end. All you need do is stand with me and with that you stand with the Great Lord of Destruction. Come with me if you can. Walk the path of power."

With that he turned and started back to the church. He could hear the footsteps following him under the sounds the abyssal hounds were making. Still there were many others did not move or walked in the other direction. A smirk crossed his lips as he shook his head and unleashed the hounds

Two abyssal hounds didn't seem like much but they were plenty. Swiftly they ran through the throngs of followers diving between them, moving steadily towards their goal. The unbelievers were ravaged and torn with the hounds' snapping teeth and searing breath. The stains on the cobbles were all that remained. Two well sated hounds returned to their master and flanked him once again as he smiled and let his voice lift,

"Those that do not stand with us are no better than insects. They deserve to be crushed under heel." Murmurs of agreement and nods to his voice were all that followed the Underlord all the way back to the church with his newest flock.
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