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Post Twisted-Kingdoms MUCK

The Mist surrounds us. It pervades us, flows through us,
and gives us life. It would surely be our God, if it hadn't
provided us with Gods of our own. And even the Gods
fear the will of the Mist.

Are we real? The Nostrites say that we dreamed the Mist,
and that—so given form—the Mist in turn dreamed us.
They say that—someday—the Mist will wake up, and then
it will devour us all, man, God, and beast. Some say that
it has already begun.

Of this alone can we be sure, that we are geist given flesh
and purpose. We live, and die, on the tides of the Mist. It
is our life, our home, and our fall.

Twisted Kingdoms
Dream it. Be it.

Twisted Kingdoms is a freeform roleplay muck founded in 2003 and still going strong. We focus on the ROLE play, with a minimal rolling system for magic and easy to figure out character sheets. We're large enough to offer you lots of unique playing situations and interesting people, and small enough that you won't feel lost in a crowd.

- No set races. You can be anything you want. Have you ever had a character idea that you could never find the right environment for? Twisted Kingdoms might be the perfect home! We have been home to hive mind moth swarms, combat cyborgs, werewolves, dragons, demons, angels, elves, humans, anime catgirls, and just about anything else you can imagine up. Even a sentient sword (he was a Bastard Sword, by the way).

- Gods you can pray to, and who might answer your prayers or punish you by giving you what you most desire. Magic you can call upon to do your bidding, or else it might turn on you and rip away a sliver of your soul, eventually consuming you.

- Lots of places to explore and a unique navigation system.

Visit us via your favorite client at: 8900

Or our home page at: Twisted Kingdoms -- Player's Guide

We even have a cool PDF flier!
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