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What do you look for in a ROM?

Greetings y'all,
I'm currently working on an old codebase of mine. I'm not going to sit here and blast you with information, or what it is I'm looking to do with the code yet, but I'd like to call upon you for some suggestions.

When you go on, or whatever site it is that you use for downloading codebases...what is it your looking for?

Everyone says they want to use a 'bare bones' code so they can just start working, but then I see people go download someone's MUD. You go and download a codebase that was driven towards a former administrator's ideas, not your own, but yet, you use the code. Spending countless hours changing simplistic things like the MUD name and colors to make it your own.

I'm sure someone is already planning on blasting this post, for the fact I'm ragging on some code already, however, this isn't meant to do that.

I want to know what your looking for when your downloading your code.

Obviously, you'll want it bug free, and to compile without major code modifications. Personally, I despise downloading a code, only to be inundated with every color my MUD client offers, all within 2 lines of each other. Less is more. I get tired of logging on a MUD and seeing 400 skills, 10 of which I use.

Is it an Arena your looking for? What about a more detailed clan system? Room and object programs?

BUT! I will say this now...

I do NOT intend on adding any 'skedit', 'raedit', 'gedit', etc... These are things I believe should be coded, and obviously...most of it still is. If you want to add classes, skills, spells, or races...just learn to do it. It isn't very hard.

'grep' command is awesome for you newbies.

But I digress..... Please, reply to this post, talk to me on AIM @ AndrewTolmasoff. Email me @ and let me know what it is Your looking for in a Rom Codebase. No matter how big or small, I'd like to know.

For those of you out there who are gonna say this is an attempt at getting free ideas, it's not. Believe what you will, this is just an attempt at seeing what the public is looking for.

I know what I'm looking for. And it isn't snippets from
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Old 10-04-2010, 12:36 AM   #2
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Re: What do you look for in a ROM?

The most important aspects of a potential codebase depend primarily on the skill and desires of the one who will be developing a MUD with it. When I first started learning to code I favoured a heavy feature set in a codebase. Without the skills to create what I wanted from scratch having features and snippets of something related to my ideas allowed me to tweak and adjust to slowly develop what I wanted.

Of course that was over a decade ago. Now that my skills have grown, I prefer a stable, bare-bones codebase that offers proper documentation, and all the necessary building tools that I might need/require down the road.

That being said, with whatever codebase I sink my teeth into, I always find I'm having to develop my own set of world balancing tools.

Tools such as:
  • Random Mob/Obj/Room generators for when writers block occurs
  • "Automated Pricing", which sets object cost based on stats
  • Obj/Mob organized lists detailing selected information
Hope some of this helps...
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Old 10-06-2010, 07:04 PM   #3
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Re: What do you look for in a ROM?

Thank you for your suggestions, they make perfect sense!

I'll keep that in mind! I hope anyone else out there with a suggestion will post on here as well. Seems like a quite open ended topic, but just let me know, like Vatiken did, what kind of things do you find yourself always putting into a codebase you plan on using.
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