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I've been mudding for about 7 years now and in that time have found one great mud and a bunch of average to mediocre ones. The last year I've spent a good majority of my time online searching the mudconnectors database in the hopes of finding something new and fun. Talk about frustration at its worse I see all these advertisements saying "come make us your new home, we are all original, nothing stock". Haha most of these muds are a joke and a waste of my time with problems ranging from all stock or mostly stock ares, typical hack and slash boredom, or power tripping immortals that make my stay unpleasant.

Well I logged on to Aeonian hoping for the best but expecting the worse and right away I was welcomed by the players and the immortal staff, my first thought was wow this mud must really suck for them to be kissing my ass in hopes that I will remain and play. That was not the case at all the guys are real top notch people, now starting out I was having a little difficulty the mobs are a little harsh on the younger players i.e. newbies but a higher level player took me under his wing and power leveled me to a level I would be able to cope with the mud world solo.

Now let me tell you about the mud itself, the spells and areas of practices are ground breaking, I've never seen anything of the sort on any other mud. Are you an exper? or perhaps your sick of the typical hack and slash muds and would prefer to take up a profession, be a blacksmith and create top of the line armor or be a tailor and create nice dodge wear for those nimbly mages and thiefs out there, be a mage or cleric and learn the mastery of enchating equipment or scripting scrolls and sell these to earn a living, you can buy a shop and place it anywhere in the mud to sell your merchandise, name your shop - the imms have entrusted the players with minor builders power and it is awesome.

Below I've taken excerpts from Aeonians website and included them,


Make your own spells: Aeonian Dreams is very distinct, in that it offers players the ability to research and name their own spells. We have no pre-designed spells you gain through practices. Instead, you get to spend time at the library researching arcane formulae that let you harness the magicks however you wish.
Trade skills

With these scissors?: Sick of hack?n'slash? Feet sore from exploring to world? Want to settle down and have a nice, warm, home-cooked meal every night? Well, pick up that needle and thread! Aeonian Dreams currently offers the ability to smith weapons and armors, and tailor clothes of various types. We plan to expand, and offer a very interactive mining, harvesting, farming, and construction systems ? among other things.
Get ready to... rock: Head to the mountains, where you can set up your own mine and start digging for ore. Smelt it down into raw metal, and you can handle the creation of items from starting, unrefined ore to finished product.

Player-run shops: Been dungeon-delving? Or perhaps you've just finished smithing a magnificent suit of full plate mail. Purchase a merchant's booth to display your wares and make a living.

Size matters: weapon damage and speed is a direct function of an item's size and weight. You should take into account your physical statistics when choosing your weapons. Dexterous characters will often fare best with light, nimble weapons whereas strong characters will bust skulls up well with heavy mauls and axes. A well-rounded character would probably do best with medium-weight weapons, such as maces, bastard swords, and battle axes.
Death from afar: Aeonian Dreams offers ranged combat for the aspiring huntsmen, assassins, and cowards who does not like getting hurt.
Take a stance: Combat styles will greatly alter your abilities in fighting. Being versed in one or more combat style definitely could not hurt.
Don't burden yourself: carrying lots of weight will burden you in combat, making you slower to attack and easier to hit. If you plan on doing some serious melee, pack lightly.

the magic of aeonian dreams

Magic in Aeonian Dreams is somewhat different from your classic MUDs, in that we do not define the spells at all. You, the players, research and create your own spells by drawing on knowledge you have gained through your masteries. The idea can be somewhat confusing, so we have outlined the basic concepts of magic on Aeonian Dreams for you.

What's special about or spell system?
Researching a spell
Your personal spellbook
How to cast a spell
Other ways to acquire spells
What you need to cast a spell


What's special about our spell system?
Right now, the depth of what a spell can do is somewhat limited - but no more limited than most MUDs. Spells can do damage, heal, boost your attributes, lower your foes' attributes, and affect people with special powers (e.g. haste, curse, invisibility, etc). However, this sidesteps the point. Why our spell system is special is that YOU get to create your OWN spells. Most MUDs - and fantasy games in general - have designers who make spells for the MUD, and leave no opportunity for players to use their own creativity; the spells are set, concrete, and unchanging. However, we recognize the importance and attraction of interaction and giving players the ability to blaze their own paths. Because we recognize this, we have designed a magic system where players can take basic concepts they know (reflected in their masteries) and research their own spells, with their own spell names! We feel that this provides an interesting dynamic that most games lack, and it gives players the opportunity to literally take part in developing the world! Once you research a spell, you can let whomever you wish copy it (whether it be through selling it, teaching it to a close compatriot, or helping an ill-equipped, new adventurer). If people find your spell useful, they will undoubtedly proliferate it throughout the world by teaching it to their friends, and so forth. This also creates the interesting potential for players to have mentor/student relationships with other players. This is excellent, because it creates a great role to play in a roleplay game that is essentially impossible with the static nature of most other games out there.


Researching a spell
The main method of obtaining new magical spells is by researching them, which takes place while your character is offline. However, there are other, less common methods of obtaining spells. But for now, lets focus specifically on research. You can only be researching one spell at a time. If you are currently reseraching a spell, you will be able to see your progress, and how much funds you have allocated to researching it by typing 'score'. here are the subfields you can use with the research command:

research cancel
- Cancels your current research project.
You are not reimbursed for spent funds.
research funds <amount>
- Allocates <amount> to your research.
You can stop funding your research by setting amount to 0.

research <target> '<name>': *<power>
- Start researching a spell with the defined info
<target>: self, person, party, or area.
The less amount of targets a spell has, the easier it is to cast.
<name>: the name you wish to give your spell
<power>: the abilities that the spell has

Since spell powers are fundamental to the spells, we will also cover the proper syntax for formatting powers you wish to give your spells:
Damage powers: *damage <type> <dice_num>d<dice_size> <optional affect>
<type>: The type of damage for the power (e.g. fire, cold, lightning, negative)
<dice_num>: The number of dice contributing to the damage roll
<dice_size>: The number of sides each die has
<optional affect>: A bonus affect that will manifest (e.g. curse, blind, slow)
Affect powers: *affect <type> by <amount> for <duration> <optional affect>
<type>: The type of affect (e.g. armor, str, dex, con, hp, none)
<amount>: The modifier applied to the affect (e.g. -20, 4, 0)
<duration>: The length of time the spell will last (a duration of -1 is a permenant spell, and is very hard to cast)
<optional affect>: A bonus affect that will manifest (e.g. invisibility, blind)

Here are some examples of plausible research commands:
research cancel
- Cancel your current research project
research funds 0
- Stop funding your research (all progress will be halted until you add more funds)
research funds 10000
- Set your research funds to 10,000 gold (this is deducted from your normal gold)
research area 'fireball': *damage fire 10d10
- An area spell called fireball that does 10d10 fire damage
research person 'magic missile': *damage energy 2d8
- A single-target spell called magic missile that does 2d8 energy damage
research person 'protection': *affect armor by -20 for 10
- A single-target spell that gives its recipient at -20 bonus to armor for 10 ticks
research self 'improved protection': *affect armor by -50 for 10 displace
- A variant of protection only affecting you. Gives a -50 bonus to armor, also setting displace
research person 'evil eye': *damage negative 5d8 curse
- A single-target damage spell that does 5d8 negative damage and sets a curse
research party 'healing wind': *refresh life 20d10
- A spell that will heal all of your party members by 20d10 points
research person 'weak invisibility': *affect none by 0 for 5 invisibility
- A spell that will make you invisible, and nothing else

For a chart of what powers can and cannot be combined when researching spells, please download this excel file.
It should be noted that some affects do not mix with certain damage/affect type. For instance, you cannot have a lightning-based damage spell with the blind power. Likewise, you cannot have a strength-based affect spell with the haste power. As a general rule of thumb, you can only combine a power with a damage/affect type if the power is derived from the same mastery. If you are trying to research a spell you think should be plausible but the game won't let you make (for instance, the game does not think that the power/damage combination makes sense), contact an immortal. If you can adequately support your belief that you should be able to research the spell, leniency will be given in favour of your creativity.


Your personal spellbook
You can view your spellbook by typing spellbook. It will list the name of all spells you know, their powers, how much mana they cost to cast, and your chance to cast the spell. Spellbooks have a rather large capacity. Each spell takes up 1 page, and your spellbook has 100 pages in it. If, however, you begin running out of room in your spellbook - or you simply want to get rid of an old spell - you can do so with the spellbook erase '<name>' command. So, for instance, say you no longer use your spell, magic missile, and wish to get rid of it to make more room in your book. You would type spellbook erase 'magic missile' to do it.


How to cast a spell
Casting spells is done in the same format as most MUDs, which use the format cast '<name>' <target>. Targets are optional, and non-harmful spells will default to you unless you specify a target. Area and party spells ingore your target specifications.


Other ways to acquire spells
If you do not have the money, time, or interest to research your own spells, don't fret. There are a few other ways to gain knowledge of magic. The first is to copy scrolls that have spells on them. To do this, simply acquire a scroll and type copy <scrollname>. If you comprehend the magic behind the scroll (i.e. if your masteries are high enough) you will copy the spell into your spellbook. Another way to gain spells is from other players. If you have a mentor or a good friend, they may be willing to teach you spells. If you want to teach people spells, you simply type teach '<spellname>'<person>. The person needs to be in the same room as you, and they most have a basic understanding of the magic behind the spell. But, if they do, you can always teach someone one of your spells.


What you need to cast a spell

All spells require that you have a certain amount of magical power, called mana, to be able to cast them. Mana is the raw material of magic, which you shape into the forces that are your spells. The more difficult a spell is, the more mana it requires. To cast a spell, you must also have knowledge of the basic concepts behind the spell's powers (i.e. a knowledge of fire damage, or enhancing strength, or causing invisibility). If you do not, you are doomed to fail. But aside from sufficient mana and a competent amount of knowledge, there are no requirements for casting spells.

In conclusion I must say this is the best mud I have had the pleasure to play on, the only down side is their lack of numbers but their who list seems to be growing on a daily basis. All I can say is give this mud a try I guarantee you wont regret it. 4000
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