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Aabsolom Chronicles is a mud I have been playing for almost three years now.  In some ways, it defines 'MUD' for me, as I compare other places I visit to it.  Let me tell you about it.

In Aabsolom, my name is Ged, and I've been around a while.  In my time in this land, I've made so many friends, IC and OOC, and developed from neophyte roleplayer to the sage, wise Incarnation of Light I am now  Aabsolom is a ROM mud that balances both PK and roleplay; we see both as essential elements, complimenting each other.  There are 200 mortal levels, with over 75 areas, and a horde of unique classes, races, skills, and spells.  Though we have several very active (and often, militant) clans, roleplay doesn't center around them all of the time.  Some choose to follow Gods or Ideals, some live their own lives, independant of both Powers and Organizations.

The attribute I like best about Aabsolom is, perhaps, it's size.  Some players are drawn to muds with hundreds of active players... I am drawn away from such places.  I'm not the best playerkiller, or leveler, and I like a place where I can get noticed without having to be one or the other.  Every newbie on here has a chance to grow into the Next Big Thing.  Every player can be involved in ongoing roleplay, regardless of friendships, experience, or level.  At the same time, Aabsolom is never empty.  You won't get on and find yourself unable to roleplay, or the automatic Next Big Thing, by lack of competition.  There is a dedicated, 'Aabsolom or Die' group of players that has played this thing out for a long time now, and that group is growing each day.  I encourage anyone who's looking for a stable, interesting realm full of magic and opportunity, to come by and live in Aabsolom.  Add your chapter to our long History.

Aabsolom Chronicles: port 1538

Remember, on there, I'm Ged  If you see me, send me a tell, let me know you read this.
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