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Post The Evolution of Esos

From Alaire to all of you kind readers:

I have no idea what to write here… honesty is the best policy, I guess? I really hate to advertise, it feels too much like begging!

We’re looking for players. We have several long-term players, but are looking for some new blood. It seems like things are too comfortable, people are too familiar, and the truly unexpected seems to be a thing of the past!
We’re not a new mud. EoE was recently renamed from our former, Southlands (which opened in 1999), and from Fourlands (which opened in 1995). We have a lot of really great players, people who enjoy playing together and we’re lucky to have them. They stay true to their characters and are very consistent. But we do need some fresh talent, some different approaches, some new ideas and concepts! It’s not enough for us to be “comfortable”. The element of surprise is important to gaming!

The current website isn’t quite good enough for me. I’m looking to redesign it again, but it does have a lot of good information on it. It gives a good world overview, a hint at political dynamics, and necessary cultural nuances to help your character flourish.

We want our players to have fun! Every character should be looking to create their own tale, their own story within the world of Esos. My job is to see that you have the necessary tools to do this. While there are world-reaching stories and plots, the focus should always be on the individual character’s story.

Sure, as an admin, there are things that I can do to shake things up. But what I am really hoping to get are some good role-players who manage to shake things up just by being a part of the game.

We don’t have a lot of players. I would say that’s our biggest downfall, and I’m partly to blame because, as I said, I hate advertising! I’ve had our banner up before, but it didn’t seem worth the money (may have to revisit that sometime in the future). So, here I am, asking you to bring your role-playing talents to our MUD. We would love to see what you can bring to the table, and what we haven’t thought of!

EoE is a role-play enforced MUD based on DIKU, though it's been torn apart, plugged with some Rom, Envy and Merc, then torn apart again to the point where there is maybe 10% of the code left that is not unique EoE code. We’ve always got a huge “to-do” list that is being worked on, expanded, worked on some more… to the point that it feels never-ending, but I think that’s pretty much par for the course.

We have many gaming features that appeal to different types of MUDders. We have an expansive world in which to explore, including mountains, forests, jungles, raging rivers, lakes and caves. The political aspect of the game appeals to those who prefer plotting and scheming against your peers. The world allows for brutal player vs. player combat, so long as the situation is role-played out and justified by your character's goals, thoughts and actions. There's an extensive crafting system in place for those who prefer to play the hard working individual who gets by through their own efforts, with the ability, which can be earned, to restring your own objects that you create. And lastly there is the role-play between players. Esos is a game that is adult oriented in nature, meaning that the violence, as well as romance, can be too much for those who aren't mature enough to handle it. Speaking of which, you must be eighteen to create a character!

Come on by, have fun! Most of all, get lost, immerse yourself! The latter is really all we ask.
Evolution of Esos

-Lisa (Alaire)
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