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*** chats: you cant buy love:/

*** openly traffics: looking for seth, old clan, offering much love!

I guess you can, after all!
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The Vorpal Tribble
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[chat] Ventrasei is surrounded by textile goddesses.

[chat] Caoineag: Wait, murder or tea? I'm confused.

[chat] Ratzo: What flavor is that? it's bloody seabird flavor!

[chat] Xyrec: no one thought it, no one thunk it, no one knew, about the great cow guru......cows are one.

[chat] Namir hits her chest with her fist. "Me big an' got big foots! Me stomp!"

[chat] Eagleon: A large, smokey yellow bead, rather.

[chat] Luc: I wouldn't dignify it with the name "conversation", myself.

[chat] Jpwolfman feels stupified.

[chat] Sirius: Some, like crimson, while knowledgable, couldn't code a paper
bag if they tried.
[chat] Crimson clears her throat.
[chat] Crimson: I can indeed code a paper bag. I can even code my way out of
the wet paper bag that Luc doesn't have anymore.

[chat] Pyromastaforeva: if there's not dragons in DM.
[chat] Pyromastaforeva: why was he a dragon.
[chat] Vorpaltribble: i didn't know...
[chat] Vorpaltribble: why is crimson an undead were-googolpede wearing christmas lights?
[chat] Vorpaltribble: don't ask me...
[chat] Pyromastaforeva: LOL.
[chat] Crimson: I'm not undead!
[chat] Crimson: At least I don't think I am...
[chat] Pyromastaforeva: Crimson, it's not xmas yet =P.
[chat] Vorpaltribble: your dead.
[chat] Vorpaltribble: said so in description.
[chat] Crimson: Am I?
[chat] Vorpaltribble nods.
[chat] Crimson checks.
[chat] Vorpaltribble: were couple weeks ago anyways.
[chat] Pyromastaforeva: haha.
[chat] Crimson: Oh, I am. Whoops.
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That confused me beyond belief. Was that really suppose to be posted under humor?
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The Vorpal Tribble
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[chat] Pyromastaforeva: the bunnies are on a pk rampage now.

[chat] Loseph eats his fetish.

[chat] Ventrasei: sadistic much Luc?
[chat] Luc: Just a little.

[chat] Xyrec: no no, don't jog, don't run even, sprint as fast as your stumpy
little legs will carry you.
[chat] Andacar: if they're stumpy already it's too late.

[chat] Loseph: you mean you want us all to be nice to each other ?

[chat] Xotl: I believe syntax: place fig leaf on nipples works as well.

[chat] Sirius personally assaults Luc.

[chat] Xotl: you are all obviously smoking some very strong drus.
[chat] Xotl: err... drugs.

[chat] Tempus gets a big grey beard and yells "FLAME OF URDU, DARK SPORKS WILL

[chat] Ascension: Remember folks, the fact that this is just a game doesn't
mean you have to be an idiot.

[chat] Corannie: Yeah. Redox equations in chemistry were like that, too. That was just partially because there are weirdass rules in chemistry that make sense to 200 year old guys with handlebar mustaches.

[newbie] Yokunama: some have buckets you can play with, some don't.

[chat] Eagleon: Roll on floor laughing your monkey ankle yogurt off?

[chat] Xotl: no, on a beach in hawaii drinking daquiries and getting sun tan lotion rubbed on me by a gorgeous blond local girl.
[chat] Xotl: yes, yes, your head admin is pretty cool.

[chat] Slade wouldnt want to be alice's liver.
[chat] Alice: my livers having a rest atm...working on the lungs

[chat] Eagleon: It also keeps the MUD alive, IMO. You have to know that there are real people around in this big world.
[chat] Pyromastaforeva: real? people? world?!

[chat] Sael yells "Fresh Meat!" through chat...

[chat] Slade: never trust a tomatoe with hair.
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Too bad there's no more Dionaes are Melopenes around here anymore.

[MUSIC] Kenthar: Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers
Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers MUSHROOM MUSHROOM
[MUSIC] Tabris: Oh, damnit, nooooo!
[MUSIC] Tabris: Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake

[OOC] Spelguru: Alright, if none of the bounties has been collected within 10 mins, I'll remove the bounties I
[OOC] Spelguru: so hurry up and kill those bountees
[OOC] Kenthar: oh boy, I can get atom bomber upgrades
[OOC] Adirath: lol
[OOC] Spelguru: your right, I'll just junk em
%%% Disconnected from server.
[OOC] Spelguru: WASNT ME!
[OOC] Sadriel: *peer*
[OOC] Blaze: now that would be a funny screen shot
[OOC] Kenthar: Spelguru! junking the atom bomber upgrades crashes the mud!

(You OOC): now I get my old title
(You OOC): and then, I shall RULE THE WORLD!
(Kiyoshi OOC): sorry you can't rule the world
(Kiyoshi OOC): I'm third in line for that already
(Rouen OOC): im second
(Rouen OOC): Commie is first
(Comrade OOC): the red army shall reign supreme

The Great Lion ROARS: Lancet has been brutally slain by the corpse of Lancet!
(You OOC): yeowza!
(Rail OOC): crazy!
(You OOC): that goes in the quotefile!
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<span style='color:green'>OOC</span> Valerie says, "I can recite lyrics to dozens upon dozens of songs, but I can't remember things like MUSH commands or where I left my car keys. Maybe we should set the commands to music. "
<span style='color:green'>OOC</span> Rytorth grins, "~o/The MUSH is alive/To the sound of music../o~"

Seblinib's ears are moving all around, trying to detect anything out of the ordinary while he keeps hacking away at the brush.
Talbott doesn't opt to use his eyes, instead sweeping the flashlight left and right to illuminate the scanner display. He takes an occasional glance at his feet. "I don't suppose they gave you any details on the vessel."
Kairin rolls her eyes, "How much detail do you need? You look for the big crashed thing in the crater."

One of the reasons why you /shouldn't/ RP into the wee hours of the morning..
<span style='color:green'>OOC</span> Xen says, "Go newt!"
<span style='color:green'>OOC</span> Xen says, "Hit that minty highway!"
<span style='color:green'>OOC</span> Sofijna peeers at Xen, "Someone needs sleep. And it's not just me."

Why Ungstiri are so healthy..
<Public> Scary Space Lizard Giirvoth notes that a moderate alcohol intake has been proven to reduce the rate of heart disease.
Smislav drops himself onto a stool and waves towards the bartender. "Vodka!" he calls.

<Public> No need for Daelan says, "Darn, I'm out of ones. Can you break a twenty?"
<Public> Coruthtuth can break many things.
<Public> The Original Pasty Cult! Brody laughs

Coruthtuth still stands in the entrance, glowering at Volarn. She grunts, "Stupid glowie no glow softskin live short time." She gestures, just in case he doesn't understand, making a small space between two of her claws, "Short. Stupid glowie no glow softskin not cross Boss. Stupid glowie no glow softskin cross others. Not now. Later." Such a pity she doesn't speak Standard all that'd be so much easier to get across what she's trying to say.
Volarn blinks, apparently at a loss for the meaning of this. "Excuse me, but would you mind if I simply scanned you for the meaning of that?"
Coruthtuth growls softly, "Stupid glowie no glow softskin /no/ mudbrain Coru. Stupid glowie softskin mudbrain Coru, Coru bash stupid glowie no glow softskin. Coru bestererer bashererer." Yeesh..she needs a translator.
Volarn sighs, softly, and then states, "Fortunately, Ma'am, I have no desire to 'mudbrain' you. And if I did, I assure you, you would not bash me. Or anyone else, for that matter."
Coruthtuth continues to glower at Volarn, "Stupid glowie no glow softskin mudbrain Coru, Coru bash stupid glowie no glow softskin." It's not a threat - it's a statement of fact. She doesn't notice Malxa yet, attention on the Vollistan.
Volarn sighs, shaking his head. "No. You wouldn't." He also seems to be stating fact more then threatening.
Coruthtuth growls, "Yes. Coru bash. Coru besterer basherer. Stupid glowie no glow softskin no mudbrain Coru." She bares her rather nasty looking fangs at the Vollistan, trying to get the rather simple point across.
<span style='color:red'>You paged Volarn with 'And the point is: You try any of your psionic tricks on me and I'll kill you '.</span>
<span style='color:yellow'>From afar, Volarn <vl> likes his point better: If I try any of my psionic tricks on you, you won't do much more then drool and eat ground up carrots. =)</span>

Edited to add:
Oh, and I /still/ think my MU* is weirder than yours.
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The new players name has been changed to newbie. This is an abridged edition.

The Great Lion ROARS: Newbie has entered!
(You OOC Congradulations! You are our 1 Millionth Player!
(Newbie OOC Really?
(You OOC Not really, but we can pretend.
(You OOC You can either have this plum I am holding or.. Comrade!
(Comrade OOC Huh?
(Newbie OOC What's a Comrade?
(You OOC Well, that's Comrade. He smells a bit but he's worth a laugh sometimes.
<Gocial> Comrade peers at you intently.
*5 minutes later with no response.
(You OOC Hello? Aren't you going to choose one?
*No response.
(You OOC FINE! Would you rather me just be an evil imm that slays anyone that gets in his way?!
The Great Lion ROARS: Kiyoshi has been brutally slain by Ado!
(Kiyoshi OOC Not again!
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Some of my favorites... There's a whole pile here.

Lasher: Someone wrote me a personal note that there are lots of places where the mud uses caps that could be changed to lower case to save bandwidth.'

[Newbie] (1) Palanvin: how do i have fun?

Torasin (Marasgal) tells the CLAN: 'Once I was really ****ed off and threw a chair at my computer. I went from really ****ed off to worried that I'd hurt my best friend.'

[ WARNING: Aardwolf will reboot in 5 minutes to do nothing of any use at all, this is a reboot just to annoy you. ]
[ WARNING: Aardwolf will reboot in 4 minutes and then will come back up and crash a couple of times ]
[ WARNING: Aardwolf will reboot in 3 minutes and all the changes will suck. ]
[ WARNING: Aardwolf will reboot in 2 minutes. You can now reset your quest time, but your quest will suck after reboot because you'll need keys that someone already stole for a gquest that MIGHT happen in 3 days time ]
[ WARNING: Aardwolf will reboot in 1 minute. After reboot auction will be unusable for 5 hours because I'll forget, yet again, to re-enable it ]
Btw, please quit.

[Newbie] (1) Balagor: all this humming equipment. Can't someone teach them the words
[Newbie] (Helper) DragonLyte: would u really want your pants to be able to talk
[Newbie] [Q] (Helper) IceDragon: I can think of lots of nasty things they might say :p
[Newbie] (1) Thantaris: "Stop poking me with that thing!"
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(Friend) Kit's Meow Wolfe: 'High tower of sorcery needs an express elevator '

DreamWeaver (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'Stupid cat wanted outside in -30 weather and is now rattling the door knob to get back in'
DreamWeaver (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'Ha! Not during double experience kitty'

(Friend) Nonpareil Yoshi: 'Mwahaha. My foot has the unbelievable power to alter the altitude of my chair.'

(Friend) IronKzinti Chuft: 'but I am allergic to gettin nuked'

(Friend) Charybdis: '*sigh* I'm too aardwolfianised

Arlinn Nobletalks: 'I should sell keyboards. Apparently they break every hour '

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The Vorpal Tribble
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[chat] Brainiac: maybe herds of spamalopes.

[chat] Absent: arghhh! soilent jello is made from people!

[chat] Pyromastaforeva: ... bears don't jump around wielding pocket knives do they?

[chat] Xotl: err, tell him this:  May the bird of paradise fly up his nose, may
the winds of change be always blowing out his back, and may The glowy things of
the world flash on and off as he passes by them.

[chat] Tempus: dont take the wicked dagger name in vein!

[chat] Xotl: Do I have to sacrifice a first born or anything like that?

[chat] Absent: they still have the 'I'll be mohnkee's uncle' in sayings.

[chat] Xyrec: it's magikarp, and magikarp doesn't have the watergun attack.
[chat] Xyrec: omg.....i can't believe I just said that.

[chat] Eagleon: "The smurf amplifier registry records and submits smurf waves
to the general public for review. The smurf waves that are chosen are then
amplified greatly, and sent to the pentagon for final distribution. These huge
smurfs are traded for natural resources extracted from developing countries."

[chat] Tempus: its like.. "OH NO hes pulled the pikachu card, I need to use the magic potato to save my grandads soul!!"

[chat] Jera: Glenn has a msg for you, Xotl. You want it?
[chat] Xotl: is it full of profanity?
[chat] Jera: Uhm. Part of it is, but it's sort of a compliment.

[chat] Malcom: Yup, my wife is pregnant. I hope its a mysrra!

[chat] Tempus: and how old is this girl that beat you up then luc?
[chat] Luc: Oh, twenty or so, judging by general appearance.  I've never asked.
[chat] Tempus: that wouldnt make her a girl.. tsk.
[chat] Vorpaltribble: Crap, I'm 20 to. When do i get to be a woman?
[chat] Zinnia: LOL!
[chat] Tempus: when you meet a nice young man and settle down?

[chat] Tempus chuckles at the name bramen.
[chat] Luc: If you make a joke about brassiere men, I'll bloody well kill you.
[chat] Tempus: nothing luc, I said nothing, just that I offer all bra men my
support... if they dont get enough that is.
[chat] Luc: Grr.

[chat] Ratzo: Actually Alice, I find pain amusing because I don't feel it as much as you would, or most anyone else.
[chat] Ratzo: Very high tolerance, and a slight condition of having less than normal amount of pain receptors in my skin and body.
[chat] Ratzo: I don't like pain. I just don't mind it, nor cringe from it.
[chat] Tempus: Ratzo, do you find your passed over by girls with the excuse "sorry, your just not sensitive enough"?

[chat] Ccomplex yells woo-hoo mongrels and waves a flag around.

[chat] Namir will go ask the Bouncing Lantern about it.

[chat] Luc: Must be the latter.  Probably a mutation of Dread Enter-Key

[newbie] Mickey: ok.
[newbie] Mickey: thanks, i fingered it out.

[chat] Kuzman: Is headless chatter better or worse than mindless chatter?

[chat] Perinn: When a mommy mud and a daddy mud fall in love with each other...they tend to do certain...programming. With their programming comes out a brand new baby mud in which other mudders can code and build into, making the baby mud into a neuter adult mud...

[chat] Luc: Vegetarian zombie:  "Graaaains..."

[chat] Vantina: holy lag batman.

[chat] Zinnia wonders how in the world people determine how to determine their
foot personality.

[chat] Namir: None of the creators like to be poked, prodded, snuggled, hugged, clutched, clinged, or otherwise touched by me.

[chat] Eagleon opens his mass back into his original form.
[chat] Vorpaltribble: that sounded... odd, Eagleon.

[chat] Spublofe: "Underneath his lust for vengance, he's a pussycat."

[chat] Alice: getting drunk and playing al is a bit like just set your fingers to press enter while your mind goes off to play with the tree faeries.

[chat] Vantina: The 2 most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.

[chat] Loseph: something just blew up in the neighborhood...that can't be good.

[chat] Xotl: aren't you a brain in a jar?
[chat] Xotl increases the formaldehyde content of the jar.

[chat] Loseph: I want to see a movie about vampires, not some immortal humans
that have fangs.

[chat] Eagleon: A sell-sword was singing of sailors one day, and he with delight happened to say, "I, Galophinsky Dry Bagle the Third, know nothing of sailors, but all about <drink rhyme here>"

[chat] Crimson: Then we'd have to kill them to death and murder them fatally.

[chat] Luc: Excrement also used for tanning leather for a long time; you
players have it easy.

[chat] Brainiac: actually just sitting on an aluminum cookie sheet.

[chat] Kaiva doesn't see how being called a dog when you aren't is different
from being called a female when you aren't, really.

[chat] Loseph: I probably would taste pretty good right now.

[chat] Zinnia: Stop trying to get me to argue about arguing!

[chat] Luc: Feeding your inner Wookie?  Making your own contribution to the
world's oxygen supply?

[chat] Schizo: I don't think anyone has figured out my gender yet..

And finally, mischan of the year
[chat] Luc: Wood ashes, that is.
> [chat] Deedee: so the residue left is lye, right?
[chat] Luc: Yeah. The fat (tallow, etc) is nothing more than an agent to dilute the lye and hold it together.
[chat] Xyrec: gently kisses ~Ikia on the shoulder, then moves up to the neck.
[chat] Xyrec: crap.
[chat] Zinnia: ROFL.
[chat] Luc: Interesting mischan, there.
[chat] Xyrec: god almighty.
[chat] Ratzo: good one.
[chat] Zinnia awards mischan of the year.
[chat] Deedee: helpsay Xyrec mudsex.
[chat] Xyrec marches off to kill himself.
[chat] Alice: just make sure you control yourself and don't do a mischan in about 10 minutes...
> [chat] Zinnia rolls on the floor laughing.
[chat] Deedee: lol.
[chat] Deedee: and we think Ratzo is bad? ROFL.
[chat] Deedee: did someone log that one for the archives?
[chat] Crimson raises her hand.
[chat] Xyrec: for any creators who may be watching in just to see what I'm up too, there will be no show, sorry.
[chat] Alice raises her hand too.
> [chat] Zinnia: Laugh.
[chat] Zinnia raises her hand too.
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[*OOC*] Noximist says 'There, 'help guild shaman' is in - whew, I'm too wordy for my own good.'

--> Noximist has requested a non-existant help: formbond

--> Noximist has requested a non-existant help: bond

help james bond
--> Koryon has requested a non-existant help: james bond

Sorry, but the scribes have no information on that topic at this time.
However, let's take a look and see if it exists in a helpfile of a different name:

The following helpfiles contain the word 'james bond':

Sorry, but that word was found nowhere.

(ImmChat) Noximist glares at you.
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The Vorpal Tribble
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[chat] Tempus: "I hear their voices all the time.. Lying.. LYING!.. the wicked lies... my porriage all salty"

[chat] Tanukisoba: I saw this cute Japanese girl today, and I heard her name was
Asuka from my friend.  So I started talking to her in Japanese.  She stood there
and smiled for a while.  Then she said in plain English "I do not speak
[chat] Absent: omg!! I've had that happen to me.
[chat] Tanukisoba: So that was a crappy moment.

[chat] Luc: Restraining orders are just another way of saying "I love you".

[chat] Tempus: exucse me a moment, I need to intoxicate myself.

[chat] Pyromastaforeva: why would you feel goblins...

[chat] Namir: I woke up this morning and rolled over, and went to reach up and get my glasses.  And I realized I wasn't reaching up.  And then I realized "Hey, where did my arm go?" because I couldn't feel it.  So I pulled the cover back with my other arm and picked up the dead one, and it just kinda....flopped.  Like a peice of rubber.
[chat] Namir: It was amusing at first until the blood flow returned. Then it was rather agonizing...

[chat] Crimson: If you start playing Christmas music now, you'll be ready to
throttle people when Christmas actually comes.

[chat] Eagleon: Aliens took my hamburger.

[chat] Tempus: Wait.. wait you live in the hills.. You dont happen to dress pigs
in checked gingham dresses do you?

[chat] Pyromastaforeva: eeeeeeekkk!! nooooooo!!! HACK SLASH HACK SLASH! *runs
around like a headless chick0n*

[chat] Luc: The horse was dead years ago and has already had a proper burial.
You're flogging its cairn.

[chat] Sirius: It's a requirement to be a creator.
[chat] Sirius: Depression and Insanity.
[chat] Crimson: Don't forget misanthropy.

[chat] Ccomplex: she's the one who's always trying to mate with the BF.

[chat] Tempus: You wanna fight? "Thems fighting words"

[chat] Ccomplex is skiving off a Sociology project.
[chat] Kator doesn't know what skiving is.
[chat] Ccomplex has no mental resources to cope with staying up til all hours.
[chat] Luc: 1 a : words or language having no meaning or conveying no
intelligible ideas b (1) : language, conduct, or an idea that is absurd or
contrary to good sense (2) : an instance of absurd action.
[chat] Ccomplex thought it meant blowing something off.
[chat] Luc: Wasn't talking about "skiving".
[chat] Ccomplex: I see.
[chat] Luc: Hmm. only lists one meaning for "skive", and it's something
along the lines of "to cut off thin strips or slices".
[chat] Ccomplex blinks.
[chat] Ccomplex thinks that skive is slang.
[chat] Luc: Probably.
[chat] Tempus: skiving must be slang then, it means.. slacking.
[chat] Ccomplex: yeah.
[chat] Ccomplex: that's what I've been using it for.
[chat] Tempus: loafing, or being absent from work.
[chat] Luc: Malingering, perhaps?
[chat] Ccomplex: quite.
[chat] Tempus: yeah.
[chat] Tempus: I was gonna say its a good synonim, but I wasnt sure if its spelt
[chat] Tempus: I must be losing my perspecasity.

[chat] Sirius: I am male this month.
[chat] Kator: oohh, sirius.
[chat] Yokunama look and Sirius and says, "Your going to do the he/she next
[chat] Vorpaltribble: Your an It on your days off, right?
[chat] Sirius: for november I will be male, then december I am going to be
female, and january I will be an it.
[chat] Namir: Sirius, how do you decide?
[chat] Vorpaltribble: probably has one of those little boards that you spin the
[chat] Jpwolfman: er.. sirius, I know you don't know me an all.. but eh... will
you go out with me for December?
[chat] Pyromastaforeva: rofl.
[chat] Vorpaltribble: thats just nasty.
[chat] Sirius: I don't date players, their bodies are too... mortal.

[chat] Xotl sets off a chatline tactical nuke to wake everyone up with a
[chat] Tempus: Chatline?
[chat] Xotl: yeah, like the gay chatlines you frequent, except of mixed sexual
preference and here on AL.
[chat] Xotl hits the drums a bunch of times, then that big round metally loud
[chat] Tempus: chatlines I frequent? Oh you mean frequently use on yo MOMMA!
[chat] Tempus: and you know what else.. they work.
[chat] Tempus: Ree ree .r.reeeeversal!
[chat] Xotl: oh, so YOU'RE the one who's been a complete dissapointment after
all that talk and hype.
[chat] Tempus: yeah well I thought she was a woman.. I just figured she had a
rough chin.
[chat] Xotl: oh ####, looks like they tricked you into being with their neighbor
[chat] Tempus: the slack jawed yokal?
[chat] Tempus: that explains the pig in a gingham dress on the porch.
[chat] Tempus: anyway whos they?
[chat] Xotl: the group of friends that pretend to be my MOMMA.
[chat] Tempus: your mommas THAT big?
[chat] Tempus: Anyway they aint pretending Xotl, your momma ate them.
[chat] Xotl: just the tasty part.

[chat] Luc: Smites the infidels?  Parts the waters?  Ends arguments very
[chat] Brainiac: I like Luc's ideas better anyway, smiting is always good.
[chat] Brainiac: smote is good too but i think smitten is a little cissyfied.

[chat] Loseph tips toes around and trys not to emote anything that might
interrupt a botter.

[chat] Stolichnaya: ...ok, is it normal if your friends tell you that the mental
image of you throwing exploding firework Skittles is perfectly logical?

[chat] Luc: I'm going to eat you for Thanksgiving.

[chat] Macgyver begins to weave a snowblower.

[chat] Xyrec: i'm using mushclient.
[chat] Namir is using java telnet.
[chat] Crimson: Mudmaster.
[chat] Alice is using various drugs.

[chat] Deedee: is harmless flirting considered adult themed behavior?

[chat] Luc: I'm being sarcastic.  Snooty is entirely different

VorpalTribble: how goes it?
Zarlawick: the usual
Zarlawick: study till I go into a coma, then study some more when I wake up
Zarlawick: and who says AL isn't realistic?
VorpalTribble: not me

[chat] Loseph loves the pitchfork mobs.....People standing up, taking the law
into their own hands, blindly causing wanton death and destruction, consumed
with the passion that they were right and everything they didn't understand must

[chat] Luc: I merit capitalization now?
[chat] Vorpaltribble: err, just take it as a sign of respect.

[chat] Macgyver: we're tiny, we're tooney, were all a little looney....

[chat] Ratzo: Is it a bad thing when your armpits smell like coffee grounds?

[chat] Brainiac: how do you perform a miracle here, is it "craft miracle" or
would it be just " make miracle"
[chat] Luc: "whittle wooden miracle".
[chat] Brainiac: thanks Luc I'll try that.
[chat] Cordestar snickers and asks: And what exactly does this wooden miracle
do, or is that to IC?

[chat] Luc: It's probably a bit too wordy to be effective.  Insults over three
words long generally only work well in Shakespeare.

[chat] Macgyver: you know if i ever have to shovel snow on AL I'm going to find
a tropical mud

[chat] Luc: "Oh, the tragedy and the anguish. You just gotta Rage Against the
Appliance, man. The toast is burning and you just gotta rip it out and free it
before it fills the house with smoke. Rage Against the Toaster."
[chat] Vorpaltribble: say whaaaat?
[chat] Macgyver: I believe luc is implying while he is chained to a chair and
forced to watch chat please leave him some sanity to code with
[chat] Macgyver: or his house is full of smoke, one of the three.
[chat] Vorpaltribble: sanity.... why would i want to leave luc with that?
[chat] Luc: Do you really want a sociopath in control of your characters' lives?

[chat] Maelstrom: You will aim for your opponent's "piggly wiggly", if it has one

[chat] Amephire: My coat ;_;. It''s...SNOTTY!

[newbie] Namir: It works the same was as newbie afterwards.  "chat bladyblady-blaa"  

[chat] Luc coughs out something that sounds very much like "Hippie"

[chat] Tempus: now dont be patronising vorpal, since the majority of people who play or create here rarely leave the computer, lacking sunlight, fresh air, excerise, its probably incorrect to say handsome to anyone here

[chat] Vulnero: you know I am naked, right?

[chat] Amephire: Yes, brain. But do you think people would want to see Snow
White and the Seven Samurai?

[chat] Sirius: If you cook a pokemon, make sure to use salt to  season them.  

[chat] Vulnero: I think my aroo is broken  

[chat] Luc: Bugger Strong Bad

[chat] Tanukisoba: Mmmm this salad tastes good, but kinda smells like motor
oil...guess I should have washed my hands better...

[chat] Maelstrom: Brrrr, nothing like frozen pecans up against your crotch.

[chat] Namir: I eat emus

[chat] Tempus gets excited "Ohh.. lets warm up with the kiss of life.."  

[chat] Sirius: Your a smelly foot Luc

[chat] Kurama finds hairy watermelons

[chat] Luc: I think Bob the Angry Flower said it better

[chat] Pyromastaforeva: there is the ghetto leet, standard leet, nerd leet, xpert leet, n00b leet, twink leet, etc

[chat] Sinistar: RUN!  RUN!  RUN! You refresh your memory with the texts

[chat] Vulnero: I like starving

[chat] Namir: I'm a sucker for stupidity.  It makes me feel more superior  

[chat] Vulnero: the trees are looking at me!!! but I cannot see them  

[chat] Luc: I'm pretty sure it's "men's", unless you're talking about "mens' room", which is a special case and probably *******ized

[chat] Maelstrom: I am from the 7th Layer of ####! Come on down sometime, I'll give you a lollipop

[chat] Kurama: we all have issues  

[chat] Vulnero: Bonsai
[chat] Vulnero: make little logs
[chat] Absent: that's more a pruning technique
[chat] Luc: I suppose you could make a bonsai house out of bonsai trees.  
[chat] Absent: oooh, last time I asked what trees you could chop down, everyone told me it was IC...  
[chat] Vulnero: would that be a little house?  
[chat] Luc: A very little house
[chat] Vorpaltribble: Lincoln Log - 45 farthings
[chat] Ignis: maybe if you plant them all really close together, you won't have to chop them down to make a house

[chat] Namir: I am the Master
[chat] Alice: not the mistress?
[chat] Namir: I am the Mistress, too
[chat] Alice: you getting into Sirius territory now...

[chat] Tempus: yes and why cant we gather weed?
[chat] Tempus: and shrooms?
[chat] Luc: Weed?  As in marijuana?
[chat] Namir: LoL  
[chat] Tempus: I tried marijuana.  
[chat] Vulnero: try "Ganja"  
[chat] Absent: is it drug story share time?  
[chat] Ignis: yeah, you learn how to die at record speed from doing speed.  
[chat] Namir: Wow  
[chat] Ccomplex: ...  
[chat] Namir: I am not very literate when it comes to drugs  
[chat] Vulnero wonders if taking drugs will make his crafted items look more artsy
[chat] Luc: In all frankness, however, it is my considered opinion that making it possible to get blazed, get baked, get stoned, roll, trip, get high, et cetera in-game would very likely be detrimental to roleplay
[chat] Vulnero: just kidding man
[chat] Absent: probably, just a bunch of spaced out warriors attacking nothing.  [
chat] Absent chuckles at the thought
[chat] Namir: LOL
[chat] Ignis: lol
[chat] Tempus: I dont know, could develop a potent drugs trade, and have people trying to stop it.  
[chat] Absent: Suddenly a huge gelantious thing jumps you!
[chat] Tempus: roleplaying intoxication with hallcenagens, shouldnt be too hard we just make random opponents come out of anywhere and run to attack you know like...  
[chat] Ignis: ahh! sheep demon
[chat] Luc: Very few hallucinogens actually make you see people that aren't there, IRL.  
[chat] Ccomplex: I'll show you sheep!    
[chat] Vulnero: scary.... but it would be funny... will we still take damage fighting with air.  [chat] Ccomplex is actually right behind Ignis in the form of a large mutt  
[chat] Absent: I've seen people who weren't there, without drugs mind you  
[chat] Tempus: I know luc, but its how you would get a reaction from the character in the mud  [chat] Ccomplex growls at Igni
[chat] Ignis: great, she's a wolf demo0n in sheep demon's clothing
[chat] Luc: I'm more concerned with realism and good roleplaying than getting a reaction  [chat] Namir aroos
[chat] Tempus: seeing things that are abnormal people could easily ignore.. now trees walking in the edge of your vision
[chat] Tempus: and flames pouring out of the ground..

[chat] Khaos: well when a man loves a woman...
[chat] Ccomplex: when a squid loves a cat...
[chat] Megamouse: when a gastropod loves a homonid...

[chat] Kurama: I tried registering for the forum a few times before i forgot to
click the "i agree" button

[chat] Namir: But this isn't techno's singing about some kinda of
Translavanian concubine..
[chat] Tempus: is it.. "if you want a zombie doggy or a vampire froggy?"
[chat] Tempus: Dr Zitbags, translvanian pet shop... Dr Zitbags translvanian pet

[chat] Xyrec: you would've been more successful with dressing the buck in a
black leather dress....or maybe thighboots.

[chat] Ofuscado thinks all you perverts who haven't voted for AL lately should
go molest TMS.

[chat] Absent: Can't believe we're being beaten by some mud called "Summer

[chat] Khaos: ever notice that if you say ooc as a word, you sound like a monkey?

[chat] Namir: I feel the overwhelming need to play one of the Oregon Trail
[chat] Ratzo: Hey heheh that reminds me namir.
[chat] Ratzo: I'm going to Oregon soon.
[chat] Namir: Poor Oregon.  And it was such a pretty state, too.

[chat] Zinnia likes men with extra legs.

[newbie] Grayxen: What's the syntax for removing the shell of a tortoise?

[chat] Loseph: Some say the glass is half empty, some say the glass is half
full, I say, are you going to drink that?

[chat] Froto: Who says I'm a hobbit?
[chat] Vorpaltribble looks at Froto.

[chat] Zevon: You'd never find a temporarily out of order sign on an escelator,
just a temporarily stairs sign. Sorry for the convenience!

[chat] Loseph: Scientists are complaining that the new Dinosaur
movie shows dinosaurs with lemurs, who didn't evolve for another million years.
They're afraid the movie will give kids a mistaken impression. What about the
fact that the dinosaurs are singing and dancing?   - Jay Leno

[chat] Gaven is a higher power....but not intelligent...

[chat] Zinnia: I have a question. Is [chat] tangible?
[chat] Luc: As tangible as vorpal tribbles, the Aroo, or the Undercouch.
[chat] Luc: Which is to say not very.
[chat] Zinnia: LOL.

[chat] Froto: Nobody talks all that much.
[chat] Tempus: That I dont understand, I mean.. We normally manage to have some
intelligent debates..
[chat] Tempus: Okay fine.. mindless babbling rants.
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Corthayne tells you 'the point with this game is'
Corthayne tells you 'you type quit once'
Corthayne tells you 'and then never load it up again'
Corthayne tells you 'its simple:P'

Someone: If asmo couldn't tell gay guys 95% of the time, how would he ever manage to get dates?

Gallant: i am an idiot
Gallant: i shall continue to talk despite anything you can do

Mirekith tells you 'Alihan says 'and as you can tell my f***ing spacebar is weaker than Shaolong on a good night.''

Solarius says 'Botsex'.
Solarius starts fondling Ahrbugi, maybe they should get a room!
Gallant: bots deserve to get, hi!

Kulj tells you 'oh lithuania isn't that in kentucky?'

Xanthian clantalks 'you have pkills and skill'
Xanthian clantalks 'thats why we put up with your mouth nod'

Amante says 'you have the money to go to an internet cafe, you can't be a moron in real life'

Zaeskelon wars 'i guess 3 artis cant buy you balls'
Einik wars 'he could get balzhured if he attempted to buy balls with artis'

Xanthian says 'it wasnt fair'
Xanthian says '1v1 '

You tell Kate 'when tademan is out, i shall murder you=('
Kate tells you 'I will die without transgender friends, at least.'

Petrograd tells you 'You're cool, you know that? '

Dao openly traffics: shaolong, sorry i dont talk to newbs, enjoy ignore
Trihxeem tells you 'hes such a newbie, is he ignoring himself?'

Ilsensine: Kate, be the nice sweet thing you are to your clients and behave
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It's long but classic.

You gossip 'Im not gonna vooote Im not gonna vooote.'

You gossip 'I have an isolationist stance. See I think we should close all doors to the mud and just reproduce to make more baby mudders.'

You gossip 'Then again it would probably turn to inbreeding after awhile.... hmm'

Jessa gossips 'it's going to be a while until I reproduce'

You gossip 'Come on!'

Jessa gossips 'and then another five years until the eldest can read enough'

You gossip 'Not in mud time!'

Jessa gossips 'are you offering to procreate?'

You gossip 'Am I ever!'

Jessa gossips 'are you offering to carry the baby?'

You gossip 'If by carry you mean leave in the forest with wolves, than yes.'

Jessa gossips 'how disappointing'

You gossip ''

Jessa gossips 'are you propositioning me?'

You gossip 'Ok I will carry it, but I'm not a girl. I will need a sex change first.'

Jessa gossips 'so, are you offering marriage?'

You gossip 'Hey! I barely know you, geeze. I just want to have a baby with you. Not live with you.'

Jessa gossips 'I'm disappointed.'

Jessa gossips 'I've always wanted a sugar daddy to slobber all over me'

You gossip ' Do I HAVE to marry you?'

Jessa gossips 'whatcha got against marriage?'

Jessa gossips 'I'm sure Foxtail wouldn't mind'

You gossip 'What does Foxtail have to do with this!'

Jessa gossips 'I thought she was your honey. Someone told me she called you a flirt.'

Kroz gossips 'sloth? a flirt?'

You gossip 'I flirt with Morgon too!'

Kroz gossips 'excuse me for a moment while I laugh.'

Kroz gossips 'BWAHAHAHAHAHA'

Kroz gossips 'ok, I'm done.'

Kroz gossips 'the moment has passed.'

You gossip 'See I am SO not a flirt.'

Jessa gossips 'mm. Let me think about that.'

Jessa gossips 'let's take a popular poll.'

Jessa gossips 'should I marry the invisible someone?'

Jessa gossips 'who Foxtail warned me about?'

Gethzerion gossips 'you should marry him'

Jessa gossips 'are you going to pay child support?'

Jessa gossips 'is he cute?'

You gossip 'Child what now?'

Jessa gossips 'or is he a dwarf/'

You gossip 'I'm a Dwarf!'

Kroz gossips 'only do it and make sure there won't be any genetic defects...I mean you're human and he's a...sloth.'

You gossip 'No no, I'm an Elf.'

Jessa gossips 'Sloth?!'

Jessa gossips 'It's SLOTH that's propositioning me?!'

Kroz gossips 'lies!'

You gossip 'Pshh Im not sloth!'

Kroz gossips 'it's stardeo in sloth's clothing.'

Jessa gossips 'I think I can deal with that'

You gossip 'What are you talking about Kroz, I have.. one two there four five six... ah... 10 toes!'

You gossip 'Like any good elf should!'

Jessa gossips 'I thought you said you were a dwarf.'

You gossip 'That was my multiple personality Disorder kicking in.'

Jessa gossips 'I want a prenup.'

You gossip 'Ok if we brake up I get all of your money and you get all of mine.'

You gossip '(booyah I'm broke)'

Jessa gossips 'so which side of hte family is throwing the party?'

You gossip 'Kroz's'

You gossip 'No.'

You gossip 'Actually... Maybe.'

You gossip 'I like to torment her with the thought'

Jessa gossips 'so where and when would you like to get married?'

You gossip 'I want the baby first as proof!'

Jessa gossips '*rummages for a yertal doll*'

Dis gossips 'you need 1 jessa?'

Jessa gossips 'so, sloth'

Jessa gossips 'doesn't some business have to happen before a baby happens?'

You gossip 'How is a baby made if mudsex is outlawed?'

Jessa gossips 'you know, the whole thing about finding a cabbage of the right size and shape'

Jessa gossips 'making an offering to the stork gods?'

You gossip 'oooooh.'

You gossip 'right.'

Jessa gossips 'what do they need?'

You gossip 'Cabbage and shiny things.'

Baysiq questions 'what do you want a cabbage for?'

You gossip 'Do you think sushi will work'

Jessa gossips 'probably not'

You gossip 'Baysiq - I need it as a pagan offering for the stork god in which to impregnate Jessa.'

Jessa gossips 'are you sure there are no cabbages?'

You gossip 'there are, I will find them.'

Baysiq gossips 'which ever stork brought you in, should be shot for smuggling dope ;D'

Jessa gossips 'so let me get this straight'

Jessa gossips 'we need to get shiny things and a cabbage'

Jessa gossips 'and then we need to find a stork god'

You gossip 'Yes.'

Jessa gossips 'and then nine months later we peek in on the cabbage and see if there's anything under the leaf?'

Baysiq gossips 'er'

You gossip 'Oh! And we need cool headresses.'

Baysiq gossips 'i can demonstrate an easier way to impregnate her'

Baysiq gossips 'no offense intended'

You gossip 'No the stork brings the baby to you wrapped in the leaves of a fig tree.'

Jessa gossips 'oh'

You gossip 'I need cabbage quick where can I get them!'

You gossip 'Jessa, you work on the shiny things.'

Jessa gossips 'sloth, will you take me on a honeymoon?'

Jessa gossips 'I've always wanted one'

You gossip 'Where to?'

Baysiq gossips 'i'll be the best man'

Jessa gossips 'Oh, I don't know'

Jessa gossips 'maybe sigin?'

Baysiq gossips 'because i am, in fact, the best man'

You gossip 'God, having a baby is friggin hard.'

Jessa gossips 'you can say that again'

Baysiq gossips 'nah.. just have a few drinks, it gets easier'

Jessa gossips 'what church would you like to get married in?'

Jessa gossips 'I hear that new one in Sigin is gorgeous'

You gossip 'Yeah, cool. As long as I get my cabbage baby.'

You gossip 'Where art thou cabbages!'

You gossip 'Hey Kroz where can I find a good cabbage?'

Jessa gossips 'I'm looking for a shiny thing'

You gossip 'I found a cucumber, you know, if we want a boy.'

Baysiq gossips '*mutters something about stupid pagans*'

Jessa gossips 'so let me get this straight'

You gossip 'Yes?'

Jessa gossips 'I'm supposed to start the baby process first?'

Jessa gossips 'but what will people say?'

You gossip 'Uh... that the Stork oly had one appointment time and it was before we got married.'

Jessa gossips 'are you sure you're going to marry me?'

Jessa gossips 'I mean, what if you just leave me with the baby?'

You gossip 'No I wouldn't do that...'

Jessa gossips 'how do I know? *whimper*'

You gossip 'Uhm.. Because Dis will murder me if I do.'

Dis gossips 'that is right, what ever you said'

Jessa gossips 'are you going to get me a ring?'

You gossip 'Uh.... Hmm..'

You gossip 'What KIND of ring?'

You gossip 'Time moves too slowly I need my cabbage baby!'

Baysiq gossips 'marriage.. bah.. give me bloodsport anyday!'

Baysiq gossips 'oh wait.. marriage IS bloodsport'

You gossip 'Ok this farmer is being mean she wont sell me veggies till tomarrowm and tomarrow is far away '

Jessa gossips '*sob*'

You gossip 'I have a ring!'

Jessa gossips 'I don't even get a kiss?'

Jessa gossips 'how lame'

Jessa gossips 'but thank you for the ring'

You gossip 'Man... FINE but you are PUSHING IT.'

You gossip 'Ok we need funky hats to please the Stork god.'

Jessa gossips 'hats as well as shiny things?'

Jessa gossips 'or hats AND shiny things?'

You gossip 'Both!'

Jessa gossips 'what about shorty's mug?'

Jessa gossips 'you think they'll like that?'

You gossip 'ok! Who doesn't like a good mug!'

You gossip 'And WHIRM is my best man, you are my Usher Bay.'

You gossip 'Cause I luff whirm'

Baysiq gossips 'well i was about to offere something shiny'

Baysiq gossips 'but now you can eat me'

You gossip 'ok ok you can be my best man too'

Baysiq gossips 'nup'

Baysiq gossips 'dont wanna'

You gossip 'I'm sorry I love you Baysiq.'

Baysiq gossips 'nuh.. not happening'

You gossip 'Hmm ok.. For hats you shall wear...'

Baysiq gossips 'conical hats!'

You gossip 'Beautiful!'

Jessa gossips 'oh, how nice.'

Jessa gossips 'there's a wedding dress here.'

You gossip 'Awww'

You gossip 'I dont get to wear a dress?'

Jessa gossips 'I thought you wanted to wear the pants in the family'

You gossip 'Ok.'

You gossip 'Pants are good.'

Jessa gossips 'if you want to wear the pants in the family, you can't wear a dress'

You gossip 'I have to wear pants, right?'

Jessa gossips 'I think so, yes'

You gossip 'Short Pants?'

Baysiq gossips 'when you say shiny, does glinting qualify?'

You gossip 'la la la, almost time to buy a cabbage'

You gossip 'sure!'

Jessa gossips 'you can wear short pants after the wedding'

You gossip 'ok'

Jessa gossips 'but the priest can't outdress you'

Baysiq gossips 'ok.. with a glinting gnome mace, you should be able to make a little toughie'

You gossip 'What level is that?'

Baysiq gossips '20, i think'

You gossip 'Ok good, the Swan God likes level 20 glinting maces.'

You gossip 'Level 25 is bad though.'

Baysiq gossips 'good thing i didn't enchant it'

You gossip 'yeah!'

You gossip 'Baysiq, you are in charge of hats.'

Baysiq gossips 'how many?'

You gossip '2.'

Baysiq gossips 'on it'

Jessa gossips 'okay, I have the shiny things'

You gossip 'ok, Have we found the temple of the Stork God yet?'

Jessa gossips 'no, I thought you were doing that'

You gossip 'Who is going to marry us?'

Baysiq gossips 'good question'

Jessa gossips 'very good question'

You gossip 'I bought 10 cabbages and one lettuce, just in case.'

You gossip 'We have shiny things, we have A Cabbage.'

You gossip 'We don't have someone to do our Ceremony!'

Baysiq gossips 'and i have no eyesight '

Jessa gossips 'don't you want a longer waiting period?'

You gossip 'Waiting period?'

Jessa gossips 'long engagement? Or are you more into the "get engaged-get married as soon as possible"?'

You gossip 'What! I have to wait for my kid now!'

You gossip 'Are you unsure you want to marry me or something?!'

Jessa gossips 'well, there's no one online to marry us right now'

Baysiq gossips 'I'll do it'

Jessa gossips 'maybe if we want an hour or so, at least'

Jessa gossips 'you're not an imm'

Baysiq gossips 'You're too picky'

You gossip 'No we can wait as long as you want. Just dont let the cabbages spoil.'

Jessa gossips 'I know'

Jessa gossips 'but you can't be a best man and the officiant at the same time'

Jessa gossips 'aww, how sweet'

Baysiq gossips 'You already said Whirm is best man'

Jessa gossips 'I don't have a maid of honor!'

Jessa gossips '... yet'

Baysiq gossips 'there's no such thing as an honorable maid!'

You gossip 'Baysiq can be Maid of Honor!'

Baysiq gossips 'You're lucky I'm blind right now'

You gossip 'Ok you are Best Man with Whirm'

Baysiq gossips 'No.'

You gossip 'ok ok Whirm will be Usher'

Baysiq gossips 'I'll be the musician guy'

Marina gossips 'Bonjour bonjour! How's everyone?'

You gossip 'Marina we need you!'

You gossip 'Ok ok Jessa and I were discussing how mudders should reproduce to create new mudders for the mud but didn't know how.'

You gossip 'So we decided to buy a cabbage and shiny things for the great stork god to get it to bring us a baby.'

Marina gossips '*laugh*'

Marina gossips 'That's a marvelous idea!'

You gossip 'But Jessa said she wuld only carry my baby if we get married. So now I am trying to find shiny things and cabbages so we can have a baby to help the mud but I need you to marry us.'

You gossip 'So the baby is legit.'

Marina gossips 'I'm not licenced to do that sort of thing!'

You gossip 'Oh we also need ceremonial hats.'

Baysiq gossips 'I have the two conical hats'
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[chat] Tempus thinks gelatinous is a great name, almost as good as fangoriously.

[chat] Luc: What am I going to do with a thousand ducks?

[chat] Laniar: believe it or not, smoking pot is typically a social activity, you know, something you engage in with other people outside the context of digitally transmitted text.

[chat] Nethershaw: In Soviet AL, you don't play the character -- character plays YOU!

[chat] Luc: What is it, Really Bloody Overdone Argument Day?

[chat] Laniar: if you're lucky, someone will cast pity on you too.
[chat] Vorpaltribble: IC!
[chat] Loseph prepares the pity spell.
[chat] Caoineag: You have successfully weaved the forces of sympathy?

[chat] Stolichnaya: it's not as effective if you don't have the carousel horses on meat hooks and the giant monster worm to go with it.

[chat] Torkalis: would it be bug abuse to chop off a someones arms and leg and practice pilfering on them?

[chat] Alice pets Edit with a dirty hobbit.

[chat] Luc: "Inner peace. And if I can't have that, lots and lots of firearms."

[chat] Nethershaw: It's easier just to drop the insignifigant To's altogether.
[chat] Xotl: "To" is not an insignificant word.
[chat] Vorpaltribble: think of leaving it off of christmas gifts.
[chat] Vorpaltribble: really confuse things.
[chat] Xotl takes all the "to" out of Nethershaw's body and all chemical reactions stop.
[chat] Nethershaw becomes an undulating mass of gelatinous somethingorother and crawls aimlessly around the room, dragged by horribly orange pseudopods.
[chat] Xotl: wow cool, I have to try that again someday, did someoene get that on video?


[chat] Zinnia wonders why there is only one female smurf.
[chat] Vorpaltribble: I guess they just do osmosis.
[chat] Gandolf: or they're too old to have any.
[chat] Gandolf: and they just clone each other.

[chat] Nethershaw: Why does VT sound like some kind of very painful disease...

[chat] Evilrat: Eunuchs scare me.

[chat] Gandolf: uh be right back he's got his big knife.

[chat] Zinnia: Is it really necessary that every night you get drunk and come make a fool of yourself on this MUD?

[chat] Stolichnaya: is a gurl like an URL with a generic prefiX?
[chat] Luc: I think it falls into the same category as "wommyn".

By request, The Wit of the Vorpal Tribble:

[chat] Ryukishen: in real life i am a nerd.
[chat] Vorpaltribble utterly fails to have a look of shock and surprise cross his furry features.

[chat] Froto: Holy bujebus!!!!!! <annoyingly long weblink editted out>.
[chat] Froto: prepare to pee yourselves!
[chat] Vorpaltribble: wow, gosh, thats an incentive.

[chat] Tanukisoba smells the faint scent of a creator plotting session.
[chat] Vorpaltribble: Bah, all they do is spin a bottle and dest whoever it
points at.

[chat] Yokunama sits on VT.
[chat] Froto: no!
[chat] Froto shoves Yokunama off.
[chat] Yokunama frowns.
[chat] Vorpaltribble digests half a cheek before Froto intercedes.
[chat] Froto tilts his head, "Hm?"
[chat] Vorpaltribble: think on it...
[chat] Froto: Cheek?
[chat] Vorpaltribble: (_I_) = rear.
[chat] Vorpaltribble: (_) = one cheek.
[chat] Vorpaltribble: Any questions?

[chat] Nyria: If you seriously haven't seen the Simpsons you must have been living in a cave for the past 15 years.
[chat] Nethershaw: Aww, well, then it's not your fault that you're not as cultured as the rest of us
[chat] Vorpaltribble points at Nethershaw and goes 'Ha ha!' in Stilson's voice, but with, y'know, a cultured flair to it.
[chat] Vorpaltribble says it with a british accent.
[chat] Vorpaltribble: and my pinky up.
[chat] Nyria: Stilson?
[chat] Nyria: The bully? His name is Nelson.
[chat] Vorpaltribble: oh.
[chat] Vorpaltribble: mock me not.
[chat] Nethershaw: HA-ha!
[chat] Nethershaw grins.
[chat] Vorpaltribble saw it coming....
[chat] Nethershaw: It still had to be done.
[chat] Vorpaltribble: i know.

[chat] Tempus: what is it with you always trying to get me to call you vorpal?!
[chat] Vorpaltribble: lovebunny?

[newbie] Sidianrose: what is the skill "<censored>"?
[newbie] Vorpaltribble: it is a language skill.
[newbie] Sidianrose: yes, but what is it used for?
[newbie] Tuke: its a language...
[newbie] Vorpaltribble: you speak it.

[chat] Torkalis has a 2 foot pencil.

[chat] Nethershaw: A very young male mosquito with wide wings lowers its head and charges!

[chat] Luc: Gender-confused? No, you have it all wrong. It knows exactly what its gender is. It's you players that're confused about it.

[chat] Namir chuckles, locked in her room. She begins rocking, and chanting.. "World..domination..yeesss."

[chat] Torkalis: inteligence is nothing but your ability to absorb knolegde.

[chat] Zinnia: Namir has one of those holes through her ears that goes through her brain like on looney toons.
[chat] Luc: Makes mental flossing possible, at least

[chat] Nethershaw: Why do I wear tinfoil hats?

[chat] Torkalis: you people make ME look like a pervert.
[chat] Kuzman: You don't exactly make it difficult.

[chat] Namir: And then I imagine the creators with these cute little yellow hardhats.

[chat] Zandramas: Napalmmmmmmmmm.

[chat] Malcom: I love cheesey poofs, you love cheesey poofs, if we didnt love cheesey poofs, we'd all be lame...

[chat] Luc: Like I said, nothing tremendously impressive. The short version is that you won't be bothered with mosquito genders and such anymore.

[chat] Malcom throws a truck into a cauldron.
[chat] Malcom incants Rammstein lyrics.
[chat] Malcom plays VooDoo child backwards.
[chat] Malcom chants meaningless stuff.
[chat] Malcom summons a hideous monster.
[chat] Jaygo burst's through chat's window.
[chat] Ccomplex smirks.
[chat] Malcom: Behold!
[chat] Malcom: I've created a monster!
[chat] Vorpaltribble: that was great timing Jaygo.

[chat] Vorpaltribble: what IS a sensu bean? I have an old dragonball z fightemup game on his comp that used to be a sega game...
[chat] Malcom: it's those things in Chili that give you gas.
[chat] Malcom: but Z Fighters tend to harness that gas and turn it into kinetic energy, and channel it into their hands, with which to create absurdly weird weapons of, oddly enough, mass destruction, to hurl at their opponent to smack into outer space.
[chat] Vorpaltribble: thats oddly appropriate.
[chat] Malcom: it's scientifically proven.
[chat] Malcom: 2 out of 3 doctors recommend it.
[chat] Jaygo: and mother approved.

[chat] Loseph: apparently I missed Janet Jackson's breast flash tonight. (dam*)
[chat] Vorpaltribble utterly fails to have a look of disapointment and
depression cross his furry features
[chat] Nornagest wonders why Janet Jackson is a big deal, when it's possible to download an essentially infinite number of dirty pictures off the Internet.
[chat] Vorpaltribble: very likely even the one Loseph missed
[chat] Vorpaltribble: really though... the only reason most dancers can get away dressing as they do is because they are rich enough to bribe gravity to ignore them during social occasions.
[chat] Nornagest: Oh, I don't think duct tape is all that expensive.
[chat] Luc frowns.
[chat] Vorpaltribble tries not to choke.

[chat] Eventine knows he meant couch but isn't going to miss the fact that he made a typo.
[chat] Eventine is sad like that.

[chat] Tempus: and remember, your computer might beat you at chess, but it cant beat you at .. KICKBOXING.

[chat] Corannie: Ugh. I ran out of legs, again.

[chat] Nethershaw: I can't trump the spoon.

[chat] Xotl: I cooked and ate an entire roll of those ready to bake cookies yesterday.
[chat] Zinnia: Do you feel guilty?
[chat] Xotl: guilty? why? ... they were dead already when I bought them.

[chat] Wingless: Power to be..... fuzzy?

[chat] Zandramas: GRR. SEMICOLONS.

[chat] Namir gives Tempus tapeworms.

[chat] Csnick: yo.
[chat] Zevon: Sup.
[chat] Gannon: hi.
[chat] Zinnia: Lo.
[chat] Zevon: chillin.
[chat] Vorpaltribble: WAZZUP HOMIES.

[chat] Evilrat Randomly catches fire.
[chat] Luc: I do suggest partaking of a lower-case R there, though.
[chat] Evilrat: Ah, well...
[chat] Evilrat: If it annoys you THAT much, I could FORCE myself through the strenuous effort required to do such.
[chat] Luc: Considering that you just used them in "fire", "through",
"strenuous", "effort", and "required", it can't be all that bad.
[chat] Evilrat: Oh, it is.
[chat] Luc: We'll all admire your noble sacrifice, then.
[chat] Shadowslay: Aye.

[chat] Wingless: hehehehe. Jam master goat.

[chat] Zinnia: I -do- look like a furry orc!

[chat] Corannie: There are all these commercials. Telling me to behold the power of cheese. Well, I've been staring at this block of gouda for a couple of minutes now, and it isn't killing my enemies. Maybe I need to make some ritual sacrifices to Velvetta, the dairy God of War, first.

[chat] Xotl does a Dr. Evil insane cackle with his pinky finger in his mouht.

Hegin: Heh, I remember when I roleplayed a cripple character a bit more then a year ago. I had two people kill my char off in mercy, they had to chase me all over for that too.

[chat] Kuzman: "The beatings will continue until morale improves."

[chat] Tempus: "ah yes, Pub, a meeting place where people attempt to achieve increasing states of mental incompetance by the repeated consumption of fermented vegtable products"

[chat] Ratevil: I thought that was "Thou Shalt not Disco"?

[chat] Shadowslay: Mmmmmm..paranoid. Never tried that one, before. I considered making a swashbuckler type character who refused to enter or exit any structure through the door and/or without a rope to swing across.

[chat] Xotl: I can wrinkle my butt.
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