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Threshold RPG: Making Taverns More Popular!

We have completed a number of measures to liven up game's main two taverns. The goal is to get more people in the same place so interaction and RP can naturally and spontaneously occur. These changes apply to the Green Griffon Tavern and Jumpin' Jehosephat's Java Junction.

In the main tavern rooms:

1) They are fast weapon maintenance and fast conjure rooms.
2) Conjure/Maintenance spam has been squelched in these rooms.
3) Certain very long cooldown abilities receive a reduction in the length of their cooldown when used here. Currently this is 25%. The abilities currently affected are:

Casters: quickconjure
Fighters: quickpolish
Templars: create charms
Rangers: create totems
Clerics: regenerate (timer on recipient)
Bards: dinnerbell (timer on recipient)

4) While in the main room, you will periodically experience significant hp, sp, and ep regeneration as well as faster digestion.

In the booth/table rooms, some service abilities receive a +25% success chance. These abilities currently include:

sharpen (normal and keen)
soul bind

These measures taken together should make the taverns a more concentrated hangout.

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