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RP Intensive, d20 Based, Low Magic World Looking for Builders

So...theme in brief...time period is roughly equivalent to a late Roman Empire / early Dark Ages setting, with some hedging either way. Majority of commonly found weapondry is made of bronze/iron, steel being insanely expensive and very prized. Magic is practically non-existant, with only a few ritual forms of magic being practiced, and using any of it, ever, has increasingly Bad consequences. (There's no "mage" classes, no cast command, etc etc).

Code base is a hacked to pieces ROM base, that I've fiddled with for years and years and years. Combat's been rewritten from the ground up, with a slower pace (although potentially more lethal). As noted, it uses a rough d20 system (skills & feats). Races are simply various nationalities of humans, there's no fantasy type races, period. The whole underlying theme is a fairly realistic, harsh world, with a tiny smidge of the supernatural that people may or may not ever encounter over the course of their lives.

So anyway, a builder or two would rock. A lot. The code, while I'm continually mucking with things and there's always SOMETHING I wanna add, is, in my opinion, viable for release. Building, while we're slowly progressing on, is not our favorite thing in the whole world to do. Hence the recruitment.

So...if you have an excellent grasp of the english language, good grammar skills, have a sense of maturity, can deal with our often demented humor, and can run on your own with a rough outline, drop me a line at (or just PM me here).
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