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Cool OtherSpace: Join the saga

The original-theme space opera MUSH turns 15 in June and we're celebrating by giving each player a universe of their own, if they want it, during that month!

OtherSpace at OtherSpace: An Original-Theme MUSH has been evolving since 1998, following a series of story arcs through the rise and fall of governments, the evacuation of the entire MUSH aboard a colony ship called Sanctuary, a return to the 31st Century, the destabilization of reality itself by a mishap by an omnipotent being, and the escape to the year 2650 in Hiverspace by the MUSH population.

Now, a few universes - the Orion Arm, Ancient Expanse (both run by staffers) and Bright Cluster (run by players) - are connected by rifts in space-time.

You can play as a human, rifted aboard the living starship known as Comorro from some period in Earth's history, providing easy entrance to the story and an excuse for not knowing everything about our complicated lore.

Or you can dive in, do some research, and play one of more than a dozen aliens.

And, if you stick around long enough, you can build your own universe, your own races, your own cultures.

Players can craft action cards to help in refereed combat scenes. Design starship prototypes. Propose your own inventions.

You can also earn badges by joining, participating, exploring, publicizing, contributing to the game and teaching other players. These badges let you build up a monthly paycheck of Saga Points that are used in crafting.

For more information, stop by the MUSH at 1790. We recommend SimpleMU* and MUSHClient!
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