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dark acacia
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Re: Unwritten Legends: Searching for Player Testers.

UL seemed really familiar to me when I looked at the website a couple days ago, and I realize now that I actually did begin to try the game at some point but got turned away by the application--I just didn't want to send my full name to anyone over the Internet. Maybe they work with the FBI and hope by chance that a most wanted fugitive would make the mistake of registering with their name?

Nevertheless, I made a new application this past week with a name for a character, which had to be approved. Since the website tells precious little about the game system, I picked a race and class beforehand based on the respective descriptions on the website (mostly flavor, but with a few cryptic references to the game's skill system). I chose some kind of elf subspecies with a fancy new moniker and the ranger class. I wanted to pick a race and class before sending my application so I wouldn't set a name like Eilianna'trilwyn and then end up choosing whatever the orc race is. Eilianna'trilwyn Al'ea'ner'lvi'si'tryn'tylar, the Unfortunately-Named Orc Barbarian of the Clan of Fierce Apostrophes.

Chargen was a mess. I could make a guess about what each statistic would do, but I really didn't know whether I should put more in one statistic and less in another. I went by investing mostly in the statistics with the best bonuses. Skills were the same thing; no explanation of skills or what making a skill "innate" would do. Picking a moon didn't tell me much either: it seemed like more flavor text that I didn't feel like reading by that point.

Once in the game, I was greeted by friendly people who didn't think to tell me how to communicate on the newbie help channel. The remarks on the channel were all marked with [Help], but typing 'help <whatever>' didn't work for me. Turns out, after about 5 minutes of frantically deciphering the help file system, that you type 'gamehelp <whatever>' to use the channel marked [Help]. Oh, and there weren't any hints in the help system to that end--the name of the title was only obliquely referenced in a help file explaining the rules concerning OOC channel use.

Once I got onto the channel, the next puzzle was to figure out how to change the 4-character password they gave me to something a lot more substantial. Only ten other people were on and I got snippy remarks about not knowing "obvious" commands when I asked. 'Help password' doesn't exist, you see. In retrospect I don't know why I didn't just try typing 'password.'

I read the seas of text in the help files, and a lot of it was explanations of the same simple commands every MU* seems to use, only almost every other game I played was capable of offering simply stated explanations. I found something about NPC tour guides and set out to find one--only to be horribly killed about 12-15 or so rooms away from where I entered the grid. I did get away from the monster, but the monster followed me into the next room to finish me off. It's just as well that the orc dealt a mercy blow, as I couldn't foresee an exciting future for an elf with four broken limbs and a severely cracked skull in a setting where leeches and sachets are probably still used.

All in all, not really worth the 1-2 day wait for approval in order to have what you can get more easily elsewhere. I've only found a few other games where there was some kind of creation approval system, and it was actually needed in those games. No one's stolen my credit card information yet, so who knows what they're doing with that?
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