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The future has exploded into the present.

Withmore City.

In 2027, a group of international corporations known as Withmore Hope Inc. offered the failing US government $200 billion to purchase the desert of old southern California. Amid protests against it, Congress approved the sale by a slim majority. Withmore Hope began project Avia I on the site, researching deep core geothermal power as a viable energy solution. Finished in 2028, the project was encased in a huge mirror-like geodesic dome over 17 miles in diameter. The press was not permitted inside the dome.

In 2040, project Avia I came to an end and the site was renamed Withmore City. Developers began designing a beautiful city in the dome, using the power generated from the huge geothermal plant at the core of the dome. The original consortium of Withmore Hope Inc was dissolved in favor of a new form of government, the Corporate Council. It was at this point that the founding corporations began to advertise throughout the world that a new life awaited everyone inside the mirrored dome of Withmore City.

In 2050, due to lax law enforcement and even weaker laws criminal activity in the city was deemed out of control. The average lifespan of those without private security was calculated at a bleak 25 years and the Corporate Council was pushed to act. After much debate, they created the Withmore Code of Militant Justice (WCMJ): a much harsher set of laws designed to reign in the terror affecting its citizenry. The WCMJ granted the newly christened Withmore Justice Force (WJF) the power to not only arrest criminals, but judge them of their crimes and issue punishment at the scene scene. Within months, crime rates began a steep decline.

In 2056, the Corporate Council approved measures to redesign the structural layout of the city to make better use of the space inside the dome. Taking a top down approach to the redesign, it places the major residential centers above the business centers in a bid to lower crime rates, decrease traffic and raise property values.

The end result did not meet expectations.

With the arcologies of the wealthy at the top on BLUE level and the middle class just beneath on the residential GREEN level, corporate offices and commercial centers were relegated to GOLD just beneath. The remainder of the population, including the constant influx of immigrants either seeking a better life or running from the law, found itself sharing the semi-industrial RED level at the bottom of the structure. Eventually some sixty million poor would be forced to share space meant for less than half that number.

Over the next decades RED would become a multicultural slum known as 'the mix', even developing its own patois drawing from the myriad languages spoken on the factory floors, back alleys and street markets of the burgeoning ghetto.

With both the crime rate and population soaring, the WJF soon found itself overwhelmed and unable to respond to most of the thousands of violent crimes taking place every day on the streets of RED. Inevitably, organized crime cartels moved in and street gangs numbering in the thousands formed both for protection and profit.

In 2087, the newly incorporated Tactical Emergency Response and Resistance Agency (TERRA) was given a contract by the WJF to patrol and provide security for the central district of the city's Red Sector. This freed up WJF resources to provide better law enforcement to the GOLD, GREEN and BLUE sectors of the city.

It is now 2097. Life continues in the mix as it has for the last forty years, most working at the factories and keeping their head down in hopes of making it through another day.

But you're not one of them... are you?

Sindome is a cyberpunk roleplay MOO set in a corporate city-state 85 years in the future.

Focusing both on street-level, gritty roleplay as well as corporate intrigue (and frequent overlap of the two), it features:

-Cyberware and nanoaugmentation
-Over thirty functional skills
-Vehicles and parts tuning
-Dynamic space for wastelands, air vehicles and parkour-style roof jumping (and falling...oops)
-Languages as well as ambient and fatigue effects on speech
-Explosives and fire
-Weapon and electronics modification
-Tattooing, tailoring and painting
-Full TV/camera system, enabling live broadcasts as well as creating shows through a custom scripting system
-Drug manufacture, addiction, withdrawal and OD effects
-Description system on individual body parts that interacts dynamically with clothing coverage
-Detailed world history and theme
-Staff and community composed entirely of adults
-Probably a ton of other stuff that doesn't come to mind right now

And most importantly: conflict-driven, intense roleplay.

Game has been picking up quite a the last few months but there can never be enough - the more the merrier!

Brand new website is up: Cyberpunk Roleplaying | Sindome
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Re: The future has exploded into the present.

Joined about a month ago and I love it.
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