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Hello, my name is Thenewhardy.

I am here to tell you my story. The story in itself has its 'ups' and 'downs', mostly contains what I would call 'inbetweens'. I guess it all is in the eyes of the reader.

Anyways, here it goes, and mind you, this is to some small parts fiction, authors freedom, or whatever one might wish to call it. I would still like to underline, followed by many exclamation marks, that it all actually is based on factual experience.

I am a level 23 in a guild commonly considered as being one of the strong ones. I feel very confident in easily being able to slay a few silly players being foolish enough to attack me.

I have heard stories about some persons that are considered good PKers, but hey man, how hard can those be? I mean, I slay any monster and I can take a lot of damage. If someone really is as good as some of these rumours say, I easily have time to flee at 100 HPs and then surprice the attacker at some nice moment when he already is hurt and doesn't notice me.

Anyways, I can end up as one of these, laugh...... 'so-called' tough guys. I know that I am at least as good as them.

I advanced very quickly and know the MUD well. So here we go, I haven't seen any of these PKers around for a while. I am well equipped and want to draw first blood in order to surprice them. They can't know I am a PKer even.

I wander around the MUD gathering more and improving the set of gear I carry. I can't see anyone, ****, they are propably a bit uncertain about me.

Five full hours pass and no-one seems to be even interrested in me, One small PKer logged on two hours ago but he logged off in a flash *flex*. I start to enjoy the feeling of power, but i might as well kill some NPCs. A few levels more and some stats can't really hurt.

I team up witn someone that can aid me with killing and I feel confident, darn, I even do a 'who' every second minute to make sure
am not caught with my gard down.

The killing is really spammy, the two of us hitting and using powers and spells like crazy. SUDDENLY my HPs drop from 180 to 112 and next round while I do a 'look' I drop to 55 HPs and wimpy, where did I run to? what are the directions back? I fall to 23 Hps and wimpy again and in panic hit a speedwalk I have ready in order to get back to the square. I end up at square (luckily) with 13 HPs, 'someone' hits me once more when i speedwalk by him. I have been attacked by one of the 'older' PKers I've heard about but what the heck did he do? How was he able to hurt me that badly and fast? I send a tell to the Pker bu no such player on anymore, hmm, I never even had the time to see what EQ he was using nor how he was able to almost kill me in 3 rounds. Well, he must have been very lucky only, very.

I lick my wounds and go back out to gain more EXPs again 30 minutes later. It sounds strange but I am still all worked up from the fight. it really was an adrenaline boost. This time I'll just watch the 'who' list every minute and I am safe, they need EQs anyway.

I play safely like 2 hours more and start slacking again. I chat with some friends and follow a party. #### I need to go to the toilet, well I state BRB on the party-line and run to the loo. Feeling refreshed I arrive back to my Keyboard just in time to see the text *You have a strange feeling, You can see your own dead body from above. You die.' WTF?? whats this? Oh darn, another one of the so called 'old' PKers have payed this room a visit. The scrollback shows she still was at undamaged when I died. Yikes.
All EQs lost and time for bed. Well an OK start I think and log off.

Next day.. I gain back my lost EXPs as well as stats and feel energetic again. They say every PKer die sooner or later, so, maybe its better paying the learning money now in the beginning.

I am in a house with a door that can be locked/unlocked and I have made sure I know all dirs extremely well. Whilst killing I naturally need healing. I walk back fast as I can but when I should be at the square, I see that text again 'You can see your own body'... NOW WHAT? Looking around I'm still inside the house and the door is still locked. I stand beside my own corpse and one PKer who pats me on the head. *sigh* Worst of all I think that he is making fun of me, well we crack jokes about eachother and call eachothers by ugly names. I get a bit upset so I accept his invitation to a fast duel just 4 east from square if he first gives me all my EQs back. Okay, EQpped again and now he can't lock me in, here we go again. .....4 Rounds later I can 'see my own you know what'. HOW? well, this starts getting expensive since he does not give me back my EQs this time if I don't agree upon one more fight. right..., dream on, and dreaming on is exactly what I need to do, off to bed again.

Next day I am attacked by noone, but the day after by two PKers who clearely did team up. I didn't fight them though a fourth PKer stepped into the room an fought the ones who attacked me. Maybe he is friendly? I go and look for him, but that is totally unnecessary, he finds me before I even realize I'm out there and I, guess what I see again? yeah right! 'my own...' This one was really strong, but he offers me help with getting some EXPs back, and Immediatelly hands me back my EQs and cash. Strange guy, well he gives me his word not to attack me again 'soonishly' and heads off. He really doesn't touch me at all after that and I start to see two different kinds of PKers. Totally different types of players.

The more I play the more I learn, there are so many tricks and so strong players. There are players that do almost anything to get a kill, but, there are players who'd rather die than break their promise/word. I died 14 times the first week and learned these facts:

* A PKer always dies sometime.
* Never PK a character you are not ready to loose totally.
* Learn the MUD even better before you try it.
* Whatever they say, dying always hurts everyone.
* Playerkilling is darn fun, I was able to pay this characters life as a fee in order to try it out.
* I will PK more.
* I wish I was as good as some of these guys.
* The most important skills in PKing are: patience and a cool temper

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