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I have recently made a mud called Age of Darkness, about a month ago. It has been flourishing, with more and more new players, immortals, and new features.  

The mud Staff show dedication, and are also nice.  In the past week though, I just demoted 2 of my staff members for cheating, then they somehow had made secret Immortal characters, and logged on and demoted me and froze my character.  One of my other Imm staff advanced me back, and we denied them and banned them for their explicitly uncalled for behavior.  Later that day, I received racial and derogatory insults on AoL Instant Messenger from those 2 people, and they also logged on our mud and started posting spam notes about how "gay I am, and what a fag i am, and how I'm a hindi idiot".  Now, that a week has past, and they cannot cause anymore damage inside the mud itself, they went on to slander the mud by posting at least 5-8 bad reviews.  I asked to remove some of them, because they were only 1 line: "This mud has bad imms, this mud sucks, dont play it".  What do you say to that?  I also asked to remove one of them because they used "My mud name" Demiscus to write the review, basically showing that the owner of the game himself is slanderring the mud.  I will also post the reviews that weren't removed here:

Review 1
This mud sucks.  And while I'm on it.  What's the point of having a review board if you can just have all your bad reviews removed? Doesn't that kind of defeat the point?  You want people to know the opinions of players on the mud, and it kinda ticks me off that my opinion, since the mud in question didn't like it, isn't heard.  Next time you're gonna remove my review, think about what others might like to hear.  The mud sucks and is overrun with admin that trips over every little detail of the game.  If you rp something that may be questionable, they book ya for it.

Review 2

This mud sucks.  I logged on and the immortal staff told me to go away.  Also, I asked a question and "a shrouded Figure" told me to shut the **** up.  I don't understand why this mud is even out there representing the Wheel of Time.  Go to ####, Age of Darkness.


My response to these reviews

Yes, we are kind of strict on roleplaying, as it has many benefits, so we do check logs to make sure people aren't roleplaying unnecessary things, but we are certainly not overboard, and all of our players love the fact that we actually do have a monitoring system.

If a shrouded figure told you to shut the **** up I would have seen it, we have logs of everything, and check them daily, that's a plain out lie. And we look over imm logs even more thoroughly, and I haven't seen any Immortal telling you to "go away".

My Question to Everyone

How do we avoid these people?  Should I just remove the review feature for my mud altogether?  Not sure what to do, but I hope the public is certainly knowledgeable enough that they will know these reveiws are not true.  Thanks for your time, I look forward to your responses.

Age of Darkness MUD port 3000
Wheel of Time Breathless World
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