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This weekend while you're celebrating the Independence of the United States of America, or if you're celebrating the Independence of France on the 14th, or the Independence of Antarctica on July 20th...
telnet: 9000

Come play Daedal Macabre!! Now is a great time to start as it is double experience funnage all through July 4th! What better way to waste away the days of sunlight than sitting in your cave playing on a keyboard, dripping of heroin text addiction, sipping your 40s of Mt. Dew gangsta style, and eating them BBQ doritos.

Come marvel at the sheer horsepower of our server, running on a beowolf cluster of playstation 3s! Play a dragon from hatchling to draconian to wyvern to dragon to wyrm to the infamous... great wyrm! Sorry boys, no purple worms allowed. Check out or forging system (yes every mud has one but ours is cool) and make sure to try the merchant class... yes a class that creates items as the way to level/interact.

The other day Larry Ellison told me he wished Oracle invested all their money in us, but too we weren't pay for play - which we're not.

Come check out our perverse minds.
telnet: 9000

Whatever real life you have left will be gone, so stock up on them 40s! Fo shizzle yo!

Maybe I'll log in and tell you stories of when I worked in an "adult book store" (read: sleazy dirty porn den) and all about how one lady got her anal beads stuck.

You won't regret it!
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