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A developing MUD is seeking poetry to become part of a well known in-character collection with deep roots in the history of the MUD culture. In role-play, the works are from a compilation of poetry from many different authors (in fact, no two are by the same one), which is why I am sending this call out to all those interested. There is no substitute for true variety.

All poems must be in the waka/tanka style, which is five lines long, 5-7-5-7-7 syllables each line respectively. Yes this is similar to the haiku form familiar to many, but is a slightly different and slightly older style. A breif explanation of the meaning is also appreciated, especially in the cases of poems with hidden or dual meanings.

Suggested topics are nature, spiritualism, purity of mind, control of one's self, the five elements, love, and military victory. However, it may be any topic provided it fits the era of roughly 1200 AD.

Those wishing to include a name to be given as the name of the in character author of the poem should please comply with the MUD theme and choose one using Japanese or Chinese phonetics and naming conventions. Name sites should help in finding one if desired, or in providing a base to start from in forming a new one. Breif background of the personage of the author is also welcome, with the understanding that most poetry would have been written by the military aristocracy (knighthood) or ruling class.

Submissions are guaranteed to receive acknowledgement, both personally to the author and in the form of credit/thanks mentions in helpfiles on the MUD itself, even those submissions which are not used.

Submissions are not guaranteed to be used. Only a finite number will be needed for the collection. If enough extras are gathered, a separate in-character poetry book may be formed.

It is understood that if a poem is sent, it comes with permission for its use unless specifically stated otherwise. If there is a poem that should not be used, but that the author would like to share and receive comment on, those wishes will be respected, however.

Please send any submissions to

Thank you to all who submit poems!

ps. Those simply wishing more information are also more than welcome to contact the e-mail address.
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Originally Posted by (Mithaine @ Feb. 10 2004,09:38)
All poems must be in the waka/tanka style, which is five lines long, 5-7-5-7-7 syllables each line respectively.
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Originally Posted by (Mithaine @ Feb. 10 2004,09:38)
Only a finite number will be needed for the collection
As opposed to an infinite number? Whew, what a relief!
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Dear Mithaine,

If I could actually write poetry, I would definately assist you in whatever you would need. I do appreciate your effort to establish such a believe Eastern Asian game. You failed to really describe your game, though or include an address to information. Good luck with it, though.
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This game may be a something different. She/he could have left more information on the game. But there is an email address for these people who want to find out more about her project.
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Mithaine is on a distinguished road
I apologize for the long delay in replying to these posts.  My net has been finicky and not letting me get to the page.

Erdos, I would like to thank you for your poem and encourage you to complete your tanka, as I have been curious as to what the last line will be.  Unfortunately, I regret to say it does not suit the theme of the MUD.  Perhaps inspiration will strike and you will be ready to submit soon.  I must caution, however, that insight is rarely to be found in advertising.

Raith, don't assume you can't do something until you try.  I'm sure you can do whatever you need to put your mind to.

It is difficult, without becoming overly windy for a forum setting, to adequately describe a MUD, but I welcome discourse and the chance to develop ideas from varied sources in more private settings such as e-mail and IMs.  Again,  I always respond.  I believe it may be helpful to suggest mutual feedback if desired as we share and give insights to each other's work.

To be very breif, the MUD I refer to will draw heavily from Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Indian culture circa 1100-1300AD range.  It has a few intentional anachronisms (for example, a wedding ceremony based heavily upon the Shinto wedding form, which was not actually developed until 1900 although the religion itself is ancient) and additions (magic, some other aspects that are intended to aid in promoting the overall plot) as well.

Lastly, I would like to thank those who have submitted so far.

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