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As the mud base continues to grow and grow I pose the question what makes a mud stand out from other muds what muds out there have revolutionized the mud standard? In my general experience in muds out there, i have come across few that stand out in my mind. Sure their is the classic muds i have played that got me into muds like Dark Castle and Star Wars Galaxies, but the one to date that has set a standard far greater than any other. That would have to be hands down Nodeka. Quest system that keeps track of all your open quests, completed quests and quest actions, with a morality engine that is driven by the very decisions you make. Currently Nodeka offers over 120 classes, from darkhand monk to vision guild warlock, from radial daja to spectral sa'duroth. Nodeka also offers over 80 races, from human to kojíher, from jerof to drow of the blue blood and over 450 skills and spells. The skill/spell system is both intuitive and highly strategic. This is all set along in a completely original code base and world. why you may ask is this mud different from all others. It has to be the dedication the creator has put into this game. It is the first game with a very nice clean, customizable output system. Not only is the prompt customizable but so are the in battle events so you can see your health points or mana points to set off those critical triggers. Where does it end? It doesn't! Along with a toggle map, the world is very easily explored. This is what the last update looked like:

Update 4/2/2005:
- archery is in - see "help shoot" for more details
- all hunter classes now have the skill "shoot". Additional classes may be receiving shoot in the next couple days (weeks) or a variation of it. Stay tuned!

As you can tell it is updated very often, the world is always improving and on top of all of it there are multitudes of quests some taking months to finish that wield great rewards like unique pieces of equipment. So yes, the standard is set the question is what other muds out there can compare or have set standards much like Nodeka? It is a very hard standard to live up to and if you want to find out what I am talking about. Go to: or get on your favorite mud client and connect to port 23. The newbie quest will help all beginners get a good grasps of the things you can do. Plus if you like role playing just recently Nodeka is now encouraging it as all mentors and guards give out role playing points which give little boost in experience and now with morals and alignments every action is can give Role Playing points where the quest now gives morality points to help each player better decided they own morality Moral, Immoral or Impartial. Check it out give me your feed back, and for those that don't like the old school feel check out the new Graphical Client for Nodeka!

Nodeka Graphical Client
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