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Milar is on a distinguished road
This mud has been around in various forms and under various names for over 10 years. Let me give you a few of the highlights.

Custom maps to make exploring easier for all.

A Unique area list where typing area and the name of the area will give the player extensive information about the area they are wanting to explore.

Many original areas to explore with more being added frequently.

Several clans to choose from with a clan ranking system and several clan features such as customizing clan halls.

A lot of games claim balanced races and classes but we believe we have perfected balance. Races all have unique abilities.

Pk friendly without having to worry about being constantly pk'd.

An arena system where you can challenge other players to a dual without having to be involved in pk.

Immortals who are friendly and open to ideas.

We always enjoy seeing new players, so come visit us and  stay for awhile.

Current projects:

While we already have an automated quest system it is being updated for more user friendly commands. We have already added several new abilities for quest masters.  Also we have extended quest information.

A new menu based creation system.

A new leveling system uniquely for remorted characters. port 6666  ---- website
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Klyss is on a distinguished road

I started Shattered Lands a couple weeks ago. So far, it seems pretty newbie friendly. The maps that are available make finding your way around a little less confusing, although now that I am learning more, I don't really need them as much.

I've been mudding for about 14 years, and I find that one of the biggest problems with startup muds is that you have trouble getting groups so you can kill things when you are little. With this system, that's not a problem. Solo is not a problem here, and with the automated quest system, I rarely get bored.

Another thing I like about the mud is character creation. The more points you spend, the more powerful you can become, but alas, the more exp per level required. So take the time to customize your character, you'll appreciate it later.

Last thing I want to say concerns the immortals. Having been around muds for so long, I've met alot of immortals, as well as been one a few times. Immortals on many muds consider themselves above players, and only want to hear from you as long as you agree with their point of view. Not so with the staff at Shattered Lands. They actaully encourage your input, because they want to make a mud that's fun to play for everyone, not just for the immortals.

So, check it out, poke around a bit, and if ya like it, tell your friends. See ya around.

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