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Hey there everyone,

I have been playing a bit of the Heroes System ® tabletop role playing game. It got me to wondering if there was a MUD that has a system, like Heroes, that allows you to build your own powers. Now, I am not looking for a Heroes System Mud because, quite frankly, the game is just too dang complicated for me to play more than once every two weeks. However, I would like one that allows you to spend your exp (or whatever equivalent system) to build your own powers.

What I had in mind was spending exp to customize powers when you create them and then later being able to spend exp to improve certain aspects of them. For example, you could initially spend exp to choose fire as a base energy type for the power, or long range as the attack range for the power. Later, you could spend exp to increase the range, or upgrade to something like white hot fire or something like that… or even reduce the ‘mana’ cost. Obviously, this system could, and probably would, get very complicated with the power choices. I also envision that balance in such a system would be minimal, but I would like to try one anyway.

So, does anyone know of a mud with a similar system? If so, could you either describe it here or link to a web page that does? I am interested to see if anyone bothered programming that level of complexity into their game instead of going with the norm of pre-built powers and skills.

Thanks for any info.
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