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Hyena Priestess
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Accursed Lands is a great RP-enforced game that is level-less, class-less, and entirely numberless.  While there are five races currently available, each has its own theme and feel, and the world has an original story and background.  Code-wise, it is intelligent and flexible.

Recently, however, there has been a big boom in group-oriented roleplay...the problem?  We need more players!  Our playerbase is too small to really bring out the potential of the many, well-planned player-created groups and still have a good number of independant characters.

This is a great time for new players to jump into the game and begin learning its ropes, particularly for those who are seeking immediate roleplay opportunities.  

I myself am one of the people planning one of the "groups," and I'd certainly appreciate anyone who is interested in immediate roleplay, a part to play in the world, and a VERY newbie-friendly environment to start playing in to contact me.

I encourage any and everyone to give AL a try right now.  Anyone interested in hearing more information on my "group" is more than welcome (and furthermore, encouraged) to email or message me (although I will not be giving out information on other groups and game-specific information, due to strict IC-OOC policies).  I also encourage anyone thinking about joining the AL community to email or message me or another older player, if you'd like some face-to-face mentoring help.

AIM:    Hyena Priestess

Edited: To fix some grammar.
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Hyena Priestess
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Join Date: Jan 2005
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Hyena Priestess is on a distinguished road
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The website I had created to serve a reference site for the group I am running has been changed so that it is more user-friendly and informative, but is still largely unfinished. The frames were removed, and the site was reformatted.

I could leave another lame bump message, but you know.. it's Friday night. I don't have anything to do but torment myself about how hungry I am. So why don't I tell you all some more about Accursed Lands?

Accursed Lands IS RP-enforced, and is home to a fairly vigilent playing base. Some time ago, the game had hit a low point and was barely managing to holding 12 players online all day long, however lately it has been capping over 20 fairly regularly.

This could possibly be due to a sudden explosion of roleplaying events going on within the game, or a side-effect of the players' attempted advertising campaign a few weeks ago. The world of Terrinor (AL's world) could hold MANY more, and with the new plots, events, and "stuff" coming in, its a great time to try it out.

AL is based on Lima on MudOS. Some of its features include:

1. Styles, for combat. Five different variable slides sitting between ten different styles of combat gives you full control of your character--perfect for the defensive gate guard or the red-eyed assassin.

2. Retaliate, for combat. In a way, this works like the 'warcry' found in other MUDs---it is an automatic command sent to the game when someone or something engages your character in combat. But it has many, many more uses. This is good news for both the fast-drawing swordsmen out there AND the pacifists who prefer flight before fight.

3. Permadeath, with fetishes. What do I mean? Death is a very real danger in the world of Terrinor. You never know when its coming. However, if your character possesses a fetish, it doesn't have to be 'forever'. Nevertheless, dieing (even with a fetish) is highly unpleasant--you remain dead for 75 minutes before the game automatically ressurects your character, unless someone finds your butt and decides to be kind.

4. The Underworld. Terrinor is vast. Its wilderness is virtually seamless. But that is only the beginning. Beneath that seemingly endless surface lies the underworld, a place almost just a vast, dark, and..well, you can tunnel. Think about it.

5. The Skill system. The only numbers in AL are your character's age and the dates. There are no experience points, and no apparant percentage points in the skill system. Typing 'skills' in the game will give you a very general idea of what your character knows about. By typing 'skill SKILL_NAME | SKILL_CATEGORY' you can get a better breakdown, but it is entirely description-based. Learn by doing.

6. Health system. No numbers means no HP. You have a body. With a head, and arms, and legs, and whatever else you'd normally have. Don't want to die? Don't break your head, or have a 4000-lb animal horned animal headbutt you in the gut. Doesn't feel too good, I can tell you.

Well, I'm tired of typing, and you probably get the point.

If you are still curious, you could email me, or (even better! log onto AL and set up an account, make a character, and get into the roleplay.

I've noticed that AL's peak times come slightly later than normal. On some days I've seen everyone clamber online at 8pm, and then on others it'll skyrocket at 10-11pm.
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