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From the dawn of time, three major forces have watched the world of Athos.  Their hands have shaped the land, as well as created both benign and malevolent forces that now roam the land freely.  Druid Covenants have begun their expeditions to find the sources of their power, the Land itself has made it known that its rage and wrath should not be ignored, and the Gods themselves have made it clear that those who seek to release the Triad will be frowned upon.

Strife rules the world of Athos, with both mortal and god alike seeking the Scrolls of Antiquity.  Unbeknownst to them both, however, is the single force of power that sleeps within Mount Athos.

Will you take the initiative and make your dreams come true?  Will you strike at the heart of civilization as a druid and make it clear that the Land does not welcome those who smear its face with mortar and stone?  Or will you become a brave and noble Spellblade who fights for the social entities that claim the Land as hungrily as a savage beast?  What is your dream, fair traveler?  

Whatever your dreams may be, Endless Dreams promises to make them come true.  Come join us and prepare to embark on a journey that is not only breath-takingly beautiful but also littered with turmoil, treasures, and most of all, a possible chance at God-hood.

Endless Dreams.  What's yours?

-Alistania the Celestial Mother
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