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The Hyborian Lands MUD: Dark Shadows in Zamora

- Halloween special! First 5 levels and 100 gold free til midnite, Halloween!

- classic sword and sorcery MUD --looking for players--

- Hyborian Age theme (famous for Howard's Conan the Cimmerian)

- Immersive atmosphere with real Hyborian Age geography

- Ever-evolving, stable codebase with constant updates

- A modified spell/skill system -unlike- most SMAUG muds

- PlayerKilling is the main feature (but we need pkers!

- Instead of the same cheesy zones and areas your used to
 playing on most new MUDs, come try us out and check out our
 Completely original zones, with tons of secrets, items, mobs.
 You want cities - we have cities you can get lost in!

- 100% free and completely playable (non-beta) since Nov 03

- Instead of Elves and Pixies, THL gives you black Sorcerers
 and bloodthirsty Were-men, among a few other classes.

- Until we establish a playerbase, there is no RENT or NOQUIT timers

- We are freely bestowing gifts upon players who take the time
 to play. This includes corpse retrieval, tours, eq give-aways..etc

- For our anniversary Nov 25th THL will be switching to a
 class-less/level-less system with highly detailed char creation

- Once your new character has entered the game, you will start in
 Arenjun, city of Thieves, and begin your adventures from there.
 Arenjun is a city of many evils, many of which prey on the
 new visitors to the city. It is also true that quite a few new
 adventurers have returned from excursions into the wilderness
 with horrifying tales of ferocious man-apes and haunted citadels.
 Come decapitate a few bandits heads today, and perhaps you too
 can earn fame and fortune in...

The Hyborian Lands MUD: Dark Shadows in Zamora 6666
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