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The now-monthly Iron Realms Entertainment newsletter went out today for June. A pretty copy of it may be found at:

The text of this month's newsletter follows:

June Newsletter from Iron Realms Entertainment

Welcome to the June edition of the Iron Realms Newsletter. Yes, you heard right! The newsletter will now be mailed on a monthly basis. Look forward to receiving the latest IRE news directly to your inbox, every month! Of course, if you’d like to cease reception of it, you can, as always, click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this mail.

Bonus Credits!
Before the game update, I would just like to remind everyone concerning the continuing, 15% credit bonus you will receive on all purchases through the 20th of June. Get your extra credits before time runs out.

With the last of the City of Light's Icons recently fallen, conflict between the forces of Evil and Good has lowered to a simmer. Shallam faces the task of strengthening from within, bolstered by the reappearance of Pentharian, God of Valour, recently rescued from an off-plane prison. Elsewhere in Achaea, a haven for explorers called the Wander Inn has opened in New Thera, and the wealthy Aurick family has opened the gates to their lavish manor in the town of Tasur'ke. Deep in the dwarven halls of Blackrock, the lair of a half-snake, half-human race called the Dyissans have recently been discovered: the Caves of Delmarin. Finally, the long-hidden mining town of Nimick revealed itself to the world at large once more. Several newly created areas are poised for release within the coming weeks, with even more still under development.

Lusternia completed a round of updates, which focused on addressing balance issues in combat. One particularly interesting update was that players of the guardian/priest archetypes can choose a specific path to follow. Nihilists may choose from the paths of domination, despair, pain, wrath or pestilence, while Celestines can choose from the paths of light, hope, purity, justice or love. Arduous, epic quests must be performed before being able to choose a path, however, limiting them to the dedicated. In other news, a new area called Snow Valley opened. It is an arctic location where wooly mammoths struggle to survive alongside sabretooth cats and enormous cave bears. This area contains two honour quests for those willing to dig below its snowy surface!

Exciting times are gripping the realm of Aetolia! The Sentinels recently had their combat skills reviewed and improved, and next on the list are the Magi and Cabalists. A group of bandits has taken up residence south of Spinesreach, threatening to steal their technology and wealth. Meanwhile, the undead, led by the mysterious Geryon, have been working non-stop at an experiment whose results have yet to be seen. Come assist them in their diabolical vivisections or take a stand against the threat they pose to the living.

May was an interesting month in Imperian, with the release of two new areas, an enormous overhaul to plant harvesting, an exciting new twist in the monthly capture-the-flag game, and an artifact auction full of powerful and rare items, pets, and houses. The constant development of Imperian's classes has continued with the recent review of the Wardens completed. The Wytchen and the Lorekeepers can look forward to some impressive changes in the coming weeks as well. Entertaining weekend events are planned for each weekend in June, while the completion of an unrevealed project looms on the horizon, promising to dramatically alter the balance between the taint of magick, the stain of demons, and the prayers of the faithful.

As always, our games continue to develop at breakneck speed, and we’re working hard to give you the best MUDing experience possible.


Matt Mihály
CEO, Iron Realms Entertainment
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