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Old 10-25-2004, 04:47 PM   #1
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Well, here's an Idea I'veh ad for a MUSH for a long time now:

The MUSH would be based on the popular TV show MASH.

The way I see it working, there would be the main characters played by staffer or very experienced characters, and then any other character a player would like to invent.

Staffers would design miniplots that would be run for a week or so. These miniplots would be like the MASH episodes, and wounded players would be created by admin or guests to be operated on and then recover or die in post-op.

The way I see it, a day on the mush would follow a day in a MASH outfit. You wake up, you have breakfast, take a look at the duty chart. If you're on duty, you go RP being on duty. If you're not on duty, we'd have the officer's club, sports, cards, etc.

Of course, the majority of gameplay would be dictated by staff-run plots. And if there was a push on and a lot of wounded coming in, of course, the entire dynamic of the game could be changed. On the otherhand, there's a lot more stuff we could do than wounded. We could have a lack of wounded, family issues with a main character, pranks occuring in the camp, snipers, I mean, the situations are practically unlimited.

Obviously, this would be pretty small (no more than 500 rooms) and pretty simple to code. (We'd need econ, a very basic skills system with only a few different skills, and then just some games and simple stuff like microphone/speakers). The question, and the reason this is in advanced MUD concepts is really if someone thinks a game almost entirely based on staff-run plots could be successful and entertaining.

Thanks for your feedback,

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Yes, it probably could be, if that's all it aspires to be. There's no reason some games can't work this way. Not *all* theater, for example, is meant to be seen by everybody. Not all the shows can be The Producers - some have to be The Vagina Monologues. In much the same way, there's no reason you couldn't have a niche MUSH within the niche of MUSH gaming.

It all depends on your long-term goal for the game: Do you want to tell some fun MASH-inspired stories or build a popular game? If it's the former, I think you can do it with only staff-driven plots. But if you're aiming for popularity, you may need to develop other opportunities for amusement.
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Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah, I think it would be more of a niche game. I mean, there are obvious limitations, those being first of all the size of a typical MASH unit, which at the time of the Korean war, was about 200 people. Now, I think it would be very achievable to have 200 PCs and then close the game to expansion...But I wonder if there would be a way to expand past that - maybe a second MASH unit, allied bases/R&R destinations in Tokyo and Soeul, even have characters play out the actual war and become a full-fledged war MUSH?

The thing is, once you get into the realm of armies and airplanes, it becomes a lot more complicated, and I'd rather stick to just a MASH unit, and maybe build the cities of Tokyo and Soeul...I dunno, what do you think?


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Old 10-25-2004, 09:03 PM   #4
Angel Kenji
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I personally love MASH. Heck, I even won a free night of drinking at a bar for winning the MASH trivia. (Winning question was who wrote the theme song

But, I have to ask, what would this game offer me as a player? You already said that most of the major characters would be staffers. Most of the storylines would be created by the staffers (for their characters, assumably).

How would players progress? Most players play muds for one of two reasons.. socialization or progression. There will obviously be some socializing in a MASH mud, but how will players progress? Gain new skills, levels, etc.

I don't want to shoot down your idea. You have a very interesting proposal. But, it will be a challenge. I hope you have thought it out, or are looking at this feedback as an opportunity to 'flesh out' your idea more. Good luck.

-Angel Kenji
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Old 10-25-2004, 09:12 PM   #5
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potterhead4 is on a distinguished road
Originally Posted by (Angel Kenji @ Oct. 25 2004,21:03)
Heck, I even won a free night of drinking at a bar for winning the MASH trivia. (Winning question was who wrote the theme song
Johnny Mandel, duh!!

Anyhow, don't worry about the idea behind this game. It's definitely not finished or even close to decided.

That said, I was thinking about the comment I made about staffers being the main characters...I don't really like it, now that you mention it. However, I of course want dedicated characters who really know how to play the role and want to play the role.

But, the thing that the game offers is fun, trauma, excitement, and a place to relax. For instance, plots don't just effect the main characters! The lowest PC corporals still have to follow orders, dress up VIP tents, and complain about being a corporal! I mean, I think that if the staffers are smart enough, we can find a way to introduce plots for all characters.

Plus, even if you're not involved in a plot, there will still be lots of stuff to do off-duty, like get drunk at the officers club. You'll also always have some duty or another (kitchen, patrol, etc), so I think it'll keep characters busy.

In my opinion, the combination of off-duty activities, duties, and plots should make for an exciting game for all...but I do see your point, and maybe you have a reason why it would get boring?

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