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Adventures Unlimited is a 4.5 year old rom based roleplay encouraged mud. The players and immortal are friendly and helpful. The world is approximately 80% original and over 9500 rooms. AU has 9 classes and 15 races as well as 100 mortal levels.

Player killing is optional but it is well developed. PK is based on a clan system and all of the clans are based upon religions. Preset motivations are set for each character when that character joins the pk system. The character must then adhere to their motivations when they attack other characters. All motivations are immortal approved and must be consistent with the roleplay of the character racially and religiously (as well as other factors). The system also discourages repeat killing and allows for a way to subdue your opponent instead of striking them down in cold blood. All clans are player run (although the roleplay enforcement of pk is immortal controlled)

AU also has several special events that occur regularly to spice up life.

Once every two months the clans compete in a competition called Days of Redemption. During this competition (which ranges in length from 6 hours to 24 hours), the clans push idols of the gods throughout the land of Tharel attempting to return the idols to their clan halls. The winner of the competion gains control of the bank taxes for the next two months (bank taxes range from 1% to 10% on all deposits).

Once every month a mayor and sheriff are elected for the main city of Naerlan. The mayor has the power of taxation of the people, taxation of the clans, writing laws and the sheriff enforces the laws with the ability to arrest people and to throw them into the stocks or jail.

Stop by and experience Adventures Unlimited

Telnet: 5000

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