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Shadow Siege is a roleplay based mud set in a vibrant world called Aagos which has been devastated by a global disaster known only as the cataclysm. A single city has survived the disaster and now holds out against the demonic forces and the dreaded 'darkness' which surround the city.

The city itself and some of the surrounding areas have been deemed safe (though that term is used loosely) and it is in these settings that most of the roleplay happens. The game itself contains a small amount of rooms which helps to localize rp and help players new and old get involved with plots that are going on in the world.

The code of the mud is wonderful and being ever improved. The stat system has been completely overhauled to better represent the roleplay in the game and the magic and combat system are both slated for similar revisions. They have also introduced a system by which roleplaying points (or rpp) is earned through roleplay. The code itself allots points based on emote length and grammar as well as other considerations and it is these points that are used to advance a character's stats and skills.

That said I've been playing this mud nearly since it's conception and I must say that it has made for one of the most enjoyable mudding experiences I've ever had. The role-play quality itself tends to be exceptional and the players (new and old alike) are always willing to help out anyone willing to ask a question.

There's an impressive sense of community with those who play the game regularly and a general consideration for the real life situation of people when it comes to planning for things that are ran by the staff.

So stop by Shadow Siege and take a look around. (Heck, tell them Azmodan sent you. ) If you're interested in character development and roleplay you'll not find a better mud anywhere.
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