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The games of aren't your average MUDs.

The games of are more accurately evolving stories that develop in real-time, based both on staff-driven plots and the actions of players from around the world.

They require literacy. Creativity. Imagination.

It's not enough to have a good set of macros and the best weapons and armor available.

It's not enough to max out skills.

These games aren't about leveling up, solving quests or killing the next big monster on the grid.

These games are about taking a journey with an uncertain end.

These games are about following the twists and turns of cause and effect, and watching how the experience shapes your character.

And how the experience shapes you.

OtherSpace: The Interactive SF Saga
Original-theme space opera set 1,000 years in the future, in a universe populated with humanoids and diverse alien races.

As the Indefatigable continues its barrage of the dome - and its distraction of Grim's power - the starfighters pass through the insertion membrane and enter the atmosphere within the dome. The sudden reintroduction of air and friction causes some superheating of the shields and buffets the craft.

Spitfire Four zooms through the shield membrane and into the steel jungle of monolithic towers of Shadowheart. The fighter spins and twists around the towers, the pilot's hand tight on the control stick.

Chenna speaks into her commlink.
/ FLYING_SHARKS / Chenna says, "That's Valkyrie, you hoopin' rookie ... it's not my fault you don't have a callsign ..." Chenna's voice is predatory sharp as she follows the other two ships into the city. "And you stay in formation, got that?"

Zelansky speaks into his commlink.
/ FLYING_SHARKS / Zelansky says, "Did I say I wouldn't?"

Kei Korolev speaks into her commlink.
/ FLYING_SHARKS / Kei Korolev says, "This is the time to remind people... do not fly into buildings. If flying into buildings, please pick plate glass window, and exit through mirroring window. More style that way."

Zelansky swears as his wing clips a bright neon sign, causing a bright intense flash of light as the ad sign explodes. "####!" he says into his commlink. "Airspace is limited! Stay frosty!" As he speaks, his left hand flies over the control panel and he transfers the power from his rear shields to the front.

The launch handles like a garbage truck in the atmosphere, and Mannock judiciously applies thrusters. He angles right, the thrusters scorching a building, and he richochets down the street, undamaged, in a shower of broken glass.

Kei Korolev speaks into her commlink.
/ FLYING_SHARKS / Kei Korolev says, "Oooh. Pretty! Do again!"

Chiaroscuro: The Interactive Fantasy Saga
Original-theme fantasy set on a world emerging from a dark age spawned by magic, primarily taking place in the walled city-state of Fastheld.

Mullis Seamel wanders into the tournament ground, resplendent in his Bladesman armor, sword clanking against his leg as he walks. In one hand, he carries a frothy mug of ale. In the other, a roasted goat shank, which he gnaws on enthusiastically.

"Well?" Jafron asks Arkadia. He glances at his cousin and shrugs. "I don't know that it's all that unusual. He is a busy man."

Johan Seamel nods. "Maybe I should travel back to the farm, see if he's there?" At this moment, the boy is unaware of his uncle's entrance.

Arkadia says, "Oh, I'd... I'd -love- to go into the palace, milord, but not if you don't wish it." To her credit, Kadi's eyes are full of eagerness to go and do and see, but she means what she says. "If you desire rest, I can entertain meself, sir."

Mullis Seamel comes to a thumping stop near a peasant who is juggling knives, two kittens and a wooden ball that writhes with pitch-fueled fire. The Aegis Guardian becomes transfixed by the sight.

Jafron Seamel cocks his head as well as one can while wearing a restrictive helm. "Come now. Tell me you aren't worried for Uncle's well being. He can look after himself a might better than you can." The horseman shrugs, "I believe I'll have a look about the palace and see what gossip the fat nobles are exchanging before retiring to the keep."

Johan Seamel bobs his head, and assures himself mentally that his uncle is all right. "Yer right." He adds, "Let's go have a look 'round and find some ale." A slight frown forms on his face as the boy mumbles. "No Mullis... or the lady showed up." With a burst of energy he exerts and oddly declares. "Okay I'm ready!"

It was a recipe for disaster, and the dish comes out as expected: The kittens don't care much for the fiery orb or the clinking of the daggers, or the repetitive hurling by the peasant. One of them rowrs and latches onto the juggler's forearm. The other hisses and latches onto the peasant's scraggly brown beard, sinking claws into pitted flesh. The knives clatter on the grassy earth, and the burning ball hits the turf and bounces toward Johan's foot. Mullis just bursts out laughing at the sight as the juggler goes stumbling around, one cat forming a furry sleeve, the other acting as a living beard on his bloodied chin and cheeks. "That," the Aegis Guardian bellows, "is entertainment!" He tosses a few bronze coins on the turf as the juggler goes sprawling.

Star Wars: Reach of the Empire
An alternate Star Wars storyline, in which Luke Skywalker died in an airspeeder race against Biggs Darklighter, Leia Organa became a Sith apprentice and died in combat against Ben Kenobi on Cloud City, and the Galactic Empire continues to tighten its grip on a million star systems.

Target acquired. IG-88's sensor suite pings as its optical receptors are drawn to the individual in the crowd clad in Mandalorian armor and casually bidding on new tools of death and destruction. The heavy repeating blaster switches from neutral to hot active mode. The droid continues to close the distance between itself and Boba Fett, apparently disregarding anyone else in the crowd. The blaster, locked unerringly on Fett, begins its chattering blasts. But, unexpectedly, a Wookiee is just shoving through the crowd to get a closer look at one of the weapons on the block. Unlucky for him, but lucky for Fett. The big hairy Wookiee goes down with a howling death roar, tumbling toward Fett.

As violence erupts, holoemitters come on with an advertisement: "Gangrene got your grumpy? Amputation got you angry? Near death getting you disgruntled? Do I have the solution! Seraph Industries' prosthetic limbs are just the thing to get you out of the hospital and back into the hunt! We've got limbs that can make you stronger, more powerful, and able to impress the ladies. From tentacles to testicles, Seraph Industries can put it back wherever your local deity placed it in the first place! Come to Mos Eisley, or contact PDA 5600. Seraph Industries: Your Body, Better."

Warlugg's attention is diverted from the auctioneer, not surprisingly, by the sound of multiple blaster shots nearby. Spinning its heavy body around at a sudden distracting sounds behind it, the Gamorrean cleaves one the holograms that just sprang from the metallic disc behind it, slashing diagonally through it with its vibro-ax, and /then/ pausing to assess the situation.

Bindah Morposs spins quickly, a hand already gripping the bowcaster at his side. The hulking thoranium giant crouches in a vain attempt to present less a target while he peers into the crowd for the source of violence.

R8-0N bleeps quite a bit, backing up against the wall as it records what is happening.

Vadi Solis makes no move to bid on the item even though the auctioneer obviously desperately wants someone to do so. She takes this opportunity to scan the crowd for any new arrivals she might recognize. Just as she starts to do so IG-88 opens fire on Boba Fett, hitting a rather unfortunate Wookiee instead. Moments after the first shots ring out she is pulling out her Blastech P11 rifle and looking for cover. She isn't quite sure yet who is shooting at who, but she wants to be in a good position when the smoke settles.

Rikal meeps. Violence at a gun show! Who knew!? He is near Bindah, and ducks low as well, starting to head towards the exit, which hopefully is away from the violence. He activates his shield, just in case he manages get confused with a bullseye.

Boba Fett dodges to the left, and raises his EE-3, squeezing off a shot at the assasin droid as he drops into a low crouch. The crowd has already begun to panic, however, and a nervous Sullustan chooses *just* the wrong moment to try and flee. His head intersects with Fett's rifle burst, and explodes in a spray of blood and gore. The body slumps to the ground, and screams erupt from the crowd.

The auctioneer continues, apparently not really finding anything amiss with violence on Ord Mantell. "Sold to the Gamorrean! You may collect your items after the auction, sir." The ever-present booming of the Rodian's voice keeps itself up, "Next up, I have a hot ticket item. Imperial Stormtroopers covet these weapons, and I've got one for you today. A BlasTech E-14-type blaster carbine. I'll start the bidding at nine thousand credits!"

Target evading. IG-88 continues relentlessly forward, weaving its way through some people who are wisely running in all directions to get out of harm's way now that two people at the auction already have died in the crossfire. Violence is common, but it's something that happens to *other* people, normally. People are throwing themselves behind speeders, under building alcoves, in baskets and behind crates. Some aren't looking back as they run to the spaceport, all knees, elbows and bulbous craniums. The assassin droid cares little for this. Its focus remains on the target in the Mandalorian armor. It is a mathematical certainty that Fett's fortuitous living shields will soon run out.

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