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We're sorely in need of builders. Code changes are flying in so fast between myself, another very talented coder, and the main developer (I merge his changes in with ours) that nobody can keep up. Unfortuently I seem to have let the entire building aspect kind of slide off into oblivion.

We are a Role-Play encouraged mud (most of our code changes are toward the RP end of things, tools for crafting, an intro system about 70% working, custom hybrid permadeath system and a few more odds and ends) featuring the CoffeeMud codebase. We've been in development for over a year now and still making changes.

We have over 1500 original rooms which is separated from the stock zone. To our credit, the vast majority of players stay in the new areas.

The list of play features is far too long to post. It's best that you check out our features or the general site at

Builders can expect detail unparalleled to most muds.
Day/Night descriptions, underwater swimming, OLC and a web-based building tool, Detailed Laws system individual for each area, and so much more.

We feature a SIMPLE to use OLC featuring such archaic commands as CREATE (room, item, mob, whatever) and MODIFY (same rooms, items, mobs, etc...) without having to figure out the syntax of 20 different commands. Don't let the simplicity of a menu driven OLC fool you though, with over 500 properties, 1000 different spells, prayers, songs, and skills, each item, room, or mob you create can be finely tuned to your exact specifications.

To fine tune things even more, we have a scripting system that allows you to customise anything. It works for rooms and items as well as mobs.

Finally, we don't treat our builders as second rate staff. All our coding doesn't mean squat without interesting and unique experiences for the players. Therefore you'll have access to almost every command on the mud (excepting shutdown and things of that nature). Also, you'll have complete access within your own areas that are created to RP the mobs and interact with the players. We don't take your area away from you once it's done. You'll be able to edit it and fine tune it whenever you desire.

Lastly, we are a fantasy based mud, trying to keep things semi-realistic while retaining the fun factor. If you have any questions you can respond here, email me, or contact me via our forums, website, or in-game.

If you would like to actually apply (and please do so AFTER logging into our game and spending a little time getting to know the place) then submit a builder's application through our website.

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