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Hello all. Let me start this by letting it be known I am not looking for mearly help in one aspect, but fellow writers and creative minds to help bring the world to full view in every way.

To all interested,

I currently reside in the mountains of Colorado though am originally from the New York Adirondack region.

During my time as a storyteller, writer and role player, I have always been completely involved and in tune with the feelings and sympathy's of not only my own characters and those of others, but the other beings to which inhabit the world as well as the very workings of the world itself.

During my time as of late, I have started to find myself drifting into more creative avenues and visions, my thoughts and dreams expanding outward to new levels of capability and desire. This is a wonderfully fantastic thing as a writer, as those who've experienced can attest.

I also found myself noticing those new-found understandings and realizations that were coming to view were not merely by chance, but because they were met to be shared and spoken, "interactively."

It was during this time, The fall of -'2003'- that I came to the knowledge of Mudding. As it were, "An epic novel in which people may participate." Being a novelist and writer of fantasy I find the idea absolutely fantastic! Though an incredible venture at that. One that would undoubtedly require much from me creatively, and personally. --
For, "Only in a writers work, will you find his true essence."

I then delved deep into research. The earliest recorded civilizations, the history of time, life on earth as we know it. How things work. "The mechanics of life" as it were.
Indulging my already ampel amount of interest in the workings of other worlds. On and on I continued, until I felt complete resolve and stability within my own vision of each interpretation therein and was able to take it to its next step.

And the day arrives at last, when I extend this bid of annexation with the following acknowledgements in accordance.

An acquisitive mind in the workings of our peoples cultural past is fundamental, for without the ever growing interest in our past there is little. This is to say that "What is now is soon to be past."

This world beckons me to reveal its cause. I am extending this bid one time, in an effort I reach someone who feels as compassionate, driven and competent to extend the levels of interactive novelising as myself.

I am not writing this as I sit here now as a first though or in any form of spontaneity, for I have been heavy at though for much time indeed.

I reveal little of the actual world mechanics here, as I was personally a bit hesitant in the first place to extend this offer via online forum as it is early in development and Its secrets are yet to be revealed.

I often wonder how and, more importantly why the terms "builder" and "coder" got associated so much with their positions. So Serious.
I aim for a close-nit group of friends. Don't think 'building' or 'coding' when coming, leave your creative vein flowing and that will lead you home. Right were ya wanna be.  

I did make note not to specify on one aspect of the "To do" list of things needing done, as this will be discussed upon further discussion, "In accordance with your creative preferences and interests. As well as your schedule available"

One must except this project with the want and desire to bring to life a world in which the inhabitants can truly be at one with. In every way.
There will be tedious times, though I suppose if you are not aware of that then you are in the wrong line of work.

Role play is key and fundamental to everything. Bringing out our subjects involvement into the vast elements of social, economic, cultural and personal growth.

If you feel you have the talent and enthusiasm as a writer to come together a midst others to share and grow in a healthy, creative atmosphere shaping a world into our customs in the process.

Then I extend this welcoming bid to you my friend.

I will talk with you soon.


Contact info:
AIM: AlasianChief
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