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If you've been around TMS for a while, you've probably seen some of my long-winded ads. This time, I'm going to keep it short(er) and sweet. If you want more detailed information on our features, please visit

What are we looking for?

* Mature, literate and competent people willing to invest time in a MUD that is not yet open for the public, though if we maintain our current pace of development, that issue will be resolved soon.
* People whose imaginations work overtime, crafting scenes that are as vivid and detailed as text can render them.
* Trustworthy people who have at least a modicum of spare time, and who won't have to leave for some vague reason two weeks after being hired.

What are our standards?

* For rooms and NPCs, it is expected that descriptions will be at least five lines long (the MUDwide average is higher), detailed (with extra descriptions where appropriate), and lacking any form of the word 'you.'
* Repeating room descriptions are absolutely not allowed - all of our 6000+ rooms are unique.
* A reasonable rate of progress: generally, one 100-vnum area per six-week period (with a rest time between areas), though that can be spread out evenly or done in clumps, whatever the builder's preference.
* Areas on A Dark Portal are considered backdrops for the main action (that is, player-based roleplay), but some degree of interactivity is expected. The use of mob/obj/room programs and/or other forms of scripting is standard for most areas.

What do we offer in return?

* Some of the most powerful OLC-extending tools ever seen on a Diku-derived MUD: room, object and mob programs with hundreds of ifchecks/commands/triggers (and the potential for custom triggers) to suit every occasion; room description scripting that resembles C syntax; partial and complete auto-generation for rooms, with dynamic variables allowing you to make your scenes react to the weather, time of day, contents and dozens of other things; auto-balancing for NPCs and (soon) objects, allowing you to spend more time writing and less time number-crunching; and a lot more.
* Interesting, fully optional OLC additions such as elevation for rooms, descriptions for people flying high in the air, the ability to let players climb inside objects, etc.
* A dedicated, reliable and knowledgable coding staff able to design essentially any feature you might require. Some things that have been implemented at a builder's behest include an interpreted C-like language, the option of setting multiple short/long descriptions on NPCs and objects (one set is
randomly chosen when the given NPC/obj is spawned, allowing for more variety), and custom command-based triggers for progs. We code non-builder features based on suggestions from staff, too.
* A staff character. Note: This is NOT an 'immortal' or 'god' character; you will have the opportunity to take on NPC roles in plotlines that have great power, but there are no in-game gods, and there will be no staff-related powertrips.
* The ability to help shape a MUD that is already fantastic, and has the potential to become far more so. We've been around for over four years, and aren't going to vanish now, to be sure!

Right now, we're also tentatively looking around for a new head builder. Obviously, we are not desperate enough to hire anyone who walks in, and anyone vying for the position will have to prove him- or herself over a reasonable length of time (six months, say). This is not a co-owner position, but has the potential to become such; whether or not it does, it would give one a great amount of control over what is developed in-game, and how the world is extended. If you wish to discuss this is in addition to a standard builder position, just ask!

If I've managed to catch your attention, please, drop on by. The website URL (where you can read up on a lot of our history and in-game culture) is - and the game itself can be found at: 7005

I hope to see you there!

-- Noximist, Coder/Builder/Writer/PR person/Madwoman/Dancer/Owner of A Dark Portal
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