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Some time soon I would like to apply for some type of position in a MUD. I was thinking RP Imm or Newbie Guide or something like that. But I don't really know what goes on behind the scenes. So, I have these two questions:

~What type of skills must you have.
I don't know how code. But have to take a class on C+ soon. So I guess I'll know the basics pretty soon.

~Do have to devote more than 10 hours a week?
Since this is just a hobby of mine, I don't know if I can give up anymore than that.

I've been playing two games lately. Dragon's Gate and a game I won't mention. I like both and most likely if I can, I will apply at Dgate. I wouldn't mind the other game, but I rather work at a Role Playing MUD.

Also, my Private Message box is open if you want to send a message there.
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Originally Posted by (Realedazed @ Aug. 07 2003,15:26)
~What type of skills must you have.

~Do have to devote more than 10 hours a week?
To answer your both your questions at once: It depends.

The skills you will need depends not only on the MUD you apply to, but what position you're looking to fill. If you want to be a coder, you'll need to learn the language the codebase is written in. To be a builder, you just have to be a good writer (or not, depending on the MUD ), and sometimes you just have to RP well or be friends with the existing staff.

Same thing basically applies to the second question. Different MUDS will require different time obligations. Most would probably be in the 10-15 hours a week range, but thats just my guess.

Hope this helps.

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To expand on the previous post, each mud looks for different qualities in the staff members.  The most general attributes are a good grasp of the language and the ability to communicate in it, being trustworthy and reliable, and *usually* a firm understanding of the game's layout (story, rules, mechanics, etc).

Overall the best way to find out specific requirements is to talk to the person who does the hiring for the mud you want to apply at.  Best of luck.
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