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Old 05-13-2002, 11:46 AM   #1
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Just a thread for people to post thoughts on various non-C programming languages and how suited they are for muds. (Noticed mhc just registered, let's get a big push for erlang )

I'll say a bit about Perl, It's a nice interpreted typeless language, one of the best things done with it so far I've seen by someone who made a perl server based off of Vagrant, very modular, with loading of files, so just edit the source, reload that file, and changes are done.

And of course Perl has the builtin support for Regexp stuff, and can make simple scripts easy to do, here's some excerpts from my accounting scripts:

[code] # List processes without controlling TTY, Don't display header
# Show Resident Set Size, Group ID, Command line, sort numerically
system('ps -A -t ? h --format rss,gid,pid,command|sort -n >temp.txt');
$psfile = new FileHandle "< temp.txt" or die "couldn't open file\n\r";

#Determine what processes should be counted, and counts them
while ($process = $psfile->getline) {
$_ = $process;
if (/(\d+?)(\s+?)(\d+?)(\s+?)(\d+?)(\s+?)(\p{IsPrint }+)/) {
next if not $grplist{$3};
next if $1 < 1000;
$memlist{$3} += $1;
$pslist{$3} = $5;
$psname{$3} = $7;

This one sends me info on logins.
[code] $time = ctime(time-(60*60));

$time =~ /(\w+?)(\s+?)(\w+?)(\s+?)(\w+?)/;

$day = '"'.$1.$2.$3.$4.$5.'"';

open LASTLOG, "last -a | grep $day |";
open MAILING, "| mail -s 'User logins' tech";

print MAILING "User Logins for $day;\n\n";

while (<LASTLOG>) {
print MAILING $_;

Of course, the fact the code can get pretty cryptic (mine's not at all!! is one of the major drawbacks.
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Old 05-14-2002, 04:14 PM   #2
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At the bottom of every MUD, there is basically a database which contains data of what objects are loaded, and their state. Ideally, that database should be distributed, and naturally it should be robust. Of course, it gets easier if the language you program in supports this. But we are lucky; there IS such a grail of programming. It is named Erlang.
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