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This is an update to both mud clients from The web based java mud client, and the mudmagic mud client software for linux/windows. As always, these clients are free for use. The Java Mud Client is closed-source, but contains parameters to be passed to the Applet which allow for full customisation of the client ( run your own banner adds, top mud list, full mud list, ansi colors, background/foreground, etc..) . The GTK (gnome) based mud client for linux/windows is OpenSource and free for download as well. Features include scrollback, python scripting, perl regular expression handling, SQLLite database, plugin support, automapper, triggers, aliases, and much more.

Updates as follows:


A new release fixes a number of telnet negotiation/ANSI issues in the mud client. We went all out and brought in the "big guns". Thank you Tomas from for the outstanding work in hammering the mudmagic client into shape.

The following updates were performed:

* 22 Jan 2005
- Tomas Mecir <>
- scrollback feature updated and more user friendly
- popup windows default to a reasonable size
- Help window can be maximized/minimized
- ';' splits commands, ';;' sends one ';'
- ANSI background color codes now work correctly
- added some less frequently used ANSI codes
- default font changed to monospace 12 (10 was way too small)
- mapper no longer crashes upon loading
- ';' expansion can now also be disabled
- fixed problem where you couldn't send commands to many MUDs,
which was caused by incorrect NAWS subnegotiation being sent
- Calvin Ellis <>
- new version control system. This is version 1.5
- rewrote the windows packaging system to use up-to-date GTK
- updated COMPILE.WINDOWS documentation

This is the first in a series of changes that the developer of Kmuddy will be helping us with. The end result will be a robust release of version 2.0
=) If you are a KDE end-user, check out Tomas' mud client. ( ) for a glimpse at what we are hoping the MudMagic mud client will come
to mimic.


This is a general bugfix for the Java Mud Client. The client is designed for a KISS approach. Nothing too fancy, and able to load by even a 56k user
dialup. This client is designed for webmasters to put on their own websites.

This update fixes the issues the client was having with the MUD LISTs not reloading when you closed/opened the window, as well as the telnet
negotiation for connecting to LPC/MudOS based games.

- .change: changed WILL to WONT when responding to IAC DO TELOPT_TTYPE
.fixes: (hopefully) some servers sending extra \n\r
.file: (line(s): 500)

- .change: added new code for applet's destroy method and integrated it with doExit method
.fixes: memory-leak (?) when closing browser window that applet loaded from
.file: (line(s): 32, 48, 138-141, 782-786)

- .change: added (missing) code for MagicMenuBar cleanup
.fixes: Full mud list refusing to appear, refresh bug
.file: (line(s): 34-37)
.file: (line(s): 155)

- .change: changed show()/hide() window method calls with setVisible(true/false)
.fixes: java sdk 1.5 deprecation warnings (show/hide are now deprecated)
.file: (line(s): 102, 325, 398, 425, 506, 543)
.file: (line(s): 6Cool
- .change: changed accepted values string pointer for some parameters
.fixes: (hopefully) 188 bytes more memory allocated than needed
.file: (line(s): 678-681)

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