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This Week At MudWorld
Volume 1, Issue 10

- Meet & Greet IV Results
After two years Meet & Greet was back. Some of the
usual faces were in attendance; however, with format
lacking, we have noticed a downturn in attendance. On
the plus side, the main goal of M&G4 was met--to help
people meet other people and possibly find a MUD to
work on. A lot of people learned about other MUDs and
games. This time around the MUD was up 100% but a
short lag pocket did occur. You can check out the
logs at the link listed below. The logs were altered
for content and to keep certain attendees' identities
hidden as requested. Will there be a M&G5? Check
back in two years to see!

- America's Army
MudWorld has reviewed the America's Army game, a
military first person shooter worthy of a medal. Give
it a try; the game is free and is provided by the
United States Army.

- Immortal University
Coming soon is the reopening of the RoM school.
Administrative and building classes should be
available this summer and it is free! Details as we
have them, sign-up at the website listed below.

ImmU Dean, Iluvatar of PhoenixMUD, would like to hold
a creative writing contest. He, Keolah of Rogue Winds
and a few other noted MUD administrators want to
compete this time around instead of judging. We would
like more contestants and potential judges. If you
are interested, please refer to for an idea of
what may be done. To make your opinion or desire to
participate known, post via the link below. num=1085217671/....5217671

- Free Advertising on Internet Radio
MudWorld is offering free Internet radio advertising
to those who mention this ad. You must create a 15
second or less advertisement in MP3 format at a
bitrate of 128/44kb in stereo. Advertisements will be
played on the automated stream at and during certain live
programs. You can submit commercials via the form
located at as
well as see what has been submitted and download them
for yourself.

- IMC2 Developement News
Officially announcing the release of an IMC2 client
for TMI-2 mudlibs. For those who are not familiar
with what that may mean, TMI-2 is an LPC based mudlib.
The result is a portable client which should be able
to plug in to any TMI-2 mudlib with ease, and into
libs such as Lima or Discworld with minor

This client will work along side your Intermud-3
daemons as well, so no need to worry about it clashing
with those commands. The client should support most
of the current features found in the AntiFreeze line
of code. This is the first IMC2 client for LPC to be
made available in several years, the last having been attempted by
Ackers of Ascension. We believe this will offer
plenty of new diversity and growth for IMC2 in
general. The code is by Tim of TimMUD and this press
release ,minus alterations, is by Samson of Alsherok.

Madoc of DarkeMUD has announced the upcoming release
of a MudOS IMC2 client coming out soon for the IMUD2
Network. There is no website available for details
but we will try to have more news and perhaps a
release location next time.

- Wedding Announcement
Congratulations to FearItself and Kylatia of Aliens
vs. Predator on their wedding this weekend. As many
may know, FearItself is the owner of AvP and an
employee of Electronic Arts who has many games under
his programming belt. Kylatia is a long time player
of AvP and a big help around MudWorld as an
interviewer and event hostess. You can find
MudWorld's interview of FearItself as well as the AvP website
via the links below.
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