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I'm just putting down a few of my ideas for a possible future mud. I'm in the process of learning C, C++, getting a computer built for me, and i will probably buy a year of service at mudmagic.To start off with char creation would have several balanced options.
opt. 1-Straight forward pick and choose
opt. 2-Short childhood roleplay
opt. 3-Pregen chars(list and category can choose to roleplay given background or write own)
opt. 4-Random characters(system to make sure they're more or less balanced)
Enoughs skills to keep each character unique. Generated desc with selected features. Matach your physique to skills and stats(rare 7" thief or 2" barbarian penalized).
-dynamic brutal combat system(sword to head contact equals a split skull, what are hitpoints)
-Mostly defensive maneveurs unless a reckless character(berserker)
-Few swing and misses unless against an inhumanly evasive opponent.
-Anything goes. Headbutt, throw your sword, or give them the Captain Insano eye-poke.
-Get into non-fatal bar fights. Break bottles, knockdown tables, or leave them headfirst in the wall. Innkeepers may want reparations but you can always just avoid that inn forever.
-Match your eq to your stats and skills. A midget in platemail? maybe custom made.
-Yearly(game) battleroyal, torunament, spec weapon events, archery, and arm wrestling(Strength to Willpower).
-can use all eq but effectiveness depends on skills.
-Vibrant magic system
-Face it magic is the most powerful force in the realms. Why? Because it's powered on lifeforce. Make your own focus and use your blooddagger to steal energy from victims. Or pay a warrior to drain enemies for you. Draw energy from earth-based energy nodes, heartstones, and magical items. Or draw from your own vitality.
-Mages are battles mammoths. But put an arrow through a mammoth's eye and it's dead.
-Gain limited magical items by pooling resources with a colleague or take them from corpses.

-Never overlook the thief.
-A thief can fight but why should he when he can leave you penniless without risking his life.
-Stealing isn't easy. Get caught and you will be either fined, dehanded, and even beheaded. Recognizable fenced items must go through the right channels, learn them well.
-Achieve near legendary skills and try to rob the near-impenetrable Imperial Treasury or con a bank or shop.
-Dungeons and ruined cities may hide treasures and traps. Both you and a warrior hear about a buried treasure? He's probably not going to get past that swinging pendulum blade. If he does then lay your own nasty surprises.


-As massive a list as I can accomplish and keep each skill practical and usable.
-put your own signature on your skill
-Improve from use, learn from a teacher, or enroll in a school(tuition)
-It doesn't take long to become competent but you'd better be dedicated if you want to be the best.
-huge crafting system
-Anything from simple repairs to works of art
-May gain a reputation and attract the notice of an important noble.
-Mass produced items as well as custom items, as well as rare limited items.


-Constantly in motion and doing tasks. Economic and social flow are visible. Programmed to respond to a myriad amount of questions.

                    World-wide Quests

Released knowledge about a certain item. Becomes like Ed Greenwood's Band of Four books. And the widespread chaotic killing begins. Hostile npcs lay in wait and also slowly follow the trail.


-Love to have a large arm-like staff. VNPC's and constant updates. Maybe also take a one day per week down time.

           Other things i didn't mention

-Fight intelligent A.I. don't start with bunnies. A five year old could kill one.
-Money is life.
-Good eq could turn the battle against a more skilled opponent.
-Travel includes horses, carriages, ferries, ships, and magical gates. Walk to landmarks and conduct searches for specific areas.
-World-generated weather.
-Able to see figures at a distant in wilderness. Opens up ranged attacks.
-Titles may be bestowed upon players and special app may start with them. Players gradually replace NPC's. NPC nobles run errands, buy luxury items, and hire employees.
-Can be hired on as a guard for a caravan or ship. Usually medium-length, might encounter bandits, or rarely a fearsome monster. More jobs earn you a reputation among employers. Newer players might be hired on by a less free-spending employer.
-Difference in regional economies may encourage player caravans. Perils may await.

All in all i just want feedback about the ideas and about which codebase to choose. I know i'll probably have to write some but i want one that will support the most of these features. I also would love to hear about the angles of unique robbery based games.
-Anything from simple repairs to crafts of art
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