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We recently had a round of picking a couple of new staff members on our MUD, and as a result I spent some time thinking about what traists make someone a good Immortal, as opposed to a mediocre or so-so one. I thought I'd throw some of my assumptions out and see what people thought, or what they'd add.

A good immortal has time - I can have the most creative person in the world on staff and if they don't have the time to put into the game, while they're still terrific and talented, doesn't do much for me. Hopefully, they've got talent, energy and experience to back that up - but again, without time, it's just not going to work.

A good immortal plays nice with others - A MUD team's (hopefully)greater than the sum of its parts, and it's the people capable of putting aside their egos, or at least of making the attempt, who stick around and, even better, make other people want to stick around. Listening and discussion is a major part of a game's development, and prima donnas aren't usually good at either of those.

A good immortal tries to be fair, whether it's with players or other staff members. Playing favorites is crappy, and leads to people bailing.

A good immortal is genuinely interested in the game and wants to work on it because they believe they can make it better/fun/more interesting, rather than wanting the ego-boost of being on staff.

A good immortal knows their MUD - has experience with the code, the flavor, the conventions, and the history, which enables them to sort the good ideas from the bad.

A good immortal isn't reactionary - when a new idea or complaint appears, they take the time to think about it, figure out what's involved and how to addess (or not) the issue, and avoid the Arms Race or Guild Seesawing phenomena that arise from a reactionary MUD administration. They don't worry too much about how popular a solution will make them, but about whether or not it's the right solution.

What else would you add?
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A good immortal is one who doesn't godload their morts.

Other than that, be fair. Some morts are always going to hate you....
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Good immortals are named Dionae and Melopene *hugz*
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A good Immortal is also a good roleplayer. A roleplayer as they can see the role they need to play as an Immortal. A roleplayer as they can see the role other Immortals and Mortals play. A roleplayer as they can see things through the perspective of others and show correct empathy and sympathy when required.

Are you a good Roleplayer?
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How can anyone try to define what a good IMMORTAL is ? thats like saying what is the most tasty food or most beautiful girl, its all varries from case to case. For example if i hire a builder and i am gonna assign him to building and some mild rule enforcing i seriously could give less sh..hmm donuts about him being able to rp. Likewise if i hire an enforcer to purly look for rule breakers and settle disputes i could care less if he can build or is a nice person, he is there to do a job and thats enforcing the mud rules not to make best friends with evryone. There is only one quality i think is needed in all immortals since they are one day or another involved in rule enforcing and thats being fair and by that i mean as in not keeping favourites, giving older players any advantages over new and generaly just consider evryone equal to the rules. An unfair immortal is a bad one, whatever role he has.

-Mercy is for loosers-
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Old 10-08-2002, 11:05 AM   #6
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I have to disagree with part of what you said.  I think it's very important that anyone who deals with the player base should have good people skills, unless you don't care about keeping your players.

There are some people who occasionally break rules, sometimes unintentionally; there are others who just don't have a good grasp on what is acceptable behavior or just have a really lousy day and don't care at the moment.  I think an enforcer should be firm about what is allowed, but at the same time fair and respectful.  The person you chase from your game today because of some minor incident, could end up being a valuable asset to the game they turn to because of it.

I wouldn't mind seeing a few of the "good immortals" post suggestions for others about how to deal with rule breakers and angry players without being disrespectful.  From the sound of it, Dionae and Melopene would be good choices, and from my experiences both Solomon (Bubba) and Colin would be.
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Re: A Good Immortal

Probably a slight tangent but I think it's a good list to go off... one I'm going to post for our own imms to think about I know per Shade it varies, but there's some core values you see across the board in the imms that people will still be talking about years after they've left. I know there's several from our MUD that still get mentioned fondly a decade later - and there's a reason for that, many of which are on your list Of course there's some that aren't mentioned as fondly either... heh.
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