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In a thread under Roleplaying, OnyxFlame wrote about his MUD's alignment system, and how it is better than the typical D&D style alignment system.  You can read it Here.

This started me thinking.  After reading his post, I realized that the scenarios he posted lead me to why I LIKE the D&D alignment style.  Actions aren't judged by the person that does them, but instead by the culture and social environment around them.  As do any deity they worship.

Scenario A - even though Frank needs to survive and find food - stealing is stealing, and stealing is wrong.  I'll assume in your game that the society around him says it is.

Scenario B - Joe is doing something good for people even if he doesn't think so.  It will be that one action of "grabbing" someone as a disciple that should be really bad.  But, his deity should know the motive behind why he is being "good" to people.

Without turning this into a debate about Good vs. Evil in real life (which I am not intending ) - I realized that I agree that a system that includes motives would be cool and offer far more Roleplaying oppurtunities.  So I was wondering how have some of you here intigrated "motives" into your code?  I would be interested in hearing some ideas, as I would love to incorporate this into my new MUD.
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