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Old 11-21-2005, 10:16 PM   #1
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Antaeus is on a distinguished road

I have been doing a little research on LPC, drivers, and libraries for about a week. I wanted to get advice from the community about which driver/lib combo would be best for me.


*Objects for Rooms, Items, NPCs, etc.
*Central command parsing (so I don't have 3 commands that do the same thing)
*Some sort of OLC

Preferred Features:
*class-less skill-based system
*ASCII wilderness (and internal room maps)
*Account based character creation.
*Web integration capabilities
*Any feature of science-fiction nature

Any advice, resources, and help would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 11-24-2005, 12:30 AM   #2
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tehScarecrow is on a distinguished road
I'm a very novice programmer, but I've had success with using MudOS (old version) and the merentha mudlib, and using the stock lima mudlib and MudOS driver. With these two and some ingenuity I can code prettymuch anything I want into my mud.

If I could only decide on a storyline and combat system that I love I would have one running with players by now It largely just sits there while I play with my ideas. is probably the best resource I have found for LPC related things, which isn't saying much.
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Old 11-24-2005, 03:49 PM   #3
Alexander Tau
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Alexander Tau is on a distinguished road
I do not think I have a direct suggestion for you, it is mostly a matter of what combo has the most of what you want since nothing is going to have it all.

Some systems can easily be adapted to new approaches, but others make it really difficult. I am glad to see you looking at LPC though, love it myself.

When I was faced with the same choice this time I decided to go with a more powerful but less developed set, ie DGD & Phantasmal. I consider active and available developers to be a powerful asset to a codebase/mudlib combo.

I have adapted combat systems before, but this time I would just as soon write it from scratch. I have done a lot with variations of MudOS, along with Nightmare mudlib, TMI bits, and others with names I do not seem to remember right now. So for me I would rather do the game details myself on top of a solid codebase.

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